Doreen MacForte

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Doreen Heather MacForte
Biographical information


Birth November 23, 1988
Family Laird Donald MacForte (father), Elsie MacFortie (mother), Rowan MacFortie (sister), Unknown Fae Woman (Maternal Grandmother), Paisley P. Peinforte (distant cousin)



Madwoman of Clan MacForte

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







Magic sensitivity, Near-Invulnerably, enhanced strength


Clan MacForte

First Appearance

January 3, 2021

Early Years

Doreen Heather MacForte was born Nov 23, 1988 to Donald MacForte, Laird of the Clan MacForte. A precoucious child, growing up she was extremenly boistrious and curious, often wandering the family lands, exploring as much as she could. She had been taught at a young age to respect the legacy of her ancestors. When she was eight years old, she was taken to visit her cousin Paisley in Windsor, England, whereupon she got in trouble after leading the girl far into the depths of the estate, the results of which left her unable to sit for a week. After her younger sister was born, Doreen found herself thrust more into the role of succesor to the Laird. When she turned sixteen years old, she was allowed to participate for the first time in the annual "bargaining" with the Fae, learning of her own relationship with the fair folk in the process. Eventually she would attend the University of Edinburgh, which though she spent much of her time drinking and partying, managed to graduate.

The Freeloader of Peinforte Manor

On January 3, 2021, after an incident at MacForte Castle involving a cow, an undead knight, and over fifty gallons of scotch, Doreen MacForte was forced out of her home on the orders of her father. With nowhere else to go, Doreen made her way to Winsor, pushing her way into the Mansion and eating half the contents of the kitchen. Through quick thinking and talking, Doreen managed to convince Paisley to let her stay, until such time that she would be welcomed back by her own family.


Doreen is a quarter Fae, her grandmother being one of the fair folks. Thus, she has several abilities which are far above those of normal humans.

Magic Sensitivity: Doreen is sensitive to the presence of magic, allowing her to sense any manner of enchantment in her immediate area. While this usually only manifests in the form of an odd "tingle," there are times where she can "see magic," though this requires some form of concentration. When she is able to activate this ability, her pupils shrink inward, her entire eyes turning fully blue. Due to this power, she can almost never be caught off guard when it comes to spells or magic.