N³ - The Final Sacrifice

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The third and final Nonary Game, implemented by the Cult of Ninegate as a means to recreate their a being akin to their leader, Hazel Ninegate out of their prisoner, Valeria Xadium Aino.

5-2 Team HOTEL [FINAL]

Round 1: Limbo

Headed by a Corrupted Sailor Mini-Moon, with Harriet Weinberg's life at stake. A Loss for the Cult of Ninegate.

Round 2: Lust

Corrupted Sailor Venus successfully sacrificed Mimete, using the player's tendency to go for cheats over clues to hide the fact she had swapped herself with her putative victim. A Win for the Cult of Ninegate.

Round 3: Gluttony

Corrupted Sailor Neptune fell at the order of General Marianna, who ordered her to commit suicide. A Loss for the Cult of Ninegate.

Round 4: Greed

Corrupted Sailor Mercury won, losing an arm and injuring her leg in the process. A Win for the Cult of Ninegate.

Round 5: Anger

Resisting the urge to give into a diabolical trap that wanted everyone to sacrifice each other in order to free Iconoclast, the group chose to harm themselves in order to save him, earning a win for Team HOTEL.

Round 6: Heresy

Corrupted Sailor Saturn got blown up by Mike to hand the HOTEL another win.

Round 8: Fraud (First iteration)

The Corruptor swapped Lady Ishtar, the hostage of the level, with Doctor Xadium. This prompted The Intern to single-handedly sabotage and decimate the level bringing it back in time a week and a half to do so, costing Corrupted Sailor Jupiter a leg. Xadium was rescued, but Jupiter escaped, enraged, vowing to try again...

Round 9: Treachery =

The true mastermind of the Nonary Game, a possessed John Constantine who still had a fragment of Hazel Ninegate in him, was confronted early, and defeated, but not after mortally wounding Doctor Xadium. With his defeat, the last of the Nonary Games was held, but several minions (Pluto, Uranus, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter) remain at large.