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Earth 1337-FA is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. It is an Earth very much based off a fantastic version of the Middle Ages/Renaissance. Its universe is the multiversial neighbor to Earth 1337-ME but has multiversial resonates with Earth 1337-MH.



Kingdom of Urania

Haruka Tenoh


Haruka Tenoh is the "Prince" and heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Urania. While born a girl, her father insisted on raising her as a boy, in order to prevent protests against a woman taking the crown. Growing up, Haruka tried hard to prove herself in the role, trying to be the best at everything she could possibly be. She had quite a surprise when her father brought home a child name Matsumi, who was to act as her decoy as well as playmate. It would only be a few years later that she would learn that Matsumi was in fact her half-sister. As a young adult, she found herself engaged to Duchess Michiru, the Regent of the Duchy of Neptulon. However, Haruka would soon find herself besmitten with a common born woman from Tenth Flower Village, a situation which proves to be quite complex.

Her official title in court is the Prince of Urania, Heir to the Kingdom of the Heavens. Good natured and somewhat boisterous, Haruka also is fairly fond of mead, which she tends to keep on her person in a small flask. She is extremely talented in swordplay but can at times be a bit slow on the uptake in other matters. Her favorite steed is a blood bay mare named Naru.

Rini Shields


Known as the Pink Demon to her enemies, Rini is the King's Champion, clad in shining plate armor of rose gold. A knight whose skills in sword, spear, mace, lance, and hand-to-hand combat has no equal. She's been relegated to being Prince Haruka's personal bodyguard for the duration of their trip to the Duchy of Neptulon. She is quite short for a Knight which she uses to her advantage very well. She was born to a large family, her father Darien being the previous Captain of the Guard before he retired. Her older brother, Sir Samuel Shields, is a member of the King's Guard as its battle-mage. A minor noble, Lady Rini takes her role very seriously. She rarely shows a smile to those she doesn't know. However, in the privacy of her own quarters, she allows herself to be vulnerable with her lover Hotaru.

Matsumi Shin


Matsumi Shin is the result of an illicit affair between the King of Urania and a minor noble woman of the Northern Lands. At a young age after the death of her mother, she was sent for, as her father feared her being used as a political tool against him. While not officially acknowledged by the king as his child, she was afforded many of the privileges that her half-sister had. This was due to the planned use of her as a decoy, to act as a stand in to prevent attacks against the "prince". Thus, she had much of the same education as her sibling in order to better facilitate the deception. As well, she showed a great talent for the magical arts (inherited by her mother) and though she was never given the title of Royal Mage, some had argued that she was the more superior of the two.

Her official title in court was Lady-in-Waiting to the prince. However, she was also a decoy, stepping into the role of the "Prince" at any point which would seem too risky for the royal. Outside of the kingdom, she would often disguise herself as a mere servant to allay suspicions, albeit in more of a rather out-spoken one.

Minako Aino


A buxom woman famed for her skills as an entertainer. She travels the land and rarely settles down for long periods of time. She's performed for the likes of the Empress of Necros, the Duchess of Neptulon, and even the Magistrates of Selenos. Minako is a singer, a dancer, a storyteller, and quite the prolific actress. She is SO good as a performer that few know her true calling is that of a thief. Her skills in thievery and stealth can't even begin to compare to her skills as an entertainer.

Minako is free with her body and enjoys sleeping around. She has an on again off again relationship with Matsumi whenever she returns to Urania. She is very flirtatious, amiable, and always a joy to be around. She has purposefully created this persona to deceive everyone. It's rare that anyone knows who she truly is.

Hotaru Tomoe


A foreigner to Urania, Hotaru came from Kronia under mysterious circumstances several years ago. She now calls Corinn City her home where she owns an Apothecary. Hotaru is subdued and quiet, more willing to blend into the background than be at the center of attention. She is friendly and polite enough but she prefers keeping to herself.

Hotaru is very knowledgeable about all kinds of poisons and toxins and their respective antidotes. She knows the basics of herblore and first aid so she can heal someone in a pinch before they can be seen by someone with more medical knowledge or magical healing. Secretly, Hotaru is an assassin. Not even her lover, Rini, the King's Champion, knows of her skill with daggers and needles, though she far prefers the less obvious methods of murder via poison. Before she moved to Urania, her skills as an assassin were much sought after.

  • There are rumors that Hotaru knows information regarding the mysterious plague from several years ago...

Perle Fae

Captain of the King's Guard. The fourth son of a minor noble family, at an early age, Perle was sent to train to become a member of the King's Guard. His older brothers become famed knights and mages of the realm. He grew up training under the tutelage of Darien Shields, the current Captain of the Guard at the time. Perle grew to know the Shields family very well. He was best friends with Samuel and grew to love the eldest daughter, Rini. He courted Rini before she had earned her shield and entered the Sisterhood of Knights. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last, though they are still friends and trusted comrades these days.

Duchy of Neptulon

Michiru Kaioh


Michiru was born the eldest child of the Duke of Neptulon. Already showing great talent from an early age, the girl was afforded the best education that her father could afford her, with her abilities especially blossoming within the realm of the arts. She also showed hints of great spiritual power, a trait rarely seen in the royal family. As a child, she was betrothed to the young Prince of Urania, with the hope that the union could bring peace to both lands. While she did soon fall in love with the Prince, she also harbored deep within her slight doubts as to it's authenticity, though her need to fulfill her duty often outweighed these thoughts.

Michiru is the typical noble, kind but at times arrogant in her nature. These aspects however hide a deep seated insecurity and a wish simply to be honestly loved for who she is rather then as a political plaything of the throne. Due to this, she tends to be somewhat guarded when it comes to relationships.

Setsuna Meioh

Chief Sorcerer of the Duchy of Neptulon, Setsuna is Michiru's advisor and personal mage. She faithfully served the late Duke Nechtan before his sudden and untimely passing. She loves Duchess Michiru with all of her heart and will do everything in her power to make sure the dukedom will never come to harm. Setsuna is one of the 7 strongest mages in the world and takes pride in the years of training and learning it has taken her to become so powerful. Setsuna is quiet and reserved though she will never hesitate to speak her mind to Michiru when they are out of the public eye. The strength of power and her tall, imposing nature intimidates the common born and other nobility.

  • There are rumors as to just how Setsuna gained such magical strength. Some say she is the Goddess Nehelenia in Human form, others say she made a pact with the feared Khaos Goddess...

Sakura April Shinguuji

Captain of the Queen's Guard.

Ami Mizuno


Ami Mizuno is the daughter of the chief alchemist and healer for the court of the Neptulon royal family. However, after her father died from a strange plague, Ami used what few notes she found written by her father to help ultimately cure the epidemic before it ravaged the nation. This solution, accomplished by one who was still a child especially, was wildly celebrated and Ami was placed under the guardianship of the royal family. Given access to every text within the kingdom, Ami flourished under her studies, soon becoming the Head Alchemist and Healer for the Duchess of Neptulon.

Her official title in court is Head Alchemist and Grand Healer of Neptulon. She is a shy and quiet girl, with a deep love for knowledge and a great deal of empathy for those she cares for. This controlled personality, however, hides a passionate side to herself.

Rei Hino


Rei Hino is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter and thus has inherited a special bond with the magical world. After showing this talent as a young child, she was brought in and trained in the ways of the gods. Within the royal household of Neptulon, Rei found herself isolated and looked upon with awe, which left her many times feeling lonely. However, she found some solace in Michiru, the young daughter of the duke. As she grew, she became much more comfortable in her role as priestess and would often act as advisor to the duchess, helping her to control her less pleasant aspects.

Her official title in court is Great Priestess of the Order of Eudial and Advisor to the Royal Family. She has a fiery spirit, often hidden under a cool exterior. While she rarely loses her temper, when she does, it is without measure.

Tenth Flower Village

Makoto Kino


Makoto Kino is a tall, buxom young woman who lives alone in Tenth Flower Village in the Duchy of Neptulon. She is liked well enough by her fellow villagers, though she tends to keep to herself. Orphaned at a young age, she was taken in by the village's spinster. Under Haruna's tutelage, Makoto learned all there was to learn about the local flora. She assisted Haruna in running the small herbalist shop. When she grew of age, she took over running the shop from the ailing and frail Haruna. Makoto is an excellent herbalist and is thought of well for her cooking. She is a romantic at heart and has had a few trysts with some of the villagers. The seamstress's daughter Euri was one of the women she would often bed, though their relationship wasn't necessarily set in stone. Her dalliances with the stable boy Motoki were well enough, but Makoto always longed for something more to life. She will often go into the woods that surround the village, enjoying the peace and quiet as she becomes one with nature.

It was on one such trip into the surrounding to gather mushrooms where she met an incredibly handsome stranger who swept her off of her feet. It was only after she had madly fallen in love with the stranger did she find out that the love of her life was a prince from a faraway kingdom!

Usagi Tsukino


Usagi Tsukino was the only child of the Headman of the Tenth Flower Village. As the daughter of the leader of the small town, Usagi has been expected to take over the role after her father's passing. Somewhat childish, she is none the less beloved by the other members of the village, making friends easily, even with strangers, though she is completely unaware of the love Mamo Chiba has for her. She, however, takes her responsibilities to others very seriously.

Mamo Chiba

Mamo Chiba is the daughter of a pair of farmers who had arrived from another country, moving into Tenth Flower Village. Sadly, both her parents would later die of a mysterious plague, leaving her an orphan. Forced to live just outside the edge of the town, making her living by farming and hunting, Mamo is looked upon with some little suspicion from the adults, especially given her origins, though many of the village girls look up to her as a big sister figure, with the headmaster's daughter being one of them. As a result of this, Mamo has fallen in love with the girl, though she seems oblivious to her feelings.

Euri Inochi

Euri is the daughter of the village's seamstress. Having learned the work from a young age, she is a deft hand when it comes to mending and making clothes. She easily falls in love with whomever gives her attention for more than a day. She is very well liked by the other villagers though they view her as a bit of a looby at times. She will often shirk her duties by daydreaming and gazing at the fluffy white clouds as they go by. She is madly in love with Makoto and is over the moon whenever she is asked to share her bed.

Haruna Sakurada

A spinster of Tenth Flower Village. Very knowledgeable in the study of plants and their medicinal uses. Currently rather old and frail, when she was younger she took in the orphaned Makoto and raised her as her apprentice in her Herbalist's shop. She holds a mysterious secret deep in her heart.

Motoki Furuhata

A very handsome stable boy, whose nose has been broken one too many times. He is as strong as he is kind. Many girls of the village have fallen in love with him, though he only has eyes for Makoto. The few times he's bed her has meant the world to him. He wishes to propose marriage to Makoto after he earns enough money to support the both of them.


Shiba Shingetsu

A mysterious fortune teller from a little known country. She claims a mostly unheard of Goddess speaks through her as she foretells people's futures.

Paisley Peinforte

A traveling magician/mage, Paisley moves from kingdom to kingdom plying her trade. Her homeland is unknown, as she seems to show no allegiance to any one nation. Some rumor that she brings disaster in her wake, while others have said she is a hero for the common people, defending them from dark forces.

The Olive Blossom Players

A traveling band of musicians, actors, and all around performers. They tend to keep to keep to backwater, rural towns though they will go to major cities during important festivals throughout the year.

Some say they have nefarious ulterior motives...

Kakyuu Firefall

Seiya Stardust

Yaten Yamaguchi

Taiki Tanaka

Geology & Politics

This world is comprised of a variety of lands.

Kingdom of Urania

  • The Kingdom of Urania is a country that is hot and dry. There is a large desert to that comprises a good third of the country. That desert turns into large swaths of flat grasslands. There is a long mountain range, whose melting snow has caused rivers to cut through the grasslands to flow out to the ocean on shores. At the base of this mountain range are acres of fertile farmlands. The capitol of Urania, Corinn City, is located in the Amara Province nestled on the eastern edge of the Uranos mountains.

The main exports of the Kingdom of Urania are cattle, crops, and wind magics collected from guarded mountaintop outposts.

  • The Kingdom of Urania is ruled by King Ouranos and his wife, Queen Gaya, from Miranda Castle in Corinn City. Together, they rule their lands justly.

Duchy of Neptulon

The Duchy of Neptulon is a country full of thick, lush forests, cool, wet, weather, plenty of lakes and rivers, and rocky, mountainous terrain. This side of the Uranos mountains flow into coastal lowlands, upwards towards dense forests, and lots of cold, rocky, terrain. The capitol of Nerissapolis is located on treacherous coastal cliffs in the northwestern province of Michellana.

The main exports are lumber, fish, textiles, and water magics.

  • The dukedom was ruled by Duke Nechtan before his untimely demise. Now, Duchess Michiru rules from Triton Castle by her lonesome.


A small, heavily forested nation on the north eastern border of the Duchy of Neptulon. It is governed by a council of elders chosen from each of their clans. Though the clans are loosely organized, they tolerate one another well enough.

The clans worship the minor gods and goddesses of the forests. Their magic stems from communing with nature.

Their main exports are furs, animal hides, and natural magical artifacts worked from wood and stone.


A seafaring nation on the southwestern edge of the Kingdom of Urania, ruled by the aged and beloved Princess Seiren. The people of this small nation love the sea and sailing. They use a variation on purity-magic to keep their goods fresh longer. They study the stars and use the maps they've made to create and shape navigational magics. They produce a lot of music and musicians which are immensely enjoyed by the other nations on the western continent.

Their main exports are seafood, seaweed, lucrative high-end enchanted driftwood, and navigational magical artifacts.

The Obsidian Isles

A series of five islands off the western coast of the western continent. Their climate ranges from sub tropical to temperate, the southernmost subtropical island having an active volcano while those towards the temperate have aged mountains which are actually dormant volcanoes.

The islands are ruled by the Grand Shaman Aspu, though she defers to the Governor Chiefs of each island.

The islanders worship the five minor mountain gods for each of their mountains: Sin, Marduk, Nabu, Ishtar, and Nergal.

There is a secretive faction that worship the sea God Anshar, who wish to overthrow the ruling Grand Shaman.

The islands are known for their beauty and their main exports are gems and tools made out of magically enchanted obsidian.

The Northern Lands

  • As it's name suggests, The Northern Lands is dominated by its cold climate, its landscape ranging from tall imposing and nearly always snow covered mountains to wet and dangerous to traverse moors.
  • Government is only loosely centralized, with its society made up of many clans jointly ruled by a "king" who is elected by a council of elders. Several times, the lands have been consumed by civil war.

Queendom of Necros

The Second largest kingdom on the Eastern Continent, the Queendom of Necros is bordered by the large Daia Hills to the east and the Great Ocean to the west. The capitol city of Zarum is surrounded by a large water filled moat which feeds into the Kobras River. The great royal palace doubles as a center of learning as well, filled with various scrolls and books both traded and taken by other means from numerous sources. The Queendom had long ago gone to war in the past against both Urania and Neptulon and there remains some underlining tensions between the nations.

It's chief exports are written texts, spices and textiles.

Empire of Elysion

The largest land on the Eastern continent, this Empire is known by outsiders as as Golden Kingdom of Purity, the Bright Light of the Eastern Continent. Foreigners believe that the Empire of Elysion is a peaceful place to live. the envoys and dignitaries the Empire sends to other nations boast of just how Wonderful and Peaceful and Clean and Amazing the empire is.

The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.

Unknown the outsiders, the Empire of Elysion has a very dark side. Emperor Helios, who believes to be the God Elios reincarnated, tasks his most trusted sorcerers in the study of Death and Decay.

Often, when a denizen of the Empire is taken in for questioning, they never return.

The Empire of Elysion have magical universities that rival the likes of those in Kronia, Selenos, and Necros, those these are much harder to get in to.

The main exports of the ever increasing empire are healing magics, purifying gold and silver, and magical artifacts.


Realm of Selenos

A country settled on the strongest well of power on the planet, this nation is nestled on the high peaks of the Faris mountains, which acts as a natural border between the Queendom of Necros, the Empire of Elysion, and Kronia.

The Realm of Selenos's main export is its magic. The best magical academy/university is located here. A very secretive nation.


A small, tropical island nation to the East of the Empire of Elysion whose main export is figs. Very laid back. Their main sports are surfing and free diving.


This world is one comprised of many different kinds of magic. These schools of magic were gifted by the gods, or so the magistrates of Selenos have claimed.

There is a large pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. All gods and goddesses are known but nations will pick and choose which ones they worship the most.

Some claim that the gods and goddesses regularly come to interact with the people of this world, though these claims are unsubstantiated.

The Celestial Five

The Kingdom of Urania and the Duchy of Neptulon both worship the Celestial Five.

  • Tellulu of the Woodlands. Major Goddess of fertility, growth, forests, wanderers, and rivers.
  • Eudial of the Desert. Major Goddess of fire, smiths, mining, justice, and safe birth.

Coatl - the twin serpent Gods that share the same name. Major deity of the Queendom of Necros.


Nehelenia of the Night.