Filibert Wright

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Filibert Wright
Biographical information

Earth, presumably

Family Unknown, but unrelated to Phoenix Wright

Art Connoisseur, Ambassador, Black Market Buyer, Socialite, Manservant/Vassal


Nimble Sky-Dragoon

Physical description


Hair color

golden blonde

Eye color



5' 10"


numerous minions, powerful connections, cane/hidden sword, a respectably powerful alternate identity


Mythology/Art/History expert, surprising dexterity, knightly combat training, persuasion, keen empathy


an antiquarian cabal

First Appearance

"Since you seem to be motivated by virtue, I offer you my assistance. Will you welcome it? "
—Filibert Wright

Filibert Wright is a well-dressed gentleman with a somewhat-overemphasis upon manners and propriety. While he stumbled upon the Hotel mostly by accident, he currently serves as a sort of "good will" ambassador on behalf of mysterious superiors who to cooperate with and placate The Hotel regulars, considering them incredibly powerful. Filibert revealed that he is in Japan due to the plethora of supernatural objects and magical relics which can be found there in the hands of almost everyone--from mystical samurai swords to preternatural items held by common schoolgirls. Filibert's mission is to help ensure that dangerous magical objects remain unknown to the general public, and seeing to it that powerful supernatural objects are held safe from both the innocent and the ignorant. Motivated by loyalty and compassion, Filibert has assisted the Hotel regulars, set up charities, and tried to defuse volatile situations. Since at least one of his superiors has ordered him to focus his efforts upon Japan, he uses the Hotel as one of his bases of operations for his efforts in both philanthropy and archaeological acquisitions. Though he has mention he has undergone knightly training to fulfill his current role, he abhors violence, and aids and protects those who need help.


Filibert is a clever gentleman with nice manners and an energetic walk. He has bright eyes and a light step, but he has an odd accent, though. He wears nice clothes, and looks very proud. He has not spoken of his age or birth, but seems to still possess the vigor of youth. His hair is well-kept and blonde, and his immaculate appearance can rival even the snappiest dressers among the Ten-Aino collective.


"I try to put more importance upon nobility of intentions than nobility of origins."

Filibert is virtuous, forthright, and so proper that he can be a handful at times. He is very compassionate toward the injured, and has set up charities for typhoon victims, Japanese emergency crews, and other beneficiaries. He seems to be almost without fear, and utterly loyal to both his superiors' plans of keeping dangerous magic out of public hands, and also displays loyalty and cooperation to those he views as virtuous. He sometimes uses the older medieval denominations for hierarchical positions, and takes pride in doing good work. Filibert has great respect for the law, and a keen concern for others, using social connections to try to benefit Japan, even though he is only a visitor. He has stated in several instances that he is thankful for his position, because it gives him a chance to make the world a better place. He has been shown to display great sadness when others suffer, especially when it is his fault. When Eitak Razal was abducted in spite of his efforts, he felt personally responsible, and went to great effort to try to locate her again.

Idealism and Mercy

[22:03] <Teen Girl> ..I
[22:05] * Filibert Wright nods. "I understand."

—Filibert to Akane Maeda, after the latter had very nearly destroyed the Universe

While he claims to be trained as a knight, and has shown himself to be a dexterous and practiced combatant, Filibert is notable for always trying to avoid violence. He often tries to negotiate and warn opponents; seeking to talk them down and avoid bloodshed. He even went to far as to offer his assistance to Souldier's quest even after learning that it would take place in another world, stating that he would not stand by and let people suffer, whether it was or not they were residents of this world or another one. When Filibert set up charities for the Typhoon victims, he explained that they were not for the families of the 17 deceased, but that his funds would instead help the dispossessed; explaining to Matsumi that while he was sorrowful about those that had died, he resolved to not let that grief and the finality of the fatalities distract him or others from those who still lived and desperately needed help. Courteous and helpful, he has been understandably curious of his new environment, but has never let his lack of familiarity distract him from concern for and aid to others in the box that he interacts with.

Loyalties and Origin

"If I do [have siblings], I am not aware of them. I cannot recall any family except the one I was adopted into. My progenitor raised me to be his own."
—Filibert to Cora on their mutual lack of family

When questioned about his past, Filibert Wright tends to be very humble, and speaks of being given purpose from a life of obscurity and powerlessness by a very powerful benefactor whom he now obeys. Filibert maintains that without his superior's intervention, he would have almost certainly come to nothing, and seeks to repay this patron's investment and trust. Filibert spoke of his growth and education in a distant land, most likely an extremely isolated area which has little modern contact. That would certainly explain Filibert's use of the archaic and antiquated hierarchical system of lord and vassal to describe his service to his patron. In such a light, his being trained in swordplay and undergoing the training of a knight would make slightly more sense. Filibert claims to be only the latest individual in a succession to fulfill his position, and that while he was undergoing preparation and training, his current role was filled by his now-elderly predecessor.

Filibert uses these skills to secure his patron's interests and orders, which include acting with propriety and honor, assisting the weak, securing and stopping the trade of powerful black-market and dangerous artifacts (even if his organization has to bid on the black market themselves to obtain them), maintaining a cordial atmosphere and relationship with the Ten-Aino regulars--and thus ensuring they have no reason to mistakenly destroy the entire organization out of tragic confusion that Filibert and the other operatives *ARE* what they are trying very hard to *STOP.* So far, Filibert seems to have excelled at his challenging and somewhat dangerous job, and takes pride that his good work and success brings honor to both his lord and the others in the organization who have seniority over them. He grooms and supervised the operatives under him, and does his utmost to contribute; whether the activity he partakes in is guerrilla archaeology, or a black-tie fundraiser for the underprivileged.

Alternate Identity

" That armor stand over there, if it were occupied, would hold a gleaming suit of armor with an inset ruby---scrawled with the most high and sacred writings known in antiquity, and with a shining helm."
—Filibert Wright to Matsumi, The Magistra, and David

During a skirmish where he was attempting to rescue Eitak Razal, Filibert Wright displayed and employed clearly supernatural abilities, and after he was almost injured, began to make use of powerful magical armor, as well as ancient enchanted relics, which allowed him to fly, project energy, and protect himself from great harm. While he initially swore those who saw him assuming this identity to secrecy, he eventually invited the Hotel regulars aboard his Yacht, and told them something very unexpected. He acknowledged that he was sure they had seen him do some things that demanded an explanation, and he was ready to answer the questions he was certain they harbored after witnessing such feats. After having his servants serve a scrumptious feast to all of his guests, Filibert indicated he wanted to come clean with them. He showed everyone a significant portion of the vast amount of magical relics that had been gained by their efforts, and when the protagonists noted that several presumably powerful items were missing, Filibert somberly told them that some relics possessed by his organization were not in the room because they were "in use." He perfectly described to them the appearance, dress, and observed powers displayed by a being known as the "Nimble Sky-Dragoon;" a being who had previously been observed using speed and flight to rescue the victims of emergencies, and utilized the powers of flame and light to combat the wicked. Filibert confessed to the heroes that the being they had observed doing those things was actually he, and that he had decided that the magical devices that can project fire, smite the wicked, subdue the desperate, and made detection impossible should not be left upon shelves, but actively used to help the innocent and combat crime. As his servants waited upon the other heroes aboard his vessel, Filibert told the trio of protagonists that he hoped they could understand his methods, and that he truly desired to use the magical powers they witnessed to make the world a better place.

Knowing now that he was speaking to people who were trying to do the same thing, Filibert said he was revealing this in the hope hope that they would understand why he had done what he had done, and accept his offer of assistance upon their own respective crusades of virtue.