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Biographical information


Birth Unrecorded
Family Magni (Younger Brother), older sister mentioned, Nemissa (AI companion)




Physical description

No friggin' idea



Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Alluring Pink


6'1" (185.5 cm)


Bow, Knives, part of suit


Yet to be determined


Yet to be revealed

First Appearance

April 7, 2019 (first in-box reveal, has been active for longer)

Griselda is a relatively new character to 1337-A. While she has been active in some form in 1337-A, this page will cover most of her more known activities.

The Zone

When news came forth about the Interstellar Alliance being active in the Zone, Griselda, under her alias of GR, suited up to go lend a hand. Working with the Langister Kits, the Gensokyo Moon-Rabbits, and Megan O`Cain, she discovered that Leona Morimoto, whom was supposed to have died back in the Subnautica Crusade, was somehow alive and well, potentially resurrected.

With Morimoto having been killed (and discovered to be some kind of cybernetic organism), Griselda soon headed back to wherever she called home.

With yet another Zone-related incident, Griselda and her AI-assistant, Nemissa, are back in action. Nemissa found herself working with Burroughs to restore a pair of T-Dolls that had missed the general craziness consuming the rest. With Noel and Elphelt back online, the duo have been lending their assistance in helping bring an end to this madness.

In The Hotel

Griselda made a promise to the recovering Langisters: once they had acquired a clean bill of health, she would reveal her identity to them. This was the day her first appearance was recorded. However, young Victoria Smithson proved apparently jealous in some way.

When news came in about someone giving candy to the Gensokyo residents, which turned them into cloth, she did an analysis on the candy, finding the ingredient that did so. With some direction, she went to retrieve the antidote whilst her brother entered Gensokyo to track the culprit down.

With the antidote retrieved, she is working with her brother to restore the victims whilst finding the perpetrator and taking them out.

On another axis, when several Alliance members were seen causing a scene in Gensokyo, her brother tracked down the one putting out the calls whilst she is checking out the Alliance members.

From time to time, her personal AI assistant, Nemissa, will pop up to hang out with people.

With the incident in the Zone resolved, Noel and Elphelt have elected to room with Griselda, also welcoming in Ramlethal, Elphelt's sister.


Though proving to be an open-minded sort and rather friendly, when it comes time to get down to business, her demeanor flips to a no-nonsense attitude. Those used to her more playful side might be surprised when she suddenly shifts gear.

Pocketspace Denizens

Priscilla: A halfling dragon-woman whom Griselda had been talking with at-length for a fair amount of time. Priscilla had isolated herself, citing a cursed bloodline and power that made everyone wary of her. Through several weeks of discussion with her, Griselda managed to convince her to leave the isolated zone and join her -- a fortuitous decision, as not even 10 minutes after departing, the universe that Priscilla called home collapsed upon itself.

Nemissa: An Eighth-generation AI whom works with Griselda on various tasks. Snarky, playful and always willing to lend a hand when necessary.

Noel: A T-Doll whom had been found by Nemissa and Burroughs out in The Zone. She's generally people-shy, but is willing to help when needed. Wields the twin pistols, Arcus Diabolous: Bolverk, and can be seen at times pulling out a Gatling Gun from thin air! Some reports, however, showed her with blue eyes instead of her usual green, and summoning a ton of blades to rip through her foes.... though she has no memory of this ever happening.

Elphelt: A T-Doll found alongside Noel. In contrast to her blonde friend, this pinkette is bubbly and very friendly. Despite her outward appearance, she's packing all sorts of weaponry within her dress-- Pineberry Grenades, a small handgun, Confire Sniper Rifle, Traveller Shotgun, and even a Genoverse Bazooka!

Ramlethal: A T-Doll whom awoke in an underground bunker in Japan. Despite being a sister-unit to Elphelt, the two are quite different, not only in looks but also in demeanor. Ramlethal is generally quiet, preferring to stay by herself if her sister isn't around at all. She uses a gigantic pair of floating blades in combat, able to position them at-will and control them from afar. Outside observers would notice her behavior to be similar to a cat's, and they're not far off with that assessment.

Personal History