Masaki O`Cain

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Masaki O`Cain
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Birth January 29
Family David O`Cain (husband), Carrie O`Cain, Faia, Akane O`Cain (daughters)

Manga shop owner


Sailor Zephrius

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Controls the power of wind storms. Superhuman strength. Strong Spiritual Power.


Sailor Quinox, Sailor Aeolus

First Appearance

A Satellite Senshi of Quinox, Masaki O`Cain is Sailor Zephrius.


Masaki O`Cain, formally Masaki Minamata, is the daughter of Kintaro and Kiyoko Minamata. Her father, a police officer, tried to drill some order into his rebellious daughter. However, already discovering her more then normal strength, she chose to walk on the "wrong side of the tracks." Both her height and strength made her intimidating to everyone she met, and when she was surprisingly allowed to attend Mugen Gakuen, she continued to give off her rough and tough image.

However, she started to soften slightly when Saki Suminaka befriended her. Both girls soon made the acquaintance of Matsumi Shin, a student from the United States. Masaki became extremely protective of the girl, not knowing the reason herself. Later on in life, she would learn that she (along with Saki) were Satellite Senshi of Quinox.

Soon, although her memories were still fuzzy, she re-met the man she loved during the days of the Moon Kingdom, a soldier named David O`Cain. They married and currently live in Tokyo. Masaki is currently the former manager now owner of the Galaxy Manga. Masaki has also recently become a member of Matsumi's Rising Valkyrie Unit.

On February 8th, due to a merger with Matsumi and Saki, Masaki was rejuvenated back to a 15 year old teenager. She found herself once more with an aggressive personality and a greater amount of emotions then before. She later returned to her normal age due to the universe resetting itself.

On November 12th 2022, Masaki gave birth to her first biological child with her husband David, a daughter they named Akane.


Masaki post-rejuvenation


As the Senshi of Storms, Masaki can channel the power of a hurricane.

Her attacks include:

Hurricane Magnus: Funnels the force of a hurricane through her fists.

Twister Smash: Hand clap that creates a twister of wind.

Squall Burst: Hard wind burst from underground.

Along with all this, Masaki has superhuman strength, allowing her the ability to lift up to five ton.


  • Masaki's dark skin is due to her mother being from a south sea island
  • While never actually officially trained, Masaki has a good understanding of police procedure as well as being a fairly decent shot with a handgun.
  • Masaki's favorite story as a child was Momotaro and she used to often pretend to be the hero when she was little.
  • has a morbid fear of dogs
  • is secretly an idol fan and a member of several Idol fan clubs
  • is officially the leader of the Quinoxian satellite senshi, but for the most part shares duties with Saki
  • is the best cook out of any of the Quinox senshi
  • has been arrested five times in her life but was always let off with a warning