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General Information



71% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, 8% Other


<10 years


Simon's Hideout; Sanctuary


Humans, demi-humans, various undead, fey


low thousands

Places of Interest


Sailor Senshi


""The future comes. The future comes and I must be equal to those who can see it coming. I told your daughter that one of the spellcasters in front of her was changing history, and I meant it.""
—Simon, to Matsumi Kaze

Enclave is the name Simon picked for the world he secretly created purely through his magic. Simon covertly populated it while taking advantage of distractions, and while it is favorable to and host of bountiful life, it was originally intended as a fortress. Simon has claimed, hinted, and is in possession of technology and guardians that suggest it is incredibly well-defended. Simon claims that because he created the world, and is the source of sustenance for every creature upon it, he considers it his right to rule the entire realm with absolute power. The only other being upon Enclave that appears to have any other influence is Filibert Wright, who serves as the world's emissary, legal representative, and goodwill ambassador. Very few visitors have been admitted, and current information is either expert speculation, or Intel gained by Gallifrey through the Tiny Sand People's embassy.


The world that would be known as Enclave existed long before its creator revealed it. It was wrought by the Lich during the Sailor Anzu crisis, using those events as a cover. As sheer luck would have it, however, several individuals who were searching for new dimensions being created by Sailor Anzu were able to briefly detect the interdimensional reverbations of the birth of Enclave through absolute accident, but were too distracted to investigate further. While it is intentionally very difficult to gain entrance to Enclave, Simon has apparently had a great deal of time to enhance it both mundanely and magically. Desperate to keep his creation secret after the power he gained from the rituals that Aes and Magistra suggested waned, Simon maintained absolute secrecy regarding his creation, and used it only in times of crisis until he believed himself to have enough power or influence to either ward it completely or make himself unconquerably powerful while residing there. Eventually, the sorcerer was able to accomplish this goal. While Enclave arguably serves as Simon's stronghold, those few who have been in Enclave and are willing to discuss their experiences have described it as a paradise so beautiful that it seems almost too good to be true.


Simon originally began laying the foundation for his new world many months before he revealed it, but was not certain whether or not to take the risks inherent in finalizing its creation, and starting another battle that he might not win. He considered and pondered and dragged his feet, but finally, during an exchange with The Magistra, he was roused enough by her words to put his plans into motion and go for broke. He told her he hoped she knew what she was doing, and proceeded to research every possible ritual (including the more depraved ones) he could perform upon or before All Hallows' Eve in order to increase his power, however temporarily. Believing that the other Hotel regulars were watching him, he dispatched his new servant to gain their trust and hold their attention, while he vanished for weeks at a time, working behind the scenes. Understanding that his plans were the weakest during this phase, he tried to act at times the hotel regulars were under attack by different forces, in order to mask his activities. An excellent example was when the attacks of Sailor Anzu were driving many people to the breaking point, and large amounts of the world were becoming unstable, Simon teleported to Africa and used the temporary powers he gained through eldritch rituals to plane-shift away and steal several square miles of African nature reserve, as well as the animals that dwelled there. Returning to the hotel, he sought out Matsumi and blithely pinned the blame upon his own daughter, successfully implicating the days unusual events as being the result of the combination of Eliza McIntash's unusual powers, and mental fatigue due to the crisis. In addition to these steps, Simon forged armor and hoarded supplies and materiel, mostly through exchanges with Kaelyn, though this was a risky move as it aroused suspicion among those who were watching Simon carefully.

[18:22] <Simon Kerrick> Very well. Just show you know, I wish to be payed for half of these in MREs, propane tanks, and water purification tablets. Hammers and Nails for the other half. Also Iron ore if you can get it, and more gasoline.

[18:25] * Simon Kerrick suddenly turns around, remembering something: "---and 200 suits of durable clothing! I am also curious if you can sell me different kinds of seed."

[18:25] <John Constantine> ....My god is he becoming a Militaman?


"I bet all of you WOULD Be capable of returning these Dragonballs to their proper time and safeguarding the future. I'll give them to you, and you can do exactly that.... but I demand a concession in return, and if you are smart, you'll give it to me. "
—Simon, in the grips of his ambition and amorality... again

Simon laid low about his secret world, waiting until he stumbled upon a method powerful enough to guard it forever. He sought several such methods, investigated all new sources of great power that appeared within the Hotel, and maintained an outwardly-friendly appearance including helping Suu search for the Dragonballs, though he admitted it was a "practice run." Eventually, Simon decided that the more heroic entities among the people he knew would never allow him to collect all 7 Dragonballs and make a wish, so he fell back into his old ways in order to receive the Namekian Dragonballs as payment from Nizhaladax, after turning over an incredibly potent and dangerous necromantic tome to the entropic maniac. Suspecting that he was being double-crossed, and his wish might have unforseen consequences, Simon did not immediately make a wish upon the Dragonballs, but was still not above informing the residents of the hotel that he was now holding the entire Universe hostage. Simon kept all 7 Dragonballs for several intense days, as the tensions escalated, and various means to stop him were explored. The heroes attempted to utilize powerful divination magic to determine where the villain was holing up, but by this point, Simon successfully reinforced the magical obfuscation of Enclave through the ablative augmentation of sacrificed souls, which were now being destroyed with each divination probing attempt, as part of an attempt to create a crisis of conscience and force the heroes to the bargaining table. Ultimately, Simon proved willing to trade away the Dragonballs, and NEVER search for them again, provided they agree to his extensive set of demands, one of which was a device which could repel any intruder, no matter their power, and a second demand being the formal diplomatic recognition of the "worlds he was building for [him]self." Reluctantly, the heroes agreed.

After Legitimacy

""Master, I have done as you ordered, and succeeded. You need NOT imperil the universe. Nizhaladax was wrong. They will compromise with you.""
—Filibert to Simon, in the moment of truth

Though it looked like absolutely everything would turn into catastrophe, thanks to the cleverness of Filibert Wright, disaster was averted. The group teleported to Anticarctica, where the founding of Enclave as a sovereign realm was officially finalized. Simon handed back the Dragonballs, and released his hostage, after being given a super-science barrier device that could allow the ejection of any being from a world, signed pardons for *all* of his past crimes, and being recognized as the absolute sovereign of the worlds he was creating. Simon's autocratic rule of Enclave began at this moment. He pledged that his new physical domain did not and never would impinge upon any registered territory, but insisted that he be able to allow any willing commuters and refugees into his world that he saw fit. This was agreed upon, and Simon swore that as long as he was able to grant asylum, his domain would never encroach upon another world. Hands were shaken, papers were signed, and that, according to John Constantine, was "where the test really begins."


[23:47] <The Magistra> (...) Which would you rather deal with in the end: A buffed-up Kerrick, or a Necromantress-controlled Kerrick?

As part of the agreement to surrender the Dragonballs, Simon was presented with Transmat technology, teleportation equipment, and gobs of surveillance gear to use at his discretion in defending his newly-revealed world. Though it has not yet been put to use against the Hotel Heroes, it is a power that the lich is almost certainly willing to exercise. In addition, Simon has recently been seen with a large number of powerful zombies, which he refers to as his "Legion." Each is encased in wickedly spiked armor, and has extra appendages useful to attack sewed onto it. Considering that Simon claims to be able to curse people, each one of these creatures might also contain any number of horrible surprises that could injure an invader, and any force that wished to attack Enclave would almost certainly be forced to confront this regiment of undead creatures. Clearly the "Legion" are not the only undead defenders, either. During the events of Successor Idol, when The Intern accepted "one fighter" from Enclave, Simon arrived with an animated fossil skeleton of a fully grown Tyrannosaurus Rex that was revived through powerful necromancy, stomping around, and ready to fight! Further, Simon has shown himself capable of creating at LEAST one construct, and it would not be be impossible for powerful golems to lurk upon Enclave, awaiting an order to attack an interloper without mercy or fear. Simon also asserts that the population of his demesne is extremely loyal to him. If this is true, and they were equipped with the magical objects that Simon has demonstrated he is capable of crafting, a few determined fighters with magical augmentation might be able to form a very respectable harassment force indeed. The Lich also gave a personal but non-specific warning to Raihosha that both the Mage-Doctor and his daughter Yumiko should under no circumstances visit Enclave, because he felt that an un-named defensive measure would kill them. Given the magical nature of Enclave, there might be any number of further fortifications that defy prediction--if Simon was able to cloak his realm with the strength of human souls, there is no telling what other defenses he has erected. Simon has disclosed to the Tiny Sand People that there are some undisclosed areas of Enclave intended as defensive measures where not all technology is able to function, which might come as a devastating surprise to a hostile force already pressed by attack. Finally, since Simon is intent upon keeping secrets, there is quite likely many more defenses that a paranoid and obsessed creature like himself would throw in the way of any invading force. As a final line of defense, it should be noted that every lich should be considered in possession of considerable personal power; and it should be pointed out that if Simon's phylactery lies somewhere upon Enclave, he would doubtlessly go to literally any means to defend it.


Simon rules the world of Enclave with absolute authority, wielding both political and magical power. He has shown considerable interest in getting advice upon how to govern, and admits that governance is not a skill of which he is master. Contrary to some predictions, he does not seem to be beset by revolutionary struggle, though that might be possible in the future. When asked about the possibility of serious, persistent, and violent partisan resistance to his rule, the lich indicated he would not balk at resorting to deadly force to quash it. The sorcerer seems to have at least some faith in his absolutist government, though might be due to his background in the feudal era of thought and may prove to be a problem with his subjects in the future. He does boast that his people have sworn themselves to him as in the days of old, and the mage was at least wise enough to appoint the noble construct Filibert Wright as his Judiciar and Ambassador, who makes official diplomatic calls upon other nations who are uninterested in hosting its deceased and oft-detested ruler, but still interested in the unique opportunity that diplomatic ties with a magical world might provide.

Native Life

At least within the immediately area around the Tiny Sand Embassy, where they are easily able to observe and report back, the realm seems to teem with life. Both aquatic, avian, and terrestrial animals are present, as well as several plants that have no analogues known to science. The area seems unbelievably lush, though this might have less to do with the dead man's skills as a gardener, and more to do with pact Simon made years ago with the timeless fey creatures he encountered within The Enchanted Forest. The bay near the Tiny Sand Embassy is verdant with lilypads and floating flowers, with insects that are preyed upon by hungry fish below. During their tour, Filibert showed the diminutive Ambassadors animals ranging in size from fireflies and mice to titanic creatures like Rhinocerotidae and African Elephants. One such elephant was fitted with an elaborate, greatly-miniaturized building attached to its back with a palanquin, which was offered to the Sand People as a possible embassy. Simon has also sought out and obtained large amounts of fertile soil from Aescapulus, as well as purchasing countless flowers and plants based on plans for which he consulted Floral Heaven. It is possible that both have been utilized to furnish his conjured world. Enclave likely has functioning and self-perpetuating cycles of weather that allows for abundant growth, as Simon has frequently boasted that his world's ability to provide bountiful food is "limitless."


[22:30] <Souldier> There's people over there. You create them too?

Simon was adamant that he be allowed to provide refuge to any that were desperate enough to seek it from him. He indicates that the people have sworn themselves as his vassals, which, if true, reveals more about their state of mind and motivation for relocation than the tight-lipped lich would ever reveal himself. In hindsight, this would explain some of Simon's demands for extremely unusual payment methods from Kaelyn, if he was ordering materiel to support a fledgling population. Currently, the sorcerer's archaic views of governance have presented obstacles to effective and efficient rule, no matter how secure he is in his role as leader. Though he claims his people are loyal vassals, he has not always been able to find effective subordinates. This was especially telling when he incurred the opposition of Gallifrey due to his efforts to offer shelter and employment to known war criminals. While Simon has adopted a chessman's approach to governing, he has indicated to several notable people that he does not view technology or democracy as the surest or only method for nurturing his civilization, and that he is even contemplating such unusual ideas as personally teaching his people spellcraft, necromancy, and wizardry to accomplish their daily tasks, instead of adopting a societal model more typical of Earth 1337-A. How his people will respond to this, only time will tell. In the grand scale of things, the evolution of Enclave has only just begun.

Diplomatic Relations and Visitors

[19:44] <Young Lich> ♦ As the new ruler of the independent demesnes of Enclave, I proclaim....... PEACE!

Enclave's only political officials currently consist of Simon Kerrick himself, who is absolute sovereign, as well as Filibert, his servant and second-in-command. Very few individuals have been allowed to visit Enclave, most of whom were personally favored by its sovereign. Only Bixia Yuanjin and Guyver Densuo were admitted to the world, and they promised not to speak of what they had seen. The only diplomatic embassy upon the entire world belongs to the Glorious Imperium of Sand, and their officials are the only outsiders granted permanent residence or trade privileges. Simon was extremely interested in the Tiny Sand People's Technology, and was willing to allow them to disclose their experiences of his world in exchange for trade opportunities. In addition to the promise Simon made never to encroach upon another sovereign territory, Enclave also has signed a mutual non-aggression pact with Gallifrey. A similar proposal was put forward to sign a forbiddance charter with Neggerra, that would prohibit acts of aggression and espionage between the two nations---and included forbidding espionage carried out through the personal abilities of government leaders. Eitak Razal, High Queen of Neggerra, refused to sign the non-aggression treaty. Currently, the only persona non grata that are forbidden from visiting the plane of Enclave are the citizens of Unmei, in the Van Saar Federation. This measure was originally enacted due to the possibility of severe harm befalling any of that world's kitsune and hengeyokai due to their being mistaken for the animal they were shapeshifting in. The rulership of Unmei reciprocated by forbidding entry of Enclave citizens into the Van Saar federation, since individuals who would attempt to kill and skin what they though was a fox might do so on whatever world they were standing upon. Solarchos Langister has expressed concern that the name of Enclave, chosen by Simon, is the same as the Van Saar Federation capitol.

After Simon's Death

In Mid-June 2016, Simon Kerrick was destroyed by the Renegade Actuary who obsessively hunted him across realities. In an event that probably should not be considered TOO shocking considering Simon had used a Death Note, and could not go to heaven or hell, he was erased him from existence, and this left Enclave without a leader. Filibert Wright seemingly waited long for some kind of signal from his master which never came, and did his utmost to facilitate the continued survival of Enclave. Though dismayed that this task fell to him, he was cheered by Bixia's encourage that he "might not have Simon's power, but did have his passion," and has spent almost all of his time leading his people through their daily burdens, teleporting between his realm's extraplanar, space-borne, and terraforming settlements, using the powerful magical cloak that his Master crafted for him. Though Enclave's leader did occasionally pop into the HOTEL for a visit, Filibert always indicated he was quite pressed by his duties in coordinating all of the people depending on him, and rarely stayed long. He was as polite as ever during these brief visits, but some of his comments suggested that he seemed to take some rather unusual actions once he was the leader of Envclave that his master did not order. More recently, Filibert arrived in Tokyo, sought out powerful people, and gave indirect and cryptic indication of an a rather alarming possibility--that there is another powerful contender for the control of Enclave, and that this individual's potence and ruthlessness meant that he might be forced into subordinating himself to this person's will.