Queen Serenity: An exploration

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Excerpt from Volume 10, chapter 10

The Flaws in the Diamond

In the onion of this writer, Queen Serenity was an extremely kind, loving, caring, and trusting person. Most likely she was far too trusting at times, however. Not to say she wasn't politically Savvy but she was apparently more blind to others around her than most would assume. My personal theory on why she had been blind sided by the invasion of the moon is she most likely as aware there had been some unrest on Earth but may have simply assumed that the royal family on Earth could take care of it and would take care of it and not really expecting someone like Beryl to become as powerful and popular as fast she had. She may have taken the advice of her closest advisers to heart and instead of paying attention to what was going on Earth, paid far more attention to only local politics. This assumption that everyone could take care of themselves in some manner was probably her greatest weakness. She would assume that the outers were powerful enough to handle things on their own on the far end of the solar system without really realizing the deep seated inter-planetary suspicions which might develop between the worlds, which would eventually engulf them later on.

That is not to say she was a flighty type nor was she incapable of taking action when needed. She believed in the strength of others and the power of others and that might have been her fatal flaw. Take Earth for an example. Yes, Earth was probably seen as nothing more than a speck compared to the other planets. Now I'm just theorizing so bear with me. Let us say early on the other planets had a very direct hand with Earth Society and the welfare of Earth, providing them with protection and technology but also making certain decisions for them. This of course would read some resentment among some of the populace but at the same time it would mean they become very reliant on them for certain things. Now let's say when Queen Serenity takes the throne she decides she will change all this. She will no longer directly intercede with Earth. Instead she begins to pull things back a bit in directly watching over but not really taking action if it can be helped and respecting Earth's independence and sovereignty from the rest of the planets. The moon and the other planets instead will act as an indirect protector to the world. This move ironically would probably not have helped matters on earth. For those already holding the other worlds in contempt this would be seen less as independence for the world and more still being manipulated by gods but now by apparent uncaring gods . For those who believed and stay true to these beings who they saw as deities this might have been seen as the gods abandoning them in their time of need. These resentments of course would be easily manipulated by being such as Metalia or Beryl. That is not to say Earth was in a awful shape, as in fact it probably was fairly well off but this still might be an underlining issue with them. Perhaps the meeting with Beryl on Venus also would not have helped matters as they might have seen it as just a reminder that while the "gods" were still present, they had done nothing to help things on earth.

At the end of the day, who exactly was Queen Serenity? Was she the kind, warm and loving aunt-like figure that I experienced? Was she the omnipotent and distant goddess, never to be understood as those of Earth saw her? Was she the harsh passer of judgement against her enemies, cold and unforgiving as those of Dark Moon Clan believed? Perhaps these were all aspects of one woman or perhaps they were reflections seen through personal bias. At the end of the day, what is important is that she is remembered and never forgotten.

Matsuo Shin