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The Phane Codex

Take heed and bear witness to the knowledge that lies within, for they are the findings of Inquisitor Kasugano of the Ordo Chronos.

This creature, this Phane, is a timelost abomination whose deific parents possessed portfolios relating to time or fate. Given their nature, their progenitors were not entities of the High Heavens, but hailed from vastly more unsavory reaches of the Outer Planes.

Phanes are not so much captive as lost so far within the time-stream that time itself is pointless to them. Sometimes they escape into the four dimensions of our multiverse where they take perverse pleasure in collecting victims by permanently locking them in temporal stasis and feeding on their essences at their leisure. Others are more ambitious and seek to alter the fate of nations and worlds ultimately for the worse.

They are hateful, malicious things that care nothing at all for the trappings of mortal beings. If they have a name for beings such as us, it would only be “toys”.

Nature of the Beast

Extraplanular – Phanes are not native to the Prime Material Plane. While they may breathe, they do not eat or sleep as a mortal does and lack many of the frailties of mortals.

Incorporeal – Phanes do not have a solid physical body. It can be harmed only by other incorporeal creatures, magic weapons or creatures that strike as magic weapons, and spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities. It is immune to all nonmagical attack forms. Even when hit by spells or magic weapons, it has a 50% chance to ignore any damage from a corporeal source (except for positive energy, negative energy, force effects such as Magic Missile and Concussive Blast spells and the like, or attacks made with magical weapons forged/enchanted by the “Ghost Touch” quality). In order to bypass this defense your weapons must be imbued with some combination of power from the Positive Energy Plane, the Negative Energy Plane, or enchanted so as to be able to interact with the ethereal/incorporeal as if they were solid flesh and blood. Combat spells that cause damage through effects not derived by Fire, Cold, Electricity, etc will also work if they are capable of bypassing its innate magic resistance.

Initiative – VERY quick. Phanes possess senses that allow it to sense everything around it to a range of 500 feet. Sneaking up on it is just NOT POSSIBLE except through extraordinary circumstances. If defenders find themselves near the Phane they should assume they got so close ONLY because it wished them to.

Movement – Phanes are able to fly. Make your battle plans with the knowledge that it is capable of maneuvering in three dimensions, not two.

Powers of the Fiend

The Phane has many powers at its disposal. Given its great intellect, you must plan for the reality that it will use ALL of its powers to maintain the maximum advantage for itself.

At-Will Spell-like AbilitiesAssume it will use these powers continuously. Detect Good, Detect Magic, Greater Invisibility, True Seeing

5 Times per 24 Hour Period – Haste (on itself), Slow (on opponents), Greater Teleport (to a pre-determined location for itself), Tongues, Trap the Soul, True Strike, Unholy Aura

2 Times per Day – Safe Time (to teleport into a stasis time zone for safety), Time Duplicate (to summon a copy of itself from a different point in time for 6 seconds).

1 Time per Day – Time Stop

Stasis Touch – One of its deadliest attacks. Useable only within 10 feet of the Phane, victims struck will be locked in temporal stasis until released. While in time-stasis the victim is untouchable by anything else going on, but will be subject to the Phane’s Time Leach ability at will. Victims of this power will remain in temporal stasis unless released by magic such as Dispel Magic or Freedom, a Stasis Key is used on them, or other means of temporal manipulation are used.

Chronal Blast – Range: 100 feet. The Phane fires a spasm of space-time flux at a target, inflicting grievous damage that could destroy a Leman Russ tank in a single strike.

Time Leech – Can only be used on victims of the Stasis Touch power, NOT the Null Time Field (but anyone stuck in the Null Time Field can easily be struck by Stasis Touch while they’re rendered utterly helpless by it). Every time it uses this power the Phane automatically absorbs the “future” from any creature it has successfully encapsulated, aging them 1d4 years and healing the Phane. Victims killed by aging to death in this matter automatically fall out of static time as desiccated husks that disintegrate to a fine dust with even the lightest touch.

Summon Past-Time Duplicate – Once per day, a Phane can summon a duplicate of one its foes stolen from a parallel alternate past. The stolen time duplicate has the same abilities and possessions as the original. The past time duplicate, despite having most of the knowledge of the original, serves the Phane loyally like any summoned creature. If the past time duplicate is slain, the original is not harmed because the duplicate was pulled from a parallel past. May I be so bold as to hypothesize that perhaps the warning “Locrian is the Phane” could mean that Locrian herself was subjected to this fell power at some point and has a temporal echo of herself serving as the minion of the Phane while the original is unawares?

Null Time Field - Phanes continually generate a zone of null time around themselves in a 30 foot radius. All creatures and objects in the field, except the Phane, must resist its effects or be temporarily frozen. Those who succumb are stuck in a static time stream, which could last for seconds, minutes, or until the Phane itself moves away. While a subject is stuck in a static time stream induced by a null time field, the Phane can use its static touch on the subject, though in all other ways, the subject is invulnerable to attacks and damage. Trapped subjects can be released by the Dispel Magic or Freedom spells, as well as other technologies that shut down temporal effects. This field cannot be turned off. It is a continuous, localized temporal anomaly that can be detected at a distance by spells or technologies that can identify such things! Phanes are shielded from magical and conventional means of detection, but they cannot hide the fact that they are sentient time distortions!

Time Regression – The Phane’s most fearsome ability: to project itself back in time to change its own actions and thus alter the present based on its knowledge of the future. TAKE HEED! WE HAVE DISCOVERED THERE ARE LIMITS TO THIS POWER! The Phane is only able to transport itself back in time twenty-four(24) seconds! It takes just as long to even power up this ability, during which time its actions are reduced as it concentrates fully on creating a paradox for itself (which would also create a temporal distortion that would serve as an indication of its intent). It cannot multi-cast this ability over and over again in order to travel further back in time, and it can ONLY travel back 24 seconds, no more. This means that its power to affect the past has a major limitation: it can only change actions it’s made in the very RECENT past. The window of opportunity to employ this power is narrow.


Regeneration – Phanes are unbelievably hardy. Their bodies (such as they are) can withstand immense damage and heal at a phenomenal rate, and no amount of damage will keep it from regenerating…HOWEVER, weapons imbued with Holy and/or Good energy, or were forged/created in the future or an alternate reality’s time stream are particularly LETHAL to a Phane. These kinds of weapons are dangerous enough to a Phane that they can cause permanent death to it that it cannot regenerate from.

Damage Resistance – Phanes are immensely resistant to injury inflicted upon them in combat. Most weapons, even if they are the type that bypass the protection its Incorporeal status grants it, will inflict only a fraction of their potential damage upon it. However, this natural damage resistance is cancelled out if the Phane is struck by “Epic-level” magical weapons that are enchanted to at least +10 status or higher. The maximum level an “Epic” weapon can be is +20, and such items are rare to the extreme.

Other Resistances – Phanes are highly resistant to extremes of Fire and Cold, so spells and attacks that use such forms will hardly be effective. They are also immune to Sonic attacks, polymorphing, petrification, and any other form-altering attack. They are not affected by Energy Drain and ability drains. They are immune to mind-altering effects such as Charm spells, Confusion, Hypnotic Pattern, and so on.

Magic Resistance – Phanes possess a strong resistance to magic. It can be overcome, but the caster must be of extremely high level/power/ability, comparable to a greater planetary Senshi.


While Phanes are extremely intelligent with willpower to match, they have no special resistance or invulnerability to Psionic attacks that cause damage to the mind. Use Psionics of all kind to your advantage.

Phanes seem to have no special resistance to Electricity or Acid. Acid is questionable since Phanes are Incorporeal, but it’s something worth making mention of.

Chronomancy (time magic) may be a DEFINITE Achilles’ Heel. The “Paradox” spell can enable the caster to change THEIR own actions in the past, which could be made to challenge the Phane’s own Time Regression ability, “Foresight” could be used to predict the Phane’s actions, “Haste” can be used to counteract the Phane’s “Slow” power, but it is the spell “Wesley’s Temporal Dysjunction” that could potentially CRIPPLE the Phane by completely shutting down ALL of its time-manipulation powers utterly for the full duration of the spell (6 to 15 days). Time-based magic MIGHT even bypass its magic resistance due to its nature, but this is pure theory. Still, in a SUPPORT role Chronomancy may prove invaluable.

“Epic” magical weapons (+10 or better) bypass its natural damage resistance.

Holy and Good magical weapons cause Lethal damage (as opposed to Non-Lethal damage).

Weapons from the future or alternate reality cause Lethal damage.

Magical weapons with the “Ghost Touch” ability bypass the Incorporeal status.

Positive Energy weapons/attacks bypass the Incorporeal status.

Negative Energy weapons/attacks bypass the Incorporeal status.

Force Effect spells/powers bypass the Incorporeal status.

Tactics and Strategy

In confronting and fighting the Phane, the attacking force MUST consist of a great many that can attack using multiple weapons and methods simultaneously, both to quickly overwhelm its rapid healing and multiple layers of damage resistance, but also to absorb the inevitable casualties that will occur. All attackers who seek to engage the Phane up close must be armed with many different types of weapons to overcome its Incorporeal status, damage resistance, and regeneration. Optimally, their weapons SHOULD be a kind that can overcome AT LEAST TWO of the Phane’s layers of defenses, and the attackers themselves should be protected/warded with as many enhancements as possible to enable them to resist the Null Time Field and the Stasis Touch. Forces supporting the close-range attackers should do so from beyond the range of its Chronal Blast, striking it with long-range weapons, Force Effect spells of all kinds, Psionic powers, and temporal detection powers to detect WHEN it seeks to use its abilities to escape…because it WILL seek to escape.

When it can no longer escape and all of its Teleports are used up, the Temporal Dysjunction spell should be used to cripple its time-altering powers. Once those powers are neutralized, even temporarily, the threat it represents is greatly diminished. Strike swiftly, surely, and without pity, for if the situation was reversed it would certainly show you none.

This is the testimony of the Holy Orders of the Federation’s Inquisition. May the hope that it represents never be tainted or diminished. And may our findings help to bring you victory over this new monster.


Inquisitor Tsubaki Kasugano, Ordo Chronos

Inquisitor Harry, Ordo Xenos

Inquisitor Ruby, Ordo Hereticus

Inquisitor-Chaplain Serbius, Ordo Malleus