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Who she is now is an entirely different story.

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Eliza McIntash
Biographical information

Xadium's TARDIS

Birth November 6, 2012

April 12, 2016

Family Gemini Sunrise and Simon Kerrick as structural templates, Noriko S. Xadium and Yaijinden via The Iconoclast
Physical description




Hair color

Same color as Gemini's, braided, cow-lick

Eye color





Wakizashi from Big Grocery


Completely Unknown


Brianna McIntash, Chateaux Concierge

First Appearance

"I can honestly say, right now, that I regret nothing."


Eliza McIntash came into existence as a disguise used by Simon Kerrick, a sinister Lich. His motives for creating her are not quite clear. Simon himself seemed to be almost addicted to deception, and sometimes appeared to engage in duplicity and mimicry solely for his own entertainment. He sometimes claimed that he had a grander purpose in his imitations of others, however. He argued that he was practicing--that someday, he'd be able to be anyone and everyone--in apparent addition to himself. A few days later, a "woman named Eliza" showed up.

First Impressions

"Eliza," if she was even a person at this early point, seemed prone to selfish and extreme behavior. She claimed she was an acting prodigy, and had travelled to Japan from Scotland in search of a career in theatre. She seemed incredibly forceful in pursuing this, almost demanding a job from Matsumi Kaze, and taking it very poorly when she was refused. In fact, Eliza was incredibly self-assured and self-centered almost all of the time. Considering her likely origins, and the fact that her creator was well-versed in illusions, this surprised none. Eliza's incredible resemblance to Gemini Sunrise is quite unlikely to be coincidental. She was almost certainly intended to resemble Gemini Sunrise, who her creator seemed infatuated with as a role model for overcoming the obstacles inherent in getting by in the present time.

Due to the fact that Eliza's features faded back into those of Simon when targeted by illusion-dispelling abilities or magical suppression,and her appearance reflecting what he found aesthetically pleasing, there can be no doubt that the Lich was the instrument of Eliza's creation. In fact, her fatalistic and ominous remarks spoken on the night of Hazel Ninegate's apparent death sounded so much like Simon himself speaking it seemed impossible for her to be more than a mask for Simon or an extension of his will. Due to his ability to assume her form, remember her experiences, and her oblivious ignorance of Simon's existence, it seems overwhelmingly likely that at least in the beginning Eliza was at his absolute command. Her evolution from that point on, however, becomes increasingly murky.


Eliza alternated between apology and tantrum to finally land herself a job at the New Grand Imperial Theatre under Matsumi Kaze. Though her assigned task was as a glorified servant, she took to even this lowly task at the Theatre with a spirit of manifest destiny. She was zealous in each casting as an extra, dutifully cleaned the floors when asked, and after a few months, gained the responsibility of designing some gardens around the building by asking in a surprisingly humble manner. This was in stark contrast to her egotistical and belligerent crusade to become a night shift worker at Galaxy Manga. Claiming that she should work late nights at the store because she "hardly ever gets tired," she was furious upon being refused, and raged over this perceived slight, insulting both Rin Kazuko who held the position, and questioning Masaki O`Cain's judgement herself. Upon finally being offered the humble position of bicycle Manga delivery girl, Eliza ceased her self-righteous behavior, promised she would do a good job, and humbly began her position. Eliza seems to perform both loyally and surprisingly skillfully after being granted these positions, but seemed to seek out duties she felt she was qualified for with almost-maniacal intensity. Perhaps in hindsight, the fact that that Eliza simultaneously possessed the violently clashing aspects of entitlement and servility makes more sense.

Personality: Glass Half-Full

Eliza, whenever she reared her head, seemed to be quite cheerful and optimistic. She eagerly engaged House regulars in conversation, and complied with seemingly every request asked of her. When she was employed, she took her duties quite seriously: never complaining about even the most degrading of Theatre chores, and actually managing to deliver some manga orders days before schedule, and faster than any competitor could promise. While she seemed to be quite the maladjusted ditz, she seemed quite averse to harming others, and always mentioned how grateful she was that she had been given these chances to get ahead. She put on an incredible magical show for the Theatre talent competition, which has so far been impossible to replicate. She idolized Gemini Sunrise, and never seemed to have a problem with subservience--she tried very hard to remain upbeat about her career, her aspirations, and her character. In a Hotel filled with occasional violence, it stands worth noting that Eliza never seemed to seek to do harm to anyone.

Personality: Glass Half-Empty

Eliza was certainly not on good terms with everyone. It quickly became obvious that Simon was in some way aware of all the events that Eliza observed. Spellcasters who grew tired of her presence would frequently utilize Dispelling magic which would usher her away. Even her skin felt leathery and inhuman when touched. Another factor making people leery was that her obsession with Gemini Sunrise, who she sometimes spoke of "replacing." Even though this could have been related to her announcing a position as Gemini's understudy, it still gave enough people the creeps to assign Gemini a Space Police escort. There was also concern that Eliza would attempt to harm Rin Kazuko, her competitor for the second job. Eliza sometimes seemed to hover around the line of legitimate insanity. Seemingly also an impulsive hedonist, she seemed willing to do almost anything to satiate her desires, mentioning everything from breaking the law, to forcibly overpowering others in search of her favorite food: chocolate.

An Actress' Divided Audience

"Wow you are literally the worst, Eliza."
— Adam Kanal

If Eliza was maladjusted, one possible explanation would be the alarming tendency for others in The Hotel to treat her exactly as they would should Simon himself be standing there--which was not very well. While this behavior is perfectly understandable on the part of those who performed it, Eliza would ALWAYS respond to such insults and put-downs with the insistence that she did not have a clue what they were talking about, and that their cruelty to her was uncalled for. Being rejected, ignored, referred to as "nothing but a fat man in a suit," and subjected to numerous other derisions which she insisted she did not deserve took their toll upon Eliza. One night, Eliza was casually informed by Arx Sylvanran that she was considered not only an unwelcome sham and fraud, but also literally unworthy of being treated as a human being. Finally broken, Eliza burst into tears, choking out through sobs that she had done nothing to deserve such horrible treatment. After she fled to her room heartbroken, Arx realized to her horror that it was possible she had made a terrible mistake. This likely marked the very first time anyone considered the possibility that Eliza was a sapient and independent entity--who by virtue of her origins was saddled with more than her share of pain.

Sadly, the fact that she was still the thrall of Simon at this point was confirmed when he showed up the next day to arrogantly seek in vain for Arx Sylvanran, whom he claimed "owed somebody an apology." This was still a very significant moment in Eliza's existence, because it was the first time others considered her ability to have feelings of her own.

Though she *seemingly* remained a subject of her creator's will, her patterns of action became even MORE diverse. Her behavior even more tightly divided between states of seeming normality, and periods of almost psychotic abandon. She even began pronouncing her name differently during these periods, in addition to her behavior changes, and sometimes even appearing as though she was dressing up as Gemini Sunrise during these episodes.

As this behavior mounted, people in the Hotel began to slowly drift into different camps in regards to how they treated Eliza. Some absolutely refused to entertain her company, telling a confused Eliza that they "refuse[d] to play your sick dress-up games," and otherwise treating her solely as the mask for Simon she was likely intended to be. Others were not so fast to condemn her as a simulacra, and tried to be as kind to her as they could. This group, which including Gemini Sunrise herself, was far more compassionate--noting that Eliza sought out, engaged in, and took pleasure in activities that her creator would never even consider. Some individuals more sensitive to her plight optimistically theorized ways Eliza could be made free from Simon. Gemini is notable for telling her compatriots, in her own charming vernacular, that either the Lich was the greatest and most devoted actor in the world, or some event was in the works whose appearance none had foreseen, and whose outcome none could likely predict.

Doubts and Stardom

" I so appreciate the chance... It's really a wonderful thing. I feel like being an actor, and being in your show. Like I was BORN to do it! "
— A strangely-foresightful Eliza on her rise to stardom.

Throughout the late months of 2012, the entity identifying itself as Eliza led a full life, whoever it actually was. Eliza ran the gamut between dry-dialing emergency numbers and taking a casual lesson in flower-arranging. More noteworthy than this splity behavior, though, was Eliza's newfound capability to reflect upon her experiences in surprisingly human terms:

Eliza spoke of great fear when she had to sneak past a Death Armor in order to deliver a message to the Grande Imperial Theatre so they could continue to combat them. She mentioned that she had never been more afraid, but crawled through the sewers beneath the avatar of ruin in order to get the message through. After proving victorious, she mentioned how very proud she was of herself that she had overcome her fears and contributed, mentioning that she was tempted to wear the Rising Valkyrie suit beneath her clothes "like superman." It was after this sublime event that Eliza confronted her employer about the actual risks inherent in working at the Grande Imperial Theatre. She felt slighted that she had been employed without knowing the risks, or the real nature of the operation that was going on. She firmly stated that those who work for Matsumi should know what risks they subject themselves to by doing so, and said that though she was proud to help, she felt insulted that she had known the truth.

Following the relocation and memory erasure of the citizens of Tokyo through the use of amnesia-inducing agent: compound B67, Eliza became increasingly concerned that her recollections of the event differed drastically from those of her friends. This discrepancy seemingly made her almost cry, and she withdrew from the room after realizing her version of events differed vastly from everyone else's. In fact, she seemed to be very dispirited by this apparent lapse in her memory, and the more she tried to recall things such as her childhood, where she was born, and how many brothers and sister she had before she came to the Hotel, she became increasingly frustrated, and filled with despair. For a person who was normally characterized by untarnished optimism, the fact that she appeared glum could be taken to mean that her now-apparent inability to remember a great deal of things was taking a heavy toll upon her. She eventually revealed to her closest confidantes that she was seriously considering committing herself to a mental institution because of this. While Eliza had already begun engaging in behaviors that it is difficult to imagine her creator partaking in himself--it is VERY difficult to imagine him tipping people off about Eliza's nature by seeking psychological help. This likely meant that she was not only able to experience negative emotions, but legitimately in dire straits at this point.

Fortunately, Eliza seemed saved from spiraling despair when Matsumi suddenly offered her a starring role in the production of "The Princess of Mars." Eliza was absolutely overjoyed by this, and briefly doubted it as too good to be true. She threw herself into the role with incredible enthusiasm, and she truly considered to have thrown off the yoke of doubt and depression as she embraced the chance she had both objectively and subjectively desired for almost all of her life. Though this role required her to wear enough make-up to obscure her identity, she was as good an actor as her boasts, and the crowd loved her. The first three performances were a sell-out, and Eliza advertised that this made her truly truly happy. She began to get fan mail, and presents from admirers. This turnaround came at a very opportune time. For though Eliza had expressed significant doubts about her memory losses, soliciting advice from Cora, help from the psychic Matsuo Shin, and even tearfully appealing for assistance from Hazel Ninegate(!), saying that she was desperate for answers--she never was willing to abandon her star role due to her doubts or sadness--it effectively kept her going..

While it may never be known if Eliza's experiences in the world were genuine or independent up to this point, these experiences were notable in Eliza's ability and desire to talk about them, and the emotions she felt during them, in earnest. Eliza eventually convinced herself that she was one of the 400 babies brought into the world through the actions of Mango-chan. Though there were numerous holes in this theory, she seemed nervous and fragile in her desperation to defend this claim, which would allow her to have a legitimate past. It seems she never considered her true origins, as the puppet of a lich. Though, if she still was a puppet at this point, it should be noted that she was able to seemingly be capable of [or at least interested in] romantic love.


This love took the form of Jameson Atlas, whom Eliza clearly made eyes at when she first saw him. She used her possession of gifts from her admirers to compete with Eilean for his attention, and used this advantage to pursue him with subtlety and devotion. Claiming she wanted to help him "experience the earth," she made sure to get him alone in secluded areas numerous times.

It was one of these times, in a balloon tour that she had cleverly arranged in order go get him alone with her, and to snuggle in the same blanket, that she finally bared her feelings to a great extent. She spoke of trying to find passions but of being marginalized and unfairly excluded, such as during the unusual events of the Halloween Party. She said she believed she was one of the 400 babies, and that she felt lonely without a family. She wept and confessed how pained she was by the condemnations of Mormeril, The Actuary, and numerous others who she felt hated her for no reason. Finally, she told Jameson that she thought he was very handsome, that she felt honored that she could tell him this, and her interest in him went far beyond simply desiring to show him the world.

Unfortunately for Eliza, Jameson had already made up his mind to pursue Eilean instead. Though he offered to remain friends, and let her down easily, Eliza was clearly crushed and heartbroken upon hearing his decision. She landed the balloon, whispered in hushed tones that she was glad she had gotten to know him, and walked off into the night, utterly alone.


" holy s[BLEEP]t... it's magical... construction... like block transfer matrices but for magic.. ."
— The Iconoclast, Eliza's unwitting and soon-to-be "tissue" donor

After this breakup, and following a performance that most critics was not up to standards, Eliza moped her way back into the hotel, not even staying to sign autographs. It was in this distraught state that she was finally made agreeable to approach Paisley Pythia Peinforte. She bemoaned her lack of past, and asked for Paisley's help in restoring her memories. Claiming she did not have a past, or a future since the previous night, she could only hope Paisley would help her. After responding to Paisley's initial mental ministrations, this entire procedure was interrupted by Eitak Razal, who attempted cast a spell of magical suppression on the presumably illusionary Eliza, much like she had done in the past. To say that the results were surprising would be an understatement.

When subjected to this arcane version of destructive interference cast by Eitak, Eliza immediately became violently ill. She retched and purged, vomiting blood, bile, and a blackish-colored ichor as she fell to the ground in agony. She spoke in a frightened whisper, accusing Eitak of cursing her, and trembling with palsy as the attempts to chronologically heal her body repeatedly failed. Attempts to scan Eliza's body came back fraught with errors, and all results were rife with data that seemingly could not be objectively analyzed by machines. Increasingly desperate means were used to try to assist her, from halting time around her, to a benevolent attempt to give her body a "jump" with the eldritch energy of the Iconoclast, to attempting to get her to swallow whatever it was she had vomited up. The time suppression field did not succeed, the tentacle had mixed results but left the acrid smell of burning flesh, and the force-feeding attempt caused a choking Eliza to desperately plead with them to stop. Still stricken, Eliza pleaded breathlessly that she felt a little stronger, and for them to "not hurt her" anymore. It was difficult to consider this possibility for the other regulars, as she still shuddered, and claimed that her "insides hurt," and she "felt very cold." Scans could not even locate all of her internal organs, coming back riddled with errors, and merely adding to the alarm of the situation by revealing the presence of near-toxic concentrations of the top secret memory-suppressant, Retcon, throughout Eliza's body, and added the additional concern that any attempts at intervention might be plagued by side-effects caused by the extreme levels of the amnesia-inducing drug.

It was at this crucial moment that it was clear why the ichor ejected from Eliza's form was not in any databanks for analysis--but the components that it had broken down into outside of her body were. Eliza had had hurled forth a grotesque amalgamation that was giving off signals associated not only with denatured proteins, but ALSO the decomposition of fading mana. The supra-genius Aescapulus, as well as the arcanely attuned Paisley, now realized that the reason that both magical and technological treatments were failing was that Eliza must be a combination of the two. Probing magical in nature such as Paisley's, or mundane in nature such as those in Aescapulus and such as those in Yumiko's suit that were employed earlier would have absolutely no precedent to scan for a being that was an incredibly rare hybrid of both physical and magical energies--especially an undocumented conglomeration of the two which had seemingly arisen by accident! While in hindsight, the shifting duality of Eliza's nature and identity might explain many things, such as why she reacted to supernatural stimuli differently, why she needed sleep so rarely, why ghosts could not pass through her body, why her internal organs did not show up in the EM spectrum, and even suggested why the sudden disruption of her unique equilibrium by a spell of magical suppression would suddenly make her critically sick, it presented no clues as how to much danger Eliza was in, or how she could be saved.

Liberation: A New Body

"You mean like... a snake shedding it's skin? But the skin lives without the snake in it?."
— A confused Eliza, being informed of her origins

Living up to their reputations, the heroes on hand rose to the occasion, now that they knew what they were dealing with. After it was made very clear that no help from Eliza's creator was coming, Paisley decided to solve the problem once and for all, by taking the unorthodox and drastic step of building Eliza a new body, completely independent from the original. But Eliza still seemed dangerously unstable, and knowing how a dying man might require an organ transplant to stay alive, Paisley realized there was only one source of magical eldritch building material on hand--and suddenly, being such a resilient being that his survival was not guaranteed was not a perk for the Iconoclast. Paisly Pythia Peinforte, in a sublime feat of arcane desperation, tore the Iconoclast apart to use as a foundation, and forged Eliza a new and independent body molecule by molecule. Suturing her new creation together with dangerous eldritch energies, and determined to make the transition she was about to attempt as smooth as possible, Paisley used *every possible* design element from the two sources Eliza was most closely based upon to serve as blueprints. Using incredibly powerful magic, Paisley attuned her creation to the unique signature of the stricken Eliza's hybrid existence, and mentally flung Eliza's consciousness into the newly created body. Her extraordinary labor done, Paisley staggered in both exertion and relief.

Eliza awoke once again like a newborn child, trying to become acclimated to a new body. Seconds after her rebirth, she showed a vestige of the Iconoclast's power, and the exhausted group that may well have saved her life revealed to her the unpleasant truth that she owed her origins to a sinister, uncaring, and duplicitous sorcerer, but that she should now be now free of him. Calming her fears and shock, they explained in as gentle a way as possible she now inhabited a body built upon the foundations of both Gemini Sunrise, and Simon Kerrick.

After they assuaged her doubts about what this meant for her future, and doing everything they could to help her adapt to her new body and life, Eliza thanked everybody present with tears in her eyes. She was quick to forgive Eitak, and was thrilled beyond delight that she could keep her job, have children, and might even possess supernatural powers. As she went off to face her future, she seemed truly and genuinely grateful for being provided the happy ending she never could have hoped to expect.

"You mean "You mean... I'm a magical girl now?""
— A reborn Eliza McIntash, realizing her unlikely and abundant freedom.


Eliza has trace radioisotopes inside her that give her higher-than-background radiation levels and different isotope percentages for those with sensitive enough tools to test for these traits.
Eliza's ability to resist emotional manipulation or possession is significantly weaker than her force of personality alone would indicate.
Eliza can apparently muster the spiritual power needed to move a Koubu Unit.
Eliza proved on exactly one occasion that she is able to teleport just like significantly-more-powerful individuals in the HOTEL can.
Eliza is capable of setting off alarms specifically tuned to detect pure evil and/or the energies of demons.
Eliza has suffered continually from nightmares since June of 2015, involving all kinds of foulness and murder. Her only relief happened within the Grande Imperial Theater or for one week inside the room Chateaux made especially for her. Under almost any situation, Eliza McIntash pathologically fears slumber.
On February 14, 2016, Eliza's spiritual power faltered, vanished, and has not been seen or detected since.