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Jinan Keeran Victoria Claudia Elizabeth Selene Diana Dana Maria Lysette Aster
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Birth February 18th, 20XX
Family Ly (twin), Elda Aster (mother), Davina (sister)


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intense foresight

First Appearance

Jinan is daughter of Elda Aster, younger sister of Davina Aster, and twin sister to Ly Aster. She carries the gift of foresight that was assumed to have finished with her deceased uncle. She shared it with her sister, who decided to exploit it for science. Whenever Davina time travels it gives Jinan a splitting headache.

While Davina may act on instinct, Jinan acts on careful planning and tactical decisions. She often acts as the voice of reason for Davina but her sister quite rarely listens to her.

Family history

I always hated that look in your eyes when you saw me.

Jinan was born in the year 20XX and is technically the middle child since she's older than her brother if only by a few minutes. When she was young, Jinan foresaw a tree falling and breaking Ly's arm and she barely stopped him from injury. Davina witnessed this and told the story to her mother later with such excitement and where Jinan hoped for praise she was only met with horror from her mother and she could not understand why or how. As the girl grew older more adults seemed to look at her with those sad eyes and Jinan didn't know what to make of it. What had this young girl done that was so wrong? When she used her gifts it was always to help others and yet no one really appreciated her actions. Everyone was wary around Jinan and she could not understand or comprehend why this had to be the case. As she grew into her teenage years she began to rebel and question her family and the adults that surrounded her mother. No one would give Jinan answers, they only shook their heads and walked away.

Then came Jinan's vision. Every Oracle of the Aster family line has a vision of how their life will eventually come full circle: these visions never end well. Jinan's anger came most by seeing people surrounding her with those familiar looks of pity. When she snapped out of her vision, Davina had approached her with an idea about traveling through time...

"Current Events"


In March of 2014, Davina entered Jinan into the annual Budokai Tournament. While Jinan initially resisted, the idea that her sister would fight for her only enraged the girl so she entered. At first it didn't seem like she was going to do very well: while having the gift of foresight, Jinan had no physical fighting qualities. She appeared to make a deal with some sort of shadow creature that allowed her to use her shadow as a weapon, shift her shadow into other forms and finally create a tangible claw made of her shadow. The power is immense but it wears her down fast. To prevent this, Jinan has resolved to find other power sources...

An image possibly depicted of Lady Mimas in The Lap of The Gods

"Shadow Trades"

Jinan's power heavily depends on her foresight and prevents her from seeing the future while causing her headaches. In order to stave this off she resolved to find other power sources to depend on.

Keeran Aster

Utilizing enough of her foresight as an Oracle, Jinan knew just how to be at the right place at the right time. When Mango and Adam joined together to revive Keeran, Jinan knew where to be at exactly the right moment. She made a deal with a desperate girl who had not yet understood the repercussions of her decision to revive an Oracle who's fate had already been sealed. If Mango took a small vial of Keeran's blood and gave it to Jinan then the voices that haunted him would be quickly ceased. It benefited Keeran since he would have a will to live without the voices constantly begging for him to make things right. It benefited Jinan because she now had part of a soul for her sentient shadow to feed off of.

Kannon Bosatsu

Children are never truly placated for long and the taste of power was fresh on Jinan's lips. All her life she had been surrounded by people stronger than her: the idea that she could tower over them was appealing. She caught word of people who had once taken on the names of gods and possessed great power but were now mostly dormant in others. Most of these people had cut these ties with their personas but there was one in particular who went silent.

She traveled back in time with her sister to May 2012 and they walked the mountain regions of Japan. When she was certain that she had found the correct spot to find the woman beneath the ground she used her shadows to attack her sister. Davina had a massive hole ripped through her and shadows that lingered within seeking out her sailor crystal to feed off of. When she was certain that the girl would not make it, Jinan reached within the ground and--with the help of a conveniently timed attack on a mountain--she separated the god half of the woman and left the senshi to flow through magma beneath the ground and stay trapped.

She tried to find what made this god woman tick but to her dismay, the half had taken on an imprint of the other woman and there was no godlike power to be had. She discarded the woman without a care since she was no longer of use to her and was off.

To Davina's fortune, Jinan didn't need a pocket watch to travel through time...

Mango Kattan

In early March of 2014, Jinan returned to find a quiet Mango lingering in a hotel room lobby. This time Mango was not as brash as the girl she had made the deal with to save Keeran. She was a lot more aware of what Jinan had been doing and her quest for power. Mango concluded that what Jinan sought now was a piece of power that was a miracle in itself: a sailor crystal. When the two fought she manipulated the cameras to prevent anyone from seeing what exactly had happened. According to Mango the two fought and Jinan pointed out that the girl was being very selfish and abusing a soul that had a chance to be a proper life. Mango hesitated--considering how she had abused her last project this struck a nerve. Jinan took it to her advantage and ripped the sailor crystal out of the girl. Since Mango is Khadi it didn't kill her. Jinan took her leave and as of right now has no intention of returning to the Hotel or leaving any hint of her being found.

The Nightfall

Seas of Rhye

Somewhere deep in time and space, a young girl warned a king of a comet that was due to destroy their civilization and offered two warnings to prove her prediction to be true. At first she was imprisoned until the warnings did come to light and the comet was spotted. In exchange for their survival, all the girl requested was a broken old rock called The Seas of Rhye. Assuming it garbage, the king handed over the rock and granted her freedom. Mimas--who had staged the exchange through her shadow clone--did divert the comet while further damaging the Seas of Rhye to have a fourth crack. It's power is believed to be vast but further details are only myths.

Siahai's forgotten cog

Hearing about an item forged by primordial technology--something that even the time lords were not aware still existed--Jinan set herself out to obtain this item. She bore many trials, traveled much to far and tested her strength and wit until she reached the ruins of a long forgotten first one culture. To her surprise it was Nenkadu who was her final test. He posed a challenge based on an old Arthurian Myth to her and she accepted. She outwitted him within the bounds of his own game and was granted access to her prize and a token of his affection/appreciation: a spice melange cake. She took her bounty and resumed her pilgrimage.

Lady Mimas

Lady Mimas

What was once a title for Sailor Mimas during the times before the Silver Millenium, Jinan took on this name as a satire. When she had attempted to kill her sister she had taken the staff of Mimas as her ultimate prize. The girl could care less about others and how they are affected by her actions so long as she is the beneficiary. She's taken the privilege of being an Oracle and put it to use in her wild pursuit of power. Her sentient shadow acts as a proper offense and gives Jinan strength to do feats she normally wouldn't do by attacking or controlling the other shadow. For example, if Jinan were to punch someone alone, it wouldn't do much but if her shadow were to punch another's shadow it would appear that she was the one who had actually delivered the hard blow.

Her shadow is also able to become tangible but it comes at a great strain on her. In the Budokai against Rider Melody, a tangible claw grabbed the bat she used as a weapon and beat her opponent senseless. That same type of claw forced Indigo and Kannon Bosatsu to become two separate entities. It ripped a hole in Davina and forcibly removed Mango's sailor crystal. It can injure one on a physical level but can also attack the soul as well.


Because Jinan is a time active she never comes to the hotel in a specific sequential order.

  • Jinan's arrives at the Hotel in June 2012 at the age of 16. She'll turn 17 in two months.
  • She enters the Budokai in April 2014. It is a month after she turns 17 and fights the first two rounds.
  • She makes a deal with Mango to "save Keeran" in August 2012 at the age of 18.
  • Between this time in the summer of 2012 she makes a few visits to the hotel and speaks with Dong Wu Xian. Her most recent visit (April 2014) was also during this time frame.
  • Six months later, in May 2012 she attempts to end her sister and separates Indigo and Celeste, she's still 18.
  • At the age of 20 in March 2014 Jinan takes Mango's sailor crystal.

Confused? That's okay, you're supposed to be :D

Lady Mimas, Age 22