Giselle Bellerose

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Giselle Bellerose
Biographical information


Birth July 18
Family Matsumi Kaze (mother), Jean Bellerose (father, deceased), Eilean (half-sister), Delilha Gelus (half-sister), Caligo (half-brother)


Physical description

Dhampir (formally magically created homunculus)



Hair color


Eye color





Heightened healing & senses, control over moths, superhuman strength, transformation into mist

First Appearance


A tragic origin

Giselle was originally born out of a plan of twisted revenge against Matsumi Kaze. Sangue, a survivor of the Soul Vampire cult which had previously been devastated twice by the Sailor Senshi, desired to destroy her for the deaths of his fellow creatures of the night. To this end, he made a contract with an unknown power, a promise of two boons.

Set up for a fall

Giselle arrived at The Hotel through the Paris Door, her mission clear--to kill Matsumi for the death of her "father," Dimitri. She went out into the city to look for her, not realizing the person she sought was right beneath her nose. Sangue saw it fit to messily slaughter the Humans wherever Giselle had gone to frame her for the deaths.

On realizing Matsumi's identity, Giselle kidnapped her and spirited her away to a warehouse, fully prepared to murder her. However, when Matsumi proved to be nowhere near the monster Giselle was lead to believe, she faltered, and it was thanks to the intervention of several Hotel regulars that both Giselle and Matsumi were saved from Sangue's minions.

Wait, you're family?!

Upon return to the Hotel, Giselle and Matsumi were taken to the EMH, where DNA testing revealed that Giselle had some of Matsumi's DNA, effectively being her daughter. The father, however, proved to be an unknown. This revelation caused some strife with Eilean, whose world contained vampires of a less than friendly persuasion.

The Final Move

Despite advice to hide in the Hotel until her name could be cleared, Giselle left following a heated argument with Eilean. Sangue saw this as the perfect chance to eliminate her, and when Matsumi and Nelius Raoul came looking for her, locating her within an empty church, the demon was left to fight the vampire on his own, given that Matsumi and Giselle were both knocked out earlier.

Nelius emerged victorious in the first bout; however, the boons Sangue contracted for--several minions, and the ability to absorb those minions after their death--activated, setting up the second round of the battle, powering Sangue into a demon-vampire. Nelius received unexpected backup from a masked figure, and during the battle, Sangue's burning mist attack set the place on fire, pinning him beneath plenty of wood and stone rubble.

Sangue burned to death by his own hands.

Recent Days

With her horrible past now a distant memory, Giselle is trying to adapt to Japan as best one can.



Born as a weapon to be used against Matsumi, Giselle is the product of the magical union of the blood of Matsumi Kaze and that of Jean Bellerose, a noble and somewhat reluctant vampire from France, who was murdered to obtain the proper genetic material. Convinced that she was the daughter of the vampire Dimitri, she stalked and attempted to attack Matsumi, but was defeated and after learning the truth, and helped to destroy the very people who created her.

The Week Between

Recovering with her sisters from the attack on Tokyo, Giselle soon learned the true identity of her father, thanks to some investigating done on her behalf by Neva. Taking a quick trip to France, she learned of Jean's existence, as well as his death at the hands of his foes, a death beyond the power of even vampires to return from. Having come to terms with who she was, as well as her ties to Matsumi, Giselle embraced a life with her mother and friends, choosing to remain in Japan rather then take up the duties of her paternal nobility.

A New Dawn

The middle child of the "Daughters of Q" at the age of 15, Giselle continued to attend T. A. Jogakuin. She swiftly settled into a new chapter in her life with relaive ease, acting less tense and more friendly to those around her.


As a Dhampir, Giselle shares certain common aspects with vampires, but to a slightly lesser extent. She has far greater strength then a normal human, allowing her, for instance, to lift more then 10 tons with ease. At the moment, her upper limit of strength is around 5 tons.

Her senses are also greatly enhanced, with her sense of smell being able to detect trace amounts of blood and the slightest differences between humans. She can see at a great distance to the point of being almost "binocular vision." She can also see easily at night. Her hearing is acute enough to be able to detect a heart beat from a mile away, though this does require some focus on her part.

She is far quicker then the average human on her feet, able to run nearing the speed of the fastest marathoner without tiring. However, she does not have superhuman speed unlike a regular vampire, though she may develop it with time.

Much like many vampires, Giselle can change shape. Her most notable forms are a swarm of death head's moths as well as a cloud of mist. Her moth form is especially noteworthy as for some reason, each insect in the swarm is completely invulnerable to harm.

Giselle is somewhat sensitive to light and so often travels carrying a parasol. However, sunlight does not kill her and she is in no danger from death from it.

She has a connection with her other sisters, allowing her to sense when they are safe or in danger.

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  • Is a lover of books and reading in general, with the Twilight series being a guilty pleasure of hers.
  • Can speak both Japanese and French with ease, though she struggles horribly with English.
  • While half-vampire, Giselle does not need to solely live off blood and finds human blood "sour," often preferring animal blood. It was later revealed she actually is allergic to human blood.
  • Giselle cannot make new vampires through her bite, much like Carrie can't make new werewolves through hers.
  • Giselle is also immune to vampire bites, as well as vampire compulsion.
  • Out of the three daughters, Giselle is the most studious, much to her older sister Eilean's annoyance.
  • Of her siblings, Giselle is closest to Delilah.
  • Matsumi's nickname for her is "Night Princess."
  • Due to Giselle's abilities as well as some of her mannerisms, she tends to easily be mistaken for a full blooded vampire.
  • Giselle considers Hideki her true father.