Noriko Marianna Xadium

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Noriko Marianna Xadium
Biographical information

Earth, Gallifrey, Expel (In universe Earth 1337-AB)

Birth March 15, ????
Family Sakura Xadium Aino (half sister), Shaldra Darkness (mother), Doctor Xadium (father), Lucien (brother / deceased), Lucien Xadium Aino (adoptive nephew) Gemini Sunrise (adopted mother), Vermellia X. Rosso (daughter), Demitri Marianna Xadium (alternate universe son / deceased), Augustus Gestee Rosso (Ex-Husband)

'The Actuary', Norikoxadiumarxsylvanranactuariusblyledge, 'The Destructarix'

Physical description

Time Lady / Expellian / Shadar-Kai



Hair color


Eye color





Invictus Vindcator


Time travel, advanced mana and ki control


Celestial Intervention Agency (former)

First Appearance

Noriko Marianna Xadium is a Time Lord, the daughter of Doctor Xadium from a prior marriage who was eventually adopted by his new wife, Gemini Sunrise. She is one of the people in #suburbansenshi2 whose presence often connected with events of ill portent in the timeline. She also goes by the title of 'The Actuary.'

Brief Biography

Raised on a frontier world in a distant Galaxy, Noriko developed a love for the outdoors and nature, as well as proficiency in many magical disciplines. Spending time with her half-sister Sakura and her father, she gained an appreciation for Time Lord science and culture. In time, she traveled to Gallifrey and gained entrance into the society of Time Lords, eventually joining the Celestial Intervention Agency and becoming one of their best field agents.

Detailed History


By Way of Deception

The Actuary made her first appearance in early 2006, posing as the first reincarnation of her half-sister Sakura Xadium Aino. Her mission, she claimed, was to locate the heart of the khadi [[Yaijinden]-- in the distant future Yaijinden was apparently brought fully under the sway of whatever entity controlled him and he became a degenerate instrument of ruin. Bearing the sword "Vindicator", a weapon made of validium and a gift from that bore an extension of her will, "Sakura 2.0" made her way to the present and used a combination of appeals to sensibility and shows of force to eventually bring Yaijinden's heart back into his possession.

Eventually, she revealed herself to be not Sakura at all, but a daughter of the alternate Doctor Xadium, named Noriko. Noriko was nominally welcomed as a member of the extended community, though she was more habitually-inclined to spend her free time on the planet of her birth. She has continued to have an effect on the events transpiring within and without Ten'ou House-- while she is not the cause of ill news, she often finds herself tending their timeline.

The Outcast

A renegade faction of UNIT attempted and failed to create clones of using technology allegedly reverse-engineered from her Validium construction and Xadium's TARDIS. Due to this plot, the incensed Time Lords wanted to take possession of, presumably to destroy her and to use her power to lay waste to a good portion of the Earth by fabricating a tsunami to eradicate Japan, thus erasing the personal timelines of all those involved, or even anyone with knowledge of the experiment.

Despite having received orders to take in, Noriko transferred's consciousness back into a weaker fembot shell and hid the body and her sword Vindicator from them. She successfully argued before the High Council of Time Lords that Japan and the timelines of those who had engaged in the experiment should not be wiped. As punishment for her defiance, Noriko was stripped of her duties by the Celestial Intervention Agency and exiled to planet Earth, losing her status as a field Actuarial Stochastic Analyst. It is rumored that only her half-sister's position as head of the noble House Blyledge prevented her sentence from being summary execution.

For a time, Noriko lived in Sakura's TARDIS in a special one-acre room seeded with its own ecosystem and weather patterns, down to green grass and a shining blue sky. However, that peace was not to last.

Soldier of UNIT

Until August 2007, Noriko served as the head of UNIT's Japan branch, coordinating all functions with the head branch in Geneva and overseeing several rounds of equipment and technical upgrades, not the least of which was the commissioning of the aerial fortress USS Valiant, based on plans from one Harold Saxon at the UK Ministry of Defense.

A Time of Peace

Tiring of the constant fighting, Noriko turned to, asking for enlightenment and was directed upon a quest to find her spirit animal guide-- which turned out to be a large cute white bunny. Finding an affinity with the simple gentle creatures who behaved according to sane, rational, natural law, Noriko found peace in her hearts. Determined to spend the rest of her lives in their pleasant company, she returned home to her native time zone and raised riding bunnies for racing and pets.


With the advent of the Clan of the Steel Fist and their subsequent kidnapping of her half-sister, Sakura, Noriko handed off her Bunny farm to trusted friends and quickly regained her resolve, returning to Earth; indeed so adamant was she to return to the field that when UNIT Japan was too dilatory in preparing her paperwork, she went straight to Geneva and forced a transfer to UNIT UK, from whence she has been cross transferred on interbranch loan to oversee the Japanese operation and liase with Torchwood Japan when needed.

After a time, the Time Lords relented and allowed her to rejoin the Celestial Intervention Agency, afer which time she left UNIT and Earth, presumably for good. During this time she received further Jedi training under Shinji.

The Time War

"Lucien was gone, all of the work she'd fought and planned and bled for for so long was gone as well. Actually, it was worse than gone: it'd all been for absolutely nothing." --Solarchos

During the last great Time War, an incident occurred in which Noriko's brother was erased from Spacetime, and her mother and father's union deemed a non-happening. Noriko was saved from deletion only by the operation of Vindicator, but began to experience a great bitterness towards her father, whom she felt had allowed the misfortune to occur, due to her unclear recollection of events.

She fought in the Time War, and was on Arcadia when it fell.



Three years later, an aged Noriko nearing the end of her lives went back to the house circa 2010 in order to end her pain and save the life of the Impresario, whose body was rejecting its non-Gallifreyan DNA, by giving him her Rassilon Imprimature. Her self-sacrifice was rewarded, however, when her body began to regenerate, shedding the adamantium endoskeleton she had had implanted while with UNIT.

A Seemingly Final End

During a battle with The Corruptor in The Enchanted Forest, Noriko overloaded her body by channeling all the ambeint mana through herself in order to counteract his "Reality Shockwave" which threatened to corrupt the Ygdrasil World tree. In the process, her body was destroyed and transmuted into an energy form which was inextricably bound to the Forest itself.

As she faded away before her sister, Sakura's eyes, she consoled the girl, reminding her that she would live on in the memories and dreams of all those who remembered her. With that, she vanished from Space and Time altogether.

After Arx Sylvanran received the knife-blade "Perogative" from Solarchos-- which was forged from the bones of an arm Noriko had sacrificed to Solarchos to atone for a "great wrong" she had done him-- she caused it to be placed at the foot of the World Tree as a grave marker for her.

Fate, I reject thee!

Noriko's soul was merged with Arx Sylvanran's by Vindicator and Vainamoinen, and for a time lived as a subconscious companion to its host. But after a battle in the 2012 Tenka'ichi Budokai, where she faced off against her father, Xadium, her persona erupted to the fore, desperate to find out what happened to her mother and her timeline during the Time War. Her rage and despiar drove her to almost commit suicide by overloading her body with ki, in an echo of her last battle with the Corruptor, but Xadium stabbed her in the heart and caused her to regenerate once more, entreating her to try living instead of just trying to die.

Today, Noriko is much calmer, more stable, and has let her turbulent past go and finally chosen life over death. She looks forward to a bright future filled with possibility. Adoped by Gemini Sunrise and Doctor Xadium, she once again has a family and a home.

Return to UNIT



Still a Gallifreyan agent, Noriko resumed her duties as the head of UNIT Japan, but was stripped of her rank and imprisoned in torturous solitary confinement as an "ememy alien" after thwarting their plans to unleash a nuclear strike on Tony Suthers' Project Prometheus and all associated sites, namely, The Hotel.

After being subjected to living vivisection experiments wherein a lung and kidney were taken while she was conscious, she was broken out of her cell on May 27th, 2012 by Major-General Masaru Yoneda and company, after two weeks of confinement.

After recovering, Masaru Yoneda requested that Noriko rejoin UNIT under his specific command as General Scientific Advisor to the entire taskforce.

Rebirth of The Actuary


After going undercover for UNIT when dealing with Tony Suthers's Project: Prometheus, and after the shock of seeing Hazel Ninegate revived, and Tony's accusing her of being responsible for it, Noriko had had enough, and revived those parts of her she had sought to seal away forever. The parts of her that were The Actuary.

"The First Villain" returns?

After the death of Amanda Sharlan at the hands of Tony Suthers, Noriko had the chance to kill Suthers, but only stabbed him. The next day, as she heard her friends lamenting how no one could touch Tony because of the ambiguous yet dangerous nature of his actions, and how that no one wanted to just up and kill him due to wanting to be heroes.

At that moment, Noriko remembered that when she first appeared as The Actuary, she acted by the code of doing whatever what was necessary, coldly, ruthlessly and without remorse. She remembered that she was the first "villain" to emerge in the House (i.e. one who did amoral things to get the job done), and decided to just re-embrace that role and finish the job of killing Tony. The only thing that stopped her was an entreaty from Yotsuba Suu, asking her to not strike as it would achieve nothing.

Despite agreeing, Noriko handed her blade Vindicator to Ryan, hoping he would "take her anger into battle on [her] behalf", and continues to believe that in order to effect meaningful change, she may need to discard her ambitions to be a "hero" and just embrace the darkness.

Redemption, and a new road

After Lord Vaxilan, Noriko's old mentor from Gallifrey, returned and began harshly training and testing Noriko, she began to break under the pressure, not wanting to refuse her old teacher, but not wanting to be the monster she was. Finally, on September 4th, 2012, she put him on trial for instigating the Last Great Time War by ordering the Doctor kill all the Daleks, and when he was convicted and humiliated, Noriko was selected to be the new head of the Celestial Intervention Agency, despite not wanting the job.

Taking the post, she has relocated to Karn, preferring to avoid the politics on Gallifrey, and has left her regular residence in The Hotel as of September 8th, 2012.

Noriko the General

"The Lioness will use all her strength, even when hunting a rabbit!"
—The Actuary


After Cardinal Norom's release from his time-looped prison, he tried to frame The Actuary for the theft of ancient Gallifreyan secrets. His operatives also deeply infiltrated even her inner circle of advisors.

Incensed, Noriko gave in to her darker impulses and forced a regeneration in order to deceive Norom into believing her dead, using the time gained to raise a massive, overwhelming force that rooted his followers from every corner of the universe and drove them back into his arms, giving her the chance to corner him. This new regeneration is much more ruthless and efficient than her previous selves, and will not hesitate to use overwhelming force to crush even the smallest threat to Gallifrey's security.

She has retired once again to Karn, determined to reform the CIA and move it away from the organization Norom had corrupted, leaving The Intern to handle things in her stead at The Hotel on February 10th, 2014.

Stabbed in the Back

After being literally stabbed in the back by her husband, Augustus Gestee Rosso, she divorced him, the decree of which was entered into on January 4th, 2014.

Enforced Bedrest

In August 2015, after being lured to Pazitihi Gallifreya, a mysterious fighter who revealed himself to be DMX, attempted to kill her for "abandoning" him in a dead timeline, his intention to cure his half-sister Vermellia of her virus and then take her under his wing. Enraged, the Actuary displayed the full ferocity of her anger, unmoved by the familial revelation, beating him to within an inch of his life and only stopped by the staser blast of Mr. Strix, who saved DMX and almost murdered her, save for the timely intervention of The Intern who had disobeyed orders to not tag along. As Strix and DMX escaped, The Intern took The Actuary to Karn for treatment and then returned to the HOTEL to save Vermellia, who awoke unharmed. On Karn, Sister Omica stopped Noriko's treatment abruptly once her life was out of danger, insisting that The Actuary take a break from the war and carnage she so seemed to revel in and spend time convalescing with her daughter.

The Final End of The Actuary

In July 2016, After coming face to face with her deranged alternate universe self at the World Tree and seeing the full extent of her potential madness and destructive capability, The Actuary decided to throw away her title and just be Noriko Marianna Xadium once more. Fully retired from the CIA, as she tries to learn how to be less standoffish and withdrawn from her daughter, she is also in charge of the new Protectoris Initiative, which aims to protect the universe from extradimensional invasion.

The Final Question

Taking advantage of The Apollo Retrocausal Chronotic Realignment, Noriko was able to breach the realm of The Establishment and capture / kill Benjamin Cross, forcing him to answer a question that had haunted their family for a decade. The cost was that of her mortal life, though she did not "die" per se; she was actually elevated to _become_ a member of The Establishment in Cross' place in order that balance be maintained.

The Final Answer

"They just... keep killing Noriko. Either you vanish, or meet the end of your lives, or retire to raise bunnies, or ascend to The Establishment, or dissolve into the world tree.. it never seems to stick, does it? You always return here, grumpy-faced and sullen, with tragedy seemingly close behind...

[...], your little fembot god took pity upon her, seeing what a pointless, useless gesture she was making, and was moved from her normally pitilessness seeing this anomaly trying so hard to survive... > So she rent her own flesh and forged the blade "Vindicator" which rooted little Nori here to the tree of existence." --The Q

On May 19th, 2021, The Q appeared before Noriko and revealed a horrific truth to her. She was not, as she had thought, an inhabitant of universe 1337-A. She was, in truth, a potential life from a universe that never flowered into full existence, where she was the child of Doctor Xadium and Shaldra Darkness. She saw the universe of Earth 1337-AB and assumed it was her home dimension, and forced the timeline to split into 1337-A in order for her supposed father and mother to be together. But that destiny was not meant to be in that universe, and reality corrected itself as the relationship simply fell apart. Reality also tried to purge Noriko-the-anomaly from its books several times, either by outright trying to kill her or retconning her history to take her off the stage, but because of Vindicator, she always ended up returning to her starting point as the hardened Actuary, for whom disaster always seems to portend. She has learned that because of this her daughter Vermellia is also an anomaly born of no particular universe (though with a legitimate tie to 1337-A), and thus has a destiny as of yet unknown.

The Q has offered her a deal to cement her a proper place in the universe, the terms of which have not yet been disclosed other than a cryptic hint from Sakura Amamiya Peinforte that the next time Cressida and Vermellia would see The Actuary was "in fire."

The Actuary returns

On April 20th, 2024, after learning that Simon Kerrick had ssomehow survived, Noriko cast aside her position as a member of the Establishment to return to our universe and finish him for good, despite Lydia Darkletter's warning that no good would come of this.


Noriko's birth has given her a rich inheritance. Her hybrid nature gives her access to the biological gifts of both her parents: an inherent mana attunement, sharpened senses, and claws from her mother, and the piercing intelligence and general rigour of the Gallifreyan genome from her father. She has also earned the title of Time Lord, though she does not possess a TARDIS as her half-sister Sakura does. Instead, she uses a smaller device, a time ring, which permits her person and some small carry-ons to slip through the timestream.

In addition to her scientific and sociological background, Noriko has demonstrated proficiency with heraldic sorcery, the style of her mother most unusually. She also studied extensively in her youth under the infamous Shinji, learning both of his philosophy and of how to channel the Force. She would have attained the rank of Jedi Knight, but chose due to the latent anger within her not to take the trials, lest she go down the path to the Dark Side. As a result, she does not use Jedi skills often. The Actuary also claims to have learned under Yaijinden and, though did not spend nearly as much time with either of them in her own youth as her sister did.

She has also inherited her bioloogical mother's ability to "Shadow Walk", entering and exiting the Shadow Plenum at will. If she fully enters, however, she remains insubstantial on the material plane for 48 hours afterwards.

During her time as Arx Sylvanran, Noriko also learned from Gemini Sunrise.

Besides the tools of her Time Lord trade, Noriko sports several subdermal tattooes to provide her easier access to magic, and sports a set of retractable feline claws. Her bones, including said claws, have been layered with adamantium to increase their strength, and thusly her physical resilience. Lastly, her primary weapon is the sword Vindicator, a gift from 2.0 taken from the cyber-miko's own flesh and possessing an echo of the priestess's will and intelligence. Although it is often in the shape of a katana, the weapon is inherently malleable and responsive to Noriko's mental commands, capable of assuming any shape necessary to her plans.

She now also has Invictus, the twin to Vindicator created by for Arx Sylvanran.

Vindicator also possesses the ability to protect Noriko from the effects of Timeline changes, even at a distance. This is the reason why she survived the erasure of her parents from the timeline.

After having to hide Vindicator due to its validium construction, Noriko resumed use of her lightsabre, which she had constructed as part of the Jedi trials she later aborted. She also possesses another given to her by Shinji.

After the events of Cardinal Norom's bid for power, she carries a new fused version of her twin blades named Invictus Vindicator.

While Noriko can enter the Shadow Realm, if her body enters fully, she comes out severely weakened for some time until her mana can recover.

SPECIAL ATTACKS - Usable only with a solid blade, not her lightsabre


Shouretsuha: causes ground shockwave, in a circular pattern around her. Uses this when surrounded.

Raimeiken - Causes the blade to crackle with thunder and electrocute the enemy upon striking

Arx has learned three sword techniques from Gemini:

Mifune-ryu Kempo Ouka Houshin - a slashing air attack that only hits what she wants it to hit, despite objects in the way,

Mifune Ryu Kempo "Turning Swallow"- a spin attack that sends out a firey domed shockwave around her.

Mifune Ryu Kempo Thunder Strike [Name provisional, I can't make out what the hell Gemini is saying in the video] - Causes the blade to crackle with thunder and electrocute the enemy upon striking.

She seems to be familiar with Iron soul techniques prior to's travels to the Kai worlds, and is completely overwhelmed by the new techniques that taught to Hana Sagusa. She does not want her knowledge of these skills to be public knowledge.


Noriko takes her role as guardian of the time stream very seriously, and it shows in her attitudes. While she is capable of being jovial, she is generally much more reserved than her half-sister--a state of mind quite common among Time Lords who believe that attachment beyond one's duty can inhibit one's ability to take necessary actions. Sentimentality has its place in life, and that place is seldom one that she occupies; while Noriko was born several years after her half-sister, one could easily mistake her for the elder sibling. Ultimately, she is dedicated to three things: the preservation of time, the happiness and safety of her family, and the well-being of her homeworld.

She prefers living spaces that are wide and open and green, and spends much of her time in the fields of her native planet, enjoying what life has to offer her.

Misc. Data

Noriko practices Heji tal meditation.

An image that absolutely enraged Noriko was the sight of herself as a small child, curled up, crying, as shown to her by the Bunraku.

Noriko has a crush on Chuck Norris.

Noriko once posed as "SSJ3 Pizza-Powered Pretty Happy Magical Girl Noriko!" to cheer her birth mother.

Noriko has no TARDIS because of a horrific misadventure wherein it was stolen by Doogie Howser as she was trying to make her way to a White Castle.