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Earth 1337-KT is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. Like the other alternate Earths of 1337, they are all connected in some way to The Hotel.


The planet Earth in this universe has a population of six billion. Much of the culture and technology is the same as it is in the main three 1337 Earths. For the most part, if strange phenomenon does exist, it is fairly downplayed with in the population. Compared to other universes, Earth KT is far more optimistic and lacks much of the conflict and tension that many other worlds experience.

While most of the SubSen characters in this universe are cats, it should be noted that Lupa characters appear as dogs.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Matsumi (American Shorthair Mix): A cheerful yellow furred cat who moved from Akita, Japan to Tokyo. She has become attracted to Hideki and is a bit naive of the city and it's cats. She is owned by Molly Shin, a young half-Japanese girl who is doing her best to make friends at her new hometown.
  • Euri (Manx): A brown furred kitty who is extremely affectionate, she especially loves winter and jumps around happily at the sight of snow. Her full name is actually Europa, which is emblazoned on her collar. She is owned by Riki Inochi,
  • Paisley (British Shorthair): A black furred cat who, unusual for her breed, tends to be quite irritable. She has a strange tendency to prefer sleeping ontop of books. She is owned by Kaelyn Peinforte, a young woman who dreams of being an author. Paisley is one of the few cats who does not live in Japan, yet somehow always ends up there anyway.
  • Michiru (Ragamuffin): A blue furred cat, Michiru is considered one of the most prized cats in all of Japan and she knows it. Having one several awards in national cat shows, she's a bit of a snob. She is owned by Sumire Kaioh, one of the wealthiest women in the country.
  • Haruka (Japanese Bobtail): A dirty blond cat, Haruka is a bit rough around the edges and though she is most definitely a female, tends to act more like a male cat. She usually is seen sleeping on top of cars during the summer time. Haruka is owned by Daisuke Tenou, a professional car racer. His young daughter, Hana, tends to dress Haruka up in frilly dresses whenever she can, much to the cat's displeasure.
  • Micheal (American Wirehair Mix): A easy going brown furred cat, Michael tends to show up in a different style collar every few weeks. He sees himself as a hero and tends to look out for the younger cats. His owner is Jay Dee, a self proclaimed toku otaku, who tends to swap his interests for the latest fad or show.
  • Solarchos (Maine Coon Mix): A mischievous copper furred kitty, Solarchos is one of the largest cats in the group. He likes to imagine himself a warrior but many simply see him as just an over active feline. He is owned by Nathanial Langister, an office worker with a passion for Warhammer 4000.
  • Katie (Nebelung): A bossy, independent kitty, Katie tends to do her own thing. While her name is actually Katie, she prefers for some reason for other cats to call her Eitak and claims to be "magical". She's friendly enough but only to those who she really knows. She is owned by Riya Razal, a self-proclaimed wiccan, with a love of sweets.
  • Gemini and Geminine (American Shorthair mix): Twin cats who live on a ranch together, Gemini is a sweet and easy going kitty, while Geminine is much more private and will hide from most visitors. They are almost always seen together, so much so that some people have joked they have a connection to each other. They are owned by Jenny Sunrise, an just as much easy going woman with a love of wilderness.
  • Hideki (Russian Blue mix): A silent, quiet male kitty, Hideki is a very private feline who tends to avoid others. Outside his immediate family (owners), Hideki is only friendly with two other cats: Sean and Matsumi, who he seems to be attracted to. He can usually be found in the branches of the tree outside his family's shop. He is owned by Takeshi Kaze and his family, who run a small ramen shop in Tokyo.
  • Sean (Korat): An easy going, though at times temperamental cat, Sean is a bit of a mystery, himself claiming to come from an ancient kingdom from outer space, though several of the other cats just think he's making it up. He is a "shop cat" and is usually seen at his owner's business, resting on a pillow. He is owned by Orion Felinus and his wife Freya, who run a small pet shop in Tokyo that is often frequented by other cat owners.
  • Erica (Birman): A sweet yet clumsy cat, who tends to be super affectionate and energetic but always tends to make a mess of things, much to the frustration of her owners. Still, she tends to do well enough in catching mice to justify her staying. She will often take part during mass, sitting in a corner and listening to the music and the sound of the humans singing. She is owned by the Sisters of St. Rita Monastary, who are very protective of her.
  • Minako (Somaili Mix): A blond furred kitty, Minako is energetic and loving, who tends to jump around at the sound of music. She's a bit of a glamour cat and is always seen with a bow tied around her neck. Her owner is Artemis DeKatt, an office worker who lives by himself and bought Minako to try and cheer him up after his girlfriend broke up with him.
  • Usagi (Japanese Bobtail): A clumsy and needy cat, Usagi has an irritating tendency to loudly meow whenever she's not being noticed. She also will often eat as much as she can, including other cat's foods. Still, several cats are fond of her and will go out of their way to keep her safe. Her owner, Usagi Tsukino, named her after herself as she isn't terribly creative.
  • Ami (Scottish Fold Mix): A blue furred cat, Ami is very quiet and bright, often appearing online due to her owner's pride at how smart she is. Out of any of the local cats, she tends to go the most nuts during the "night crazies". She is also very close to Makoto when the other cat is around. Her owner, Saori Mizuno, is a local scientist who works in a lab and often allows Ami in her workplace to help her deal with the stress.
  • Rei (Asian Semi-Longhair): A dark furred cat, Rei acts as a shrine cat, keeping mice out of her owner's temple, as well as providing an attraction for visitors. While friendly for the most part, she can get irritated easily and attack if she's pushed too far, especially by cats like Usagi. Her owner, Keiko Hino, is a shrine maiden for her family's Shinto shrine.
  • Makoto (Ragdoll): A large brown cat, Makoto, like Sean, is a shop cat and is usually seen at her owner's bakery, where she is the star of the small restaurant. Despite her cute appearance, she also is one of the fiercest cats around and can hold her own in a fight against any local. Still she's fairly gentle for the most part. Her owner, Sanjuro Kino got her as a gift to his fiancee on their engagement. Makoto now also protects the couple's very young daughter.
  • Setsuna:
  • Hotaru:
  • David (American shorthair) : A brown furred male cat, David has seen a lot of the world before his owner settled in Tokyo. David is very brave and an excellent mouse hunter, though he sometimes can be a bit over eager when playing and wreck a lot of toys in the process. He has a tendency to place his paw on other cat's foreheads, often claiming to "absorb the energy of others", though many believe he's just lonely and wants to befriend others. David's owner is Gary O`Cain, a former US soldier who has retired to Japan and now runs a bar, with David serving as the mascot.
  • YingGirl (Mainecoon): A brown and black female cat, YingGirl is very loyal to her owner and takes awhile to get used to other people as a result. She is owned by Vanessa, a budding artist and webcomic writer.
  • Eliza : A stray kitten, Eliza was born without a leg and for much of her early life wandered the streets of Tokyo. She eventually stumbled into the entrance way of the "Hotel", where she was taken in by the mysterious cat known Chat. Chat would provide the small kitten with a hard light replacement for her missing limb and Eliza would continue to act as a good will inhabitant, especially around other kittens. As a stray, she has no owner.
  • Chateaux (Unknown Breed): A mysterious cat who runs the so called "Hotel" in the city of Tokyo, Chat seems to be highly intelligent compared to other cats and while she has a great deal of tolerance towards others, she is just as willing to attack anyone she feels is getting too pushy around her. She is in fact an intelligent avatar to the very structure that she guards.
  • Xadium (Unknown Breed): A slightly clumsy but extremely intelligent cat, Xadium tends to act with a slight air of superiority around everyone else. He is in fact a stray Gallifryan Cat who snuck onboard a TARDIS and slipped out as soon as it landed without anyone noticing. He claims personally that it was to explore the universe, but most agree he did it by accident. Attracted to Minako, Gemini and Paisley, who tend to on any other day return the feelings or are irritated by him. Has no owner.