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Biographical information


Birth ?
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Temporal Mercenary


"The Black Hand", Nizhaladax Blackhand

Physical description

Time Lord



Hair color


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Swords, knives


master sword / knife users

First Appearance

May 13, 2013 (Assigned to the HOTEL)
November 13, 2013 (possessed form)
November 11, 2014 (revived)

Black Covenant

Nizhaladax's name in Gallifreyan

Brief Biography

A Time Lord from the Celestial Intervention Agency who worked under The Actuary, she came to the HOTEL upset at her inability to have helped stop Hazel Ninegate. She worked in Kaelyn Peinforte's store undercover until August 30th, 2013, when she was possessed by the remnants of Hazel Ninegate's personality and dragged away screaming by her own body, only to return several months later in November 2013, behaving oddly and harboring a murderous hatred of Ninegate and other Time Lords. Provoked by the proximity of an Hour-Man, she stole The Magistra's TARDIS and traveled back in time to Gallifrey, killing her own father before he had a chance to concieve her, thus inducting herself into the Faction Paradox where she pursued an agenda of violence towards all purebred Time Lords and the ultimate dissolution of Gallifrey.

After being killed by Valeria Xadium Aino the possessed form was gone forever, but The Master revived the Gallifreyan Nizhaladax.

Early Career

As a young agent, Nizhaladax served under Cardinal Norom, greatly admiring his philosophy and cunning, developing her hard edge and conservative worldview from him. She rose up steadily through the ranks, and later, when Vaxilan took over, she became his right hand, and then when The Actuary took over, as hers, with The Intern as an assistant she largely ignored.

Nizhaladax never pleased with Actuary's "bleeding heart alien ways" and yearned for the day Norom or his chosen officer would once again regain control of the agency.

Coming to the HOTEL

Nizhaladax was assigned as the Celestial Intervention Agency's agent in Sector 20, Mutter's Spiral at the order of The Actuary. She posed undercover as a worker at Kaelyn's shop, where she led a comically subservient double-life until being killed by a fragment of Hazel Ninegate which took over her body.

First Strike


On January 5th, 2014, the possessed Nihaladax obtained the Dragonballs of Namek for Simon Kerrick in exchange for a powerful Necromantic Tome, getting Kaelyn Peinforte injured in the process.

Quest for the Well of Souls

After Franziska von Karma and Paisley Pythia Peinforte realized that Hazel Ninegate had lied about using the Alchemicalized Power of the 3 billion souls she had converted into a Philosopher's Stone to break the Time Lock around Gallifrey, Nihaladax realized there must be a Philosopher's Stone with the power of 3 billion souls out there for the taking, and she has vowed to find it and claim its power for herself.

On February 6th, 2014, she found it, hidden microscopically (due to transcendental engineering) in the pits of a Karaoke CD in the Lobby of the Hotel ("Never gonna Give you Up" by Rick Astley)

Entering the Most Dangerous Arena

On January 12th, 2014, after an unidentified party stole the Black Tome of Omega from the Panopticon Archives on Gallifrey and broadcasting video attempting to frame The Actuary for its theft, Nizhaladax forged her own video showing herself stealing it, brazenly announcing the threat to the Spiral Politic, and demanding the High Counsil of Gallifrey admit her to their number lest she use its power. A total bluff, but one that stands to damage the Actuary's position (since it was stolen on her watch) and give her blackmail on her (since there was a faked video of the Actuary stealing it) and one that potentially grants her access to the summit of Gallifreyan power.

The Road Not Traveled


On January 21st, 2014, Nizhaladax, suddenly inspired by seeing Oronde's Wife, took control of IGNIS and compelled her to perform a cardioectomy on her, casting her hearts into the very fabric of the World Tree, having become obsessed with following somewhat in Yaijinden's footsteps and becoming a "Dark Buddha". She declared to Sakura that she had "finally determined the ultimate paradox. the ultimate counter to the story that is... you."

After doing much research, she entered a meditative phase and extruded her consciousness into the future of the timeline, appearing as a shadowy Spectre in the deserts of Venus. There she rescued a young girl-- whom she had had created by the Kaminoans some weeks prior and deposited there with programmed memories-- and spent the next several years (albeit the next several minutes in her present realtime) mentoring her and helping her hone her inner powers, becoming known there as the "Shadowy Madwoman of the Fire Plains of Venus". She even engineered the Seven Swords crisis to bring an antithetical into this universe so her charge could have the same mentorship that Sakura had.

One of the things she did was convince her young charge to sake planet Skaro from being destroyed by the hand of Omega, posing some philosophical tests to the young girl, challenging her on the notion of heroism versus pragmatism-- would she save the home of the dread daleks even if it meant the universe would be plunged into war, if Gallifrey ended up coming out united and stronger and better able to defend the universe-- and subtly lead her pupil to the conclusion that it is the right thing to do. Afterwards, the girl vanished into time and space, and, in a totally insane maneuever, managed to seize control of a magnetron, interposing another planet between Skaro and the Hand of Omega in the nick of time, and displacing Skaro several million light years away, saving it and setting the universe further along the course towards the Time War.

Eventually, she cast her protege into the world and the "madwoman" vanished from the future, Nizhaladax' consciousness returning to the past.

Her protege would go on to utterly decimate the invading Tairon hoards of the 31st and 51st century, utterly obliterating the grimdark future Sakura lived through in the prime timeline as recounted in Book of the War. By these actions, the girl became more critical to the fabric of history, a walking nexus point.

Nizhaladax was killed by this girl, Valeria Xadium Aino, after she got into a battle with Plushie-chan over Hazel Ninegate's philosopher's stone, which was lost in the battle.

The Black Hand, Reloaded


At some point in the timeline, The Master used a Matrix backup and a clone body to revive the pre-possessed form of Nizhaladax, hoping to gain information on how to give himself a new regeneration cycle, which she tampered with, turning him into a woman. Bitter and angry that no one protected her when she was attacked by the Hazenine Fragment and she was not rescued afterwards by The Actuary, she has come to the HOTEL to start her career as a Temporal Mercenary and possibly work against those whom she feel did her wrong. She also hates that her former second, The Intern, has taken her place, going under her old CIA codename "The Black Hand".


Hacking into the HOTEL registry, she has taken room 1208-- formerly the late Lady DeVenger's room-- for herself, determined to make use of whatever technology was in it.

She is traumatized by the knowledge of what she became at the hands of Hazenine's detachment and blames The Actuary for letting that happen to her.

A Shocking Truth, but no kind of future

On December 3rd, 2014, with the help of The Intern, Nizhaladax realized that the reason no one from the CIA had come to try and rescue her was because as far as they knew, she was still alive and submitting reports. Someone had intercepted a set of her earlier reports, withholding them to make it looks like she was reporting more infrequently than she really was, and then re-transmitting them during the "gap period" when she was missing to make it look like she was still an active agent with no problems, presumably to set her against The Actuary when she returned, wrongly believing she was being thrown away.

Unfortunately, because of her very public threats to destroy the CIA and to sell Time Lord secrets, Nizhaladax has been blacklisted from the agency and can never return, leaving her no choice but to continue being a renegade. Now she seeks revenge on the one who prevented help from ever reaching her in time.

Due to a "burn notice" being out out against her in the name of The Actuary, Nizhaladax has been forced to flee the HOTEL since The Intern would have no choice but to turn her in. She is now working for The Black Covenant.

Jobs Undertaken

  • In late December 2014 she worked for Kazuhiko to find the identity of a girl who was tormenting Kaelyn Peinforte.
  • On December 14th, 2014, she used Nestene Duplicates to replace the owners of the ski slope resort next to which the back end of the HOTEL had landed, in order to conceal the traces of Simon Kerrick and Locrien's activities there, causing the facilities to be permanently closed down for renovations, whilst arranging for a new resort to open up on the other side of the mountains, ensuring that no one would look closely at the area for decades to come.


  • Nizhaladax' going rate for services rendered is $10,000 a day, and she offers kickbacks on referrals.
  • She distrusts cute things because she has had too many run-ins with cute beings who were bloodthirsty murderers.
  • she self-classifies as Lawful Neutral.