Ema Skye

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Ema Skye
Biographical information


Birth November 11, 1994
Family Lana Skye (sister)

Forensic Investigator (CSI), Police Detective

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Hair color


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FN 509 MRD-LE pistol (service weapon)


Forensic Detection and Analysis


LAPD, Alien Zone Police, Tokyo PD, Franziska von Karma, Miles Edgeworth, Godot

First Appearance

February 2012

"Yeah this is why I don't go on the Away Teams okay. First mission. I bring back THE most evil dude we've ever dealt with. I'm a police detective not an Avenger. This is way outta my league."


(For details on Ema's life prior to Suburban Senshi read this wiki entry first - just ignore the years, because the Ace Attorney Timeline is different.)

Sometime after the events in Khura'in, Ema first came to The HOTEL in February 2012 after attending a lecture by Professor Tomoe, where he invited her to come over and "play Twister", which she thought was some kind of scientific experiment involving tornadic air currents in a confined space. Prior to that she had been assisting Captain Jack Harkness with some matters for Torchwood Japan.

She first got involved with things by investigating the apparent murder of Hazel Ninegate.

Ema is a practical scientist without special abilities or metahuman powers, and is keenly aware of her limitations when dealing with the high strangeness of events in Tokyo, and thus tries to stay out of the course of major events.

This is of course why, on April 18th, 2024, in the course of exploring a strange raft left on The Island, and intending to rescue what she assumed was a hapless castaway, she was responsible for the discovery and homecoming of one of the most dangerous foes the Suburban Senshi have ever faced.

This, coupled with a series of unfortunate events which were not her doing but linked to her asking for help on her investigation of The Society of the Golden Crescent, led to a period of intense self-doubt on her part, but she was counselled by Tomoe Hotaru and reminded that she didn't need to shoulder all the responsibility for what happens to everyone trying to help.

[22:39] <Det. Ema Skye> So what couldn't you say while they were here?
[22:39] <FireFly_9> I saw how nervous you got when Devyen got hurt.
[22:40] <Det. Ema Skye> ...
[22:40] <FireFly_9> I can only guess you're upset because you were the one who asked him to Scry.
[22:40] <Det. Ema Skye> ...lately every time I ask someone for help they end up getting hurt.
[22:41] <FireFly_9> You're a scientist. Correlation is not causation.
[22:41] <Det. Ema Skye> Knowing that doesn't help.
[22:41] <FireFly_9> If not you, it would have been someone else making the ask.
[22:42] <FireFly_9> Look, you're a detective, yes? Surely you've had to send other colleagues out on dangerous cases?
[22:42] <Det. Ema Skye> Yeah but we're police, it's part of the job.
[22:42] <FireFly_9> And so? Just because we don't have badges doesn't mean we don't have the same dedication to duty.
[22:43] <FireFly_9> No one takes it personally when they're hurt honoring your request, because you're not making it irresponsibly.
[22:43] <Det. Ema Skye> Still, every time someone touches this case...
[22:44] <FireFly_9> That's a function of the enemy not you.
[22:44] <Det. Ema Skye> I'm just a cop and this is way outta my league.
[22:44] <FireFly_9> No it's not.
[22:45] <FireFly_9> From what I've seen you're right on top of it.
[22:45] <FireFly_9> You don't have special powers but we do.
[22:45] <FireFly_9> Think of yourself as a chess player.
[22:46] <Det. Ema Skye> Oh god I'm no Edgeworth.
[22:46] * FireFly_9 smiles
[22:46] <FireFly_9> But you could be... in your own way.
[22:46] <FireFly_9> You've pushed the investigation right to the edge.
[22:48] <FireFly_9> Look. You're at the point where you're no longer just a detective. That might be your rank, but for right now, your position is that of the Captain.
[22:49] <FireFly_9> I suppose where Edgeworth or Godot or Von Karme would be.
[22:49] <FireFly_9> Your job now is to make use of the people around you in the best way possible and to stop second-guessing yourself.
[22:50] <FireFly_9> We all know the risks.
[22:50] <FireFly_9> We all know the stakes.
[22:50] <FireFly_9> And, if your job is detecting our job is defeating.
[22:50] <FireFly_9> And, as you Americans say, that means from time to time we have to "take our lumps."
[22:51] <FireFly_9> Don't despair when we do. Just make sure it's for the right reason.
[22:51] <FireFly_9> That's all I had to say. I need to go before the others become worried.
[22:52] * Det. Ema Skye chews on that while chewing on her Snackoos
[22:52] * Det. Ema Skye slaps her face lightly to focus
[22:52] <Det. Ema Skye> ...she's right. I need to get over myself.

With renewed vigor, she set out to get herself assigned to the Alien Zone Police in order to get more functional latitude than she would have with the Tokyo Police department, and she set things in motion to get more time to work in Japan versus Los Angeles.


She is methodical, patient, able to work under pressure, detail-oriented, able to work with blood, gore and noxious odors, and is willing to work irregular hours, even to the detriment of her health.

She is generally pleasant but with a sarcastic edge that surfaces easily. She can quickly become cranky if people question her intelligence, methods, or directions, or are generally acting stupid in her vicinity. She tries to maintain a professional demeanour at all times but gets very excited when it comes to discussing science or anything science-related.


  • Her first name is pronounced "Emma" - its spelling is the Swiss / German variant.
  • She has taken advanced courses on Forensics at Mugen Academy.
  • She likes Blue Snackoos.
  • She enjoys a good episode of MST3K and is a Steel Samurai / Pink Princess fan.
  • She does not like horror movies (though if it's more of a comedy she's fine).
  • She once made the "horrible, traumatizing mistake" of spraying Chibiusa's room with Luminol.
  • her typical workload is 60 hours a week plus flying internationally.
  • She spent less time visiting the hotel by 2016 as she found herself being constantly shuttled between LA and Kura'in.
  • She got so busy she didn't visit in 2019, 2021, 2022 or most of 2023.
  • She used to take organ lessons.

Professional Background

While in Los Angeles, Ema works for the LAPD Scientific Investigation Division and also splits her time with the LAPD Criminalistics Laboratory.

Her typical job duties include:

  • Examining crime scenes to study, collect and preserve physical evidence, including hair, fiber, tissue samples, glass, paint, soil, liquids, etc.
  • Photographing relevant aspects of the crime scene
  • Collecting fingerprint samples
  • Analyzing blood spatter
  • Performing chemical and biological tests on evidence collected
  • Analyzing blood samples and performing DNA tests
  • Conducting firearms tests
  • Interpreting test results for law enforcement officers, attorneys, etc.
  • Preparing written reports
  • Testifying in court

She is exceptionally skilled at:

  • Testing blood and fluids, including DNA analyses
  • Identifying and comparing hair, fibers, soil, glass, paint, etc.
  • Perform toxicological analyses
  • Comparing firearms and bullet marks
  • Perform chromatographic tests
  • Forensic Digital Imaging

Educational Background

She has a Bachelor's degree in biological science with at eight semesters of chemistry and four semesters of quantitative analyses, having studied in Europe and passed rigorous courses in:

  • Criminal Law/Procedure
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Fingerprint Techniques/Impression Evidence
  • Forensic Report Writing
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Blood Pattern Analysis
  • Forensic Digital Imaging

Some of the courses had to be re-taken in California (and later Japan) so she would have jurisdictionally-relevant knowledge.

She also passed the California Criminalist Examination (after multiple attempts).


"That's why I love science. It shows us that beneath all the walls we put up to separate ourselves from each other, we're just one big collective mess of a family."