Nickolas Collins

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Nickolas Collins
Biographical information

Titan, Moon of Saturn


March 16, 2905


Sean Collins (Father), Tohtah Rhea (Mother, Deceased)


Heir to the Earl of Titan, Prince Consort to Miki


"Nickie" (By Miki), "Oskaa" (By Rhea; Eanur for "Son")

Physical description

Saturnian/Eanite Hybrid



Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color





Fel Fire Scythe


Fel Flame (Green Flame), Dark Aura



Much of the history of Nickolas of Earth-1337-A is similar to his B counterpart. However, there are a few divergent points.

Early Life

Nickolas was born the only child of the noble Earl of Titan family. Though he had no siblings, his family were good friends of the royal family of the planet Quinox. He grew up alongside Princess Miki with the additional care and support of her older sisters. Nickolas inherited his father's flame legacy, a power which evolved with the new generation into an eerie green flame with a dark aura: the Fel Flame. When Nickolas was six years old, Rhea died protecting him from a specter of darkness who came to steal the boy away. Sean arrived too late to save his wife, but her final words to him was a warning of the fate of their son and his flame. Nickolas was devastated. He hated his powers and the felt that his mother's death was all his fault, but Miki and her sisters helped him understand that he was not to blame, and that his mother wouldn't want him to be sad.

With the love and support of the Royal Quinoxian family, and his father's training, Nickolas grew up strong, happy and confident in his own abilities. He learned to not fear his flame and was able to master his powers at an early age. Despite having full control over his Fel Flame, Nickolas could still hear faint whispers from his flame with its dark intent. Nickolas was determined not to let his flame run wild.

As he and Miki grew up, Nickolas began to develop feelings for her. Despite the disapproval of the populace and the wary eye of his sensei, King Hideki, Nickolas found encouragement to stay close to Miki from her older sisters.

He took up an interest in studying the ancient secrets of Saturnian crystal knowledge, learning the old archaic trade and reviving the production of the art of the crystal technologies and arcane uses. He used this new found knowledge to create special crystal gifts for Miki, as well as refine new studies for the application of crystal technology.

Garmus-Hel & the Lost in Time Arc

When Garmus-Hel and his forces were attacking Quinox and causing mass devastation, Sean and Nickolas received the young princess Miki and her younger sister Minami into their protection on Titan while the rest of the royal Quinoxian family battled the enemy. Nickolas promised Miki that he would always protect her. The two grew closer during this time, being able to share their feelings and strengthen their bond without prying eyes or disapproving looks.

After the defeat of Garmus-Hel, peace returned to the planet of Quinox, allowing the princesses to return home. Nickolas returned with Miki, professing his love for the princess and requesting to remain at her side. While he met with some resistance from the King, Nickolas was openly welcomed by Queen Matsumi and the rest of the family. Miki would eventually take over her mother's mantle of being the sailor senshi of Quinox, and Nickolas and his father were present for this coronation.

When rumors of a dark unknown force was sighted in the forests outside the city, Miki left to investigate the anomaly on her own. When she did not return, Nickolas and the royal guard went out to search for her. What they found was a mass of shapeless monsters advancing toward the Royal Capital. They reluctantly retreated and the city prepared to fend off these strange creatures. King Hideki, Earl Sean, and Nickolas led the forces to drive back the strange shapeless creatures, and managed to drive the monsters away from the borders of the Royal Capital.

It wasn't until another investigation was launched that temporal instabilities were found in an area of the forest that Miki had last ventured into to investigate. As a volunteer, Sir Jameson, Eilean's husband, traveled back in time to find where and when Miki had vanished to. He found her in the modern time at the Suburban Senshi Hotel in the care of Orion and Freya Felinus. Jameson learned that Miki had lost her senshi powers, and some force was blocking her from returning to her own time. While offering her some words of encouragement, Sir Jameson ensured her that they will do all within their power to find a way to bring her home.

Sir Jameson returned to the future to report his findings to the anxious family. Upon learning the time and place Miki had been trapped in, Nickolas returned to Titan and set to work in his study to find a way to reach out to her through space and time. He started looking into the limited Time Lord knowledge that was available to him, and, after several weeks, he managed to create a pair of crystal orbs filled with a liquid core with pieces of time sand and star dust which would allow communications to transcend time and space. Using one of his father's interplanetary message capsules, Nickolas modified the warp drive on the tiny device into a temporal drive and managed to send one of the crystal pendants to the past time and place near Miki. The crystal was activated when Miki concentrated her spiritual energies, allowing both crystals to project holographic images of their keepers and letting the two lovers to speak and offer each other comfort and encouragement.

One of the crystal pendants.

While Miki and the modern Hotel inhabitants worked on finding a way to send the wayward princess home, Nickolas rejoined the ranks on Quinox to help protect the royal capital from the ongoing attacks from the invading shapeless monsters. With no real clue as to the source of these creatures, and the unpredictable rate of their attacking swarms, morale and soldiers were wearing thin on the front lines. Nickolas, his father and King Hideki were suffering fatigue and exhaustion, but still kept trying to help ensure the safety of the capital.

Nickolas was caught off guard when trying to help some soldiers escape an overrun outpost, and one of the shapeless creatures grabbed Nickolas from behind and pinned him to the ground. The creature started to feed on Nickolas's energy, drawing power from the boy's dark aura. Sean came upon the scene and managed to fight the dark mass off his son and pull the weakened boy to safety. Sean did notice that the once shapeless creature...had now gained a form and seemed intelligent enough to call a retreat with the rest of the invading mobs. Sean took his son back to the palace and had him rest under the care of the royal sisters.

After a few days, Nickolas recovered, and reports came back that the creatures were attacking the outposts again, but this time they seemed more organized and violent. Nickolas insisted he rejoin Hideki and his father against these more evolved creatures and rushed out to the front line. He joined Hideki and Sean as they were fortifying the outpost. Sean ordered his son to return to the palace, but Nickolas refused, insisting he was strong enough to help. There was no time to negotiate as the creatures started to break through the fortifications, and the three nobles were swarmed by the attacking mobs. They fought with all their power and abilities but the mobs were too numerous.

Nickolas tried to keep the monsters at a distance with his Fel Scythe, but the mass of creatures rushed him, separating the boy from his comrades and disarming him. The mass of creatures restrained and and silenced their captive, rendering him unconscious as they quickly drained Nickolas of his energy. The creatures started to evolve and gain intelligence from the powers they gained from Nickolas's energy. The creatures then withdrew with their captive, planning to use this source of dark aura energy to empower and evolve their armies.

He had been missing ever since the encounter.

Fel from Hel Events

Recently, a group of residents from the Hotel encountered a strange creature at Mugen Academy--a black dragon-like beast with an ooze-like body that could shift its chemistry to change its mass from liquid to solid. It spoke of twisting time and feeding, trying to steal energies from the heroes and inhabitants of the area. After the battle, Nickolas's blue gem signet ring, was found in the remnants of the monster's core.

A third monster appeared, wearing the guise of Nickolas's face and form, luring Miki away from her friends and attempting to kill her. The monstrosity fought with Miki and the other residents of the Hotel who were with her in the Tokyo Ginza, always talking about "Hel" and destroying the house of Kaze and Shin. After receiving many wounds and causing the Fel Flames to seep out from its body, the monstrosity mutated out of control into an abomination, hell bent on killing the future princess. As Miki's spirit energy attacks heavily damaged the creature, prompting all others to attack in turn, the abomination was torn apart and it still tried to use its guise of Nickolas to drop Miki's guard. As it lay crippled, it stared up at Miki, still taunting that "Hel was coming...the Fel Beast...Hel Commands!" The creature was finally annihilated, leaving Miki very emotionally darkened.

The final encounter came when the Felinus family invited Miki and some friends to a family get together at Kanri's Restaurant "At Home." Something started to tear through the fabric of space and time just outside the restaurant. Miki and her friends investigated the incident and discovered a monstrous Fel chimera, engulfed in Fel Flames, coming through the tear. The beast was immense with a lion's head, a phoenix' head and a unicorn's head. The body was covered in black armored plate-like scales with what looked like molten lava between them, its forelimbs had phoenix talons, and the hind quarters had cloven hooves. The beast stated his name was Buné and that it was there to eliminate Miki. As it turned out, the Fel chimera was the physical manifestation of Nickolas's own flame familiar, stating that it was free of "the mortal keeper."

During the battle, it was discovered that Nickolas was inside the body of the Fel chimera; he was still linked to the flame. The heroes managed to fight and seal the Fel Flames, thus defeating the beast. Nickolas was freed from his prison in the body of the chimera, albeit his ponytail, which had to be cut. Before the heroes could celebrate, however, unknown devices suddenly latched onto Saturn Knight and Nickolas, and sealed them in powerful force fields. The devices began to drain both young men of their energies while evil black crystals stole away their starseeds, feeding them to a strange black form that appeared.

The form turned out to be Garmus Hel. Now powered by the Fel Flame and the Cold Flame, Garmus Hel was determined to have his revenge. He grew into an immense monster and aimed to kill everyone. Without their starseeds, both Sean and Nickolas faded away, leaving Miki enraged. As the Hel beast attacked, he seemed to wipe Miki off the face of the planet, only to have her rise up with a new powerful form and battle Hel one on one. The fight ended when Miki took on an angelic form and cut down Hel, impaling him through the heart with her spear: the same way he was defeated by Miki's mother.

The starseeds were recovered and returned to reform into Sean and Nickolas. Miki was reunited with her beloved and he was finally free of his torment and enslavement. With Garmus Hel defeated, a portal to the future opened, allowing Miki to finally return home to the future. With Nickolas safely in her care, Miki and Athena departed to return home.

Trips to the Past/Sidereal

Nickolas was granted permission to visit Miki in the past, particularly to attend her Budokai matches and offer his support. When Miki became the focus of an Aoi Satan/Sidereal conspiracy, Nickolas dared to overstay his permitted time to protect Miki from assault or abduction by these Sidereal members. He was eventually granted permission to remain in the past from Queen Matsumi, despite the objections by King Hideki, to ensure Miki's safety and protection. He resides occasionally in room 807, next door to Miki's room.

While in the past, Nickolas encountered many strange and archaic things that are very foreign to him. His most odd encounter was trying to play a video game from an old game console, a game called DKC2. He failed miserably at it.

Nickolas valiantly protected Miki when the Sidereal agent, a man in black with orange sunglasses, came to take her after her match with Aoi Satan. He referred to Miki as "The Reactor of a Sphere" and "A bearer of Origin's Law." Not understanding what this man meant, Nickolas refused to allow him to take Miki. With the help of Hinako Urashima, they escaped the arena and carried Miki safely to the Hotel to be healed. The Sidereal agents seemed to indicate that Miki's refusal to join them would cause a backlash where they would take everything she held dear. Nickolas remained in the past to guard her, even after her Budokai defeat to Joanna Smithson. They returned to the future following the end of the Budokai, not knowing what the Sidereal Agents would do in their absence.

Powers and Abilities

Fel Flame - Nickolas can wield his green Fel Flame in several offensive ways; a powerful centralized fireball blast, a blazing flame thrower attack, or a spinning firestorm. Defensively, he can create rings of flames to entrap his enemies.

Fel Flame Scythe - Nickolas can focus his Fel Flame into summoning a hand held weapon. A long deadly scythe with a burning Fel Flame blade.

Fel Form (Angel of Death) - Nickolas can empower himself with the flame, engulfing his body with the Fel Flame and taking on a dark demonic-like form with large burning wings. His voice changes and echos like there are multiple voices speaking at once.

Fel Fire Familiar - Nickolas can summon his Fel Flame to take the form of a beast that is under his command for a temporary amount of time.

Chir batti(Ghost Lights/Fel Wisps) - A conjuring where Nickolas can summon small Fel Flame "wisps" to spread and scout, and even attack or feed on the energies of lingering enemies. The fel wisps are directly linked to Nickolas's familiar and provide the beast with its "feedings" when in a combat situation.


  • Nickolas's favorite food is steak, and his least favorite food is liver.
  • Although he no longer lays claim to his inherited position, Nickolas wears the blue gem signet ring of the Earl of Titan that his father gave him.
  • Nickolas does not allow anyone else other than Miki to call him "Nickie."