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Biographical information


Birth December 23
Family unknown

Time Mage, Guardian of Time (amateur)


NeoMagiBlack, Kamen Rider Den-Ko

Physical description

Half Human, Half Heavenly Saint



Hair color


Eye color



black MagiKeitai; 4 katana (Ai, Tenshi, Ongaku, Ko); rider pass and terminal buckle; revolver-style Evoker


time-based magic, shadow travel, the power of Persona


Mahou Sentai MagiRanger Neo

First Appearance

After a losing battle with the Zyense Syndicate, Mahou Sentai Magiranger NEO ran into a woman with a long flowing black coat. Each member of the team took her on, with each member falling to her blade. It wasn't until Kaiko faced her that her true intentions were found out: Reiko was there to train the kids. A white plaid pattern formed on her coat, and the MagiRanger now had a new ally--and Kaiko had a new rival to clash with.



Reiko, as far as she knew, was found by the heavenly saints a short time after her birth. She wouldn't find out her true origin until a later conversation with the woman who would turn out to be her grandmother, Ozu Miyuki. Her father is Ozu Tsubasa, who now goes by his saintly title of Thundergel. Before he could make the ascension, Tsubasa had to dispel all negative powers from his being. When he did so, though, the dark energy started to move, trying to shape itself into the form of an infant. It couldn't be whole without some good energy in it, so Magiel brought a spirit from the afterlife to help 'birth' the child. The spirit was Rei, a girl Tsubasa had fallen in love with after she'd died and become a ghost. So in a way, Reiko is the child that Tsubasa and Rei could never have in the physical world.

When her form became physical, she was left in the Marudeyona world where Chronogel, the heavenly saint of time magic, lived. He would raise her to become the one user of time magic, as it was otherwise forbidden to use. This was an effort to groom an heir to his position, as his death at the hands of Infershia proved that even he couldn't guard this art on his own forever. For the next 19 years, she would be raised in near seclusion, perfecting the arts of time magic. She was granted the title of Kuroi no Mahoutsukai, or Witch of the Black Arts by Magiel, and on her 20th birthday, Reiko was assigned to watch over the children of the past MagiRanger and make sure they wouldn't fall down the path of darkness.

A few weeks after the disappearances of mages around Earth, Reiko decided it was time to make herself known to the children. Her methods, however, weren't the best she could have chosen. After their confrontation, she would make her new home at the old Ozu residence with Mitsuko, Taro, Momo, Daiyo, and Miyuki. She would become fast friends with Taro, and learn that the Earth surface world had many great things to offer.

Searching for Den-O

A short while after the NeoMagi took care of the Syndicate, Reiko was enjoying a quiet day studying magic with Taro and Momo. When she felt a shiver in time, the time mage took to investigating the disturbance. She would find the DenLiner, and be tasked with finding the man who was destined to save the timeline, the man who would become Kamen Rider Den-O. For the time being, Reiko took up the mantle of Kamen Rider Den-Ko, and along with Taro and Momo, searched time to find the hero.


  • Hanako: Fighter Form -- Hanako was the first Imajin to posses Reiko, back in 1970's Manhattan. Her personality reminded Taro of the Otokoyaku of Takarazuka theatre, being very masculine and brash. After possessing Reiko, Hanako took a form that resembled a dryad with flowers, blossoms, and petals on her armor-like skin. This led Momo to realize that she was linked to Reiko's memories of Thumbelina.
  • Kumiko: Mage Form -- Kumiko first possessed Reiko in Japan in 1956 when they were chasing down an Imajin who'd contracted with Maiko. She has the personality of a valley girl, and finds most other Imajin to be 'dirty.' Rhen she possessed reiko, her form resembled the titular character of The Little Mermaid, and as such, this reflects in mage form's armor design.
  • Aiko: Beserker Form
  • Sachiko: Gunner Form

Burn Her Dread

The Crisis