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The Necronomicon is an ancient book of magic revered by human students of the Mythos as one of the purest sources of knowledge about the dark arts. Written in the 8th century C.E. by an Arabic man calling himself Abdul Alhazred, the Necronomicon has been translated into several different languages; the book's power is so great that even transcriptions and translations have some small power of their own, but none of these copies can approach the power of the original.

What is not commonly known about the Necronomicon is that the book itself possesses its own soul, and like most powerful entities in the universe, its soul manifests in the form of a cute loli.

Kitab Al-Azif
Biographical information



c. 730 C.E.


Book-Loli, power battery


Al Azif, the Necronomicon

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Hair color


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knowledge of deep magic, spiritual pact-making

Al Azif

Al Azif manifests as a young girl in a gothic-lolita dress somewhere between twelve and fourteen years of age with lavender hair ribbons and a pair of metallic wings that float behind her shoulder blades. For her apparent childishness, the girl possesses an intensity that belies her occasional spats of petty brattishness; she has lived a long life and known many people that have come and gone. While Al Azif possesses a significant amount of magical power on her own, her true capability is in enhancing the power of other sorcerers by creating a spiritual pact. With a mortal sorcerer, Al can almost exponentially increase their power. Becoming a small floating chibi version of herself, as a Grimoire she can also serve as a command/control interface for Deus Machina, a variety of giant robot occasionally used by Mythos sorcerers.

Before her arrival in Ten'ou House, Al Azif had spent the past several decades in the custody of UNIT: Japan, resting in her dormant form. Brought as a gift by Noriko to her mother, Shaldra Darkness, the Grimoire quickly sensed Shaldra's powerful magical skills and created her customary magical link to Shaldra. Having been soured on the idea of human interaction by a succession of asshole wizards, Al Azif does not spend much time outside of the TARDIS, apparently preferring her solitude and juice boxes to interacting with people.