Jameson Atlas

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Jameson Atlas
Biographical information

Earth (birthplace), Tylli


September 8, 2012


Amanda Sharlan (mother), unknown father, Eilean (wife), Kyra (daughter)


Former Operations Commander for the Tylli government; Former Head of Cyber Security-SecuriTech; Security Staff-Neggerran Japan


Jamie (to Eilean)

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Guns, grenades, several military blades




Amanda, Eilean, Matsumi

Jameson is a young man from another world, the only of his kind to inhabit the lands he called home for eighteen years. He resembles his mother greatly, his slender, yet powerful build, green eyes, and caring personality coming from her. His father is unknown, with no progress toward finding him being made at this point in time.

Early Life

Born in the hotel as one of the 400 Babies, Jameson was sent through space and time to 18 years ago on the planet Tylli, where he was raised by "inhuman creatures" who disliked him. He was treated as an outsider for his entire life, but was still traditionally sent off to training at the age of seven. He graduated a year later and joined one of the many units the government used for both protection and organization. By the age of 13, he had become the commander of his unit, a feat no one thought would be possible for the weak human boy.

A New Leaf

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Journey to Earth

Jameson was no fool, and had known for a good portion of his life that he didn't belong where he was. His "parents" educated him about Earth and how his species came from there. Once he'd learned all he needed to know, he snuck off in the middle of the night to journey to his home planet and find his real parents. The journey was a long one, and Jameson spend long days keeping himself occupied while he traveled. Just beyond the orbit of the moon sits his spacecraft, which is cloaked to prevent radar detection. Jameson himself ejected from the main controls module via a small reconnaisance pod, which was designed only to last through the most dangerous part of the atmosphere, and broke apart like a meteor in the heated friction of entry. He landed on the beach of Papaya Island carrying nothing but his tracking device.

Meeting Amanda

With the help of Det. Ema Skye, it didn't take long for Jameson to figure out that he'd been created in the hotel, number 322/400, and that Amanda was his maternal half. Who his father is is unknown, but Jameson seems unphased by this fact. Amanda, on the other hand, was less than thrilled at first.

Passing Time

Over the months since his arrival, Jameson has found little to his liking to do in the hotel, and thus took to wandering around Tokyo in the effort to determine what Earth had to offer. Though he knows little about the world outside (even getting hit by a car crossing the street because he didn't know it wouldn't stop), he's succeeded in seeing the entire city, and prides himself on being able to go anywhere he wants. He also occasionally reads books, such as "1984" and "The Hunger Games", though Amanda's selection is (unsurprisingly) small. Amanda hopes this clue will help them determine who his father is, but that fact still remains unknown.

Jameson's favorite thing to do is spend days with Eilean, his girlfriend whom he began dating shortly after arriving at the hotel. Their initial interactions were rather limited, usually to Eilean stammering and stuttering when he spoke to her. Her crush affected him, however, and soon he finally decided that enough was enough and took her out. They are very close, and have even spent nights together in private. The couple have greatly expanded their relationship.


Within recent weeks, Amanda secured a job for Jameson on her security team at SecuriTech. Though a new recruit, Jameson's status as Amanda's "brother" made him a favorable new hire, and he was placed in charge of the cyber unit in her team. His runs with her have been successful, though, as is a recurring danger in their profession, Jameson found himself captured in a project. As the night shift security team did not know of their arrival, Jameson was treated as a legitimate threat, and spent an entire day locked in an air tight room with a security member watching over him. After his rescue, he was put on paid leave while the company investigated why the company they were working in did not know their purpose.

Soon after returning to work, Jameson found himself in yet another predicament. Amanda had gotten herself into a dilemma regarding Tony, which left the pair strained as Amanda distanced herself and any information regarding her adoptive father from Jameson for protection. She'd even gone so far as to have him placed on paid leave again, wanting desperately to keep him away from Tony at all cost. So, out of boredom, Jameson wandered about the Hotel and Tokyo, spending as much time at the theater with Eilean as possible while he awaited his return to work.

Once Tony was out of the picture and things began to return to normal, Jameson was finally contacted by his superiors for his return to work. He's working out again, wanting to keep himself in shape for the physically demanding position he holds.

Second page

After SecuriTech Headquarters was destroyed in Hazel's attack on Akihabara, Jameson and Amanda found themselves again unemployed. The pair moved to Neggerra after Jameson gained citizenship from Eitak, and began searching for jobs.

Jameson currently works as the head of the security detail for the Japanese Prime Minister on Neggerra, and spends most of the time he's not in the Hotel working on new ways to make sure his charge stays safe.

He enjoys visits from Eilean, and often times comes to the Hotel just to have a relaxing night with her.

Marriage and Kyra

Jameson proposed to Eilean in early 2014 and agreed to wait until she graduated high school to marry. The happy couple moved in together in a house Jameson bought with his wages as a security guard.

In the winter of 2014-2015, Eilean broke the news to Jameson that she was pregnant, which initially terrified him due to the reactions from Eilean's family. He quickly fell in love with the idea and catered to her every need. She was already growing larger by their wedding date in June of 2015 (during which Jameson changed his name from Atlas to Sharlan), and in September of that year, their daughter was born. Named after a childhood friend of Jameson's, Kyra Sharlan is the first born child of the pair.

Combat skills

Jameson's barely shown his ability to fight, though a spar with Eilean exposed his hand to hand combat skills, which were quite impressive for such a young fighter. He specializes in using his and his opponent's momentum against them, often times resorting to launching his adversary across the battle area and executing more aerial techniques. However, Jameson also uses weapons when the occasion calls for it, and is handy with many forms of blade and a gun.

During the course of several weeks in early 2014, Jameson began training with Hideki to become Eilean's knight. Having grown weary of his inadequate skills in the face of adversaries, he approached Hideki to make him worthy of Eilean. The two began training together in early January. A short time later, Jameson succeeded in passing his training and was appointed Eilean's knight. He proposed the same evening as his ceremony.