Digimon Kingdom (P+DA-001-B)

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The Digimon Kingdom was an evil organization that existed in Universe P+DA001, Timeline B, It does not exist in Timeline A due to certain events not happening in Timeline A.

The Three Rulers: (Queen Beryl/Metalia Analogue)

  • Apocalymon (Founding Member, Formerly Known as Cyrus of Team Galactic)
  • Taichi Yagami (Formerly known as Ice in a previous life)
  • Hikari Yagami (Formerly known as Lavana/Cano in a previous life)

High-Ranking Members

  • Akumite Yagami (Nephrite Analogue)
  • Dusknoir (Jedite Analogue)
  • NeoDevimon (Kunzite Analogue)
  • LadyDevimon (Zoicite Analogue)

Known Digimon Members

  • Meramon
  • Lilamon

Known Pokémon Members

  • One Machoke

The Origins

Cyrus Formed Team Galactic to try to make himself into a god, he gathered three lieutenants named after planets, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. He went around Sinnoh's ruins to try and see how he could reach godhood He found that if a red chain was crested, he could control Dialga and Palkia so, he and his team set out to Capture Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit, then the entire team went to Mt. Coronet after crafting the Red Chain, Despite Ash, Dawn and Brock seemingly foiling the Plans by Destroying the Red chain by those same Pokémon Cyrus had already opened a portal and went inside, Dialga and Palkia had Destroyed the portal, but it was Too late....

Apocalys (P+DA001's Metallia Force)

Cyrus had traveled across a strange part of the universe and came across a powerful evil called Apocalys. Cyrus relayed his wish to the being, and was promised Ascention to godhood if he could destroy the Pokémon world, It was around this time that Team Dim Sun had disbanded and the Sinis Trio went their separate ways, Heath went to become a more peaceful being, while Ice and Lavana/Cano traveled together, over time, their affection for one another became a full-on unrequited love. a portal opened in front of them, Out popping Cyrus, who proposed a plan... to destroy the Pokémon World's Kingdom, Cyrus offered Ice and Lavana/Cano positions as his new lieutenants. Both of them happily obliged, Over the coming months, They would amass a force of nearly 20 million people.

The Destruction of the Pokémon Kingdom

To be covered soon

Converting the Pokémon world into the Digital World

... Declassifying information.

10,000 Years later

in 19..... Still Declassifying information.

10 Years After

in 200......Still Declassifying here, too.


Somehow, through the ingenuity of The Negaverse, The Digimon Kingdom was revived, and we mean All of the members.... Including Dusknoir. Together, they conquered and destroyed 14 universes, None of which are currently known. eventually, They got tired of the one they were in, and decided to destroy 1337-DIC-B as well, But not before a cross-dimensional invasion.....

The Invasion of Earth 1337-A

in September of 2015, The Negaverse (1337-DIC/1337-DIC-B Counterpart to Both the Dark Kingdom AND The Black Moon Clan), The Digimon Kingdom, and the Digiverse (1337-DIC/1337-DIC-B Counterpart to the Digimon Kingdom) went ahead with TWO Invasions of 1337-A, one consisting of Negaverse Monsters (1337-DIC/1337-DIC-B counterparts to Youma AND Droids) the other consisting of Both the NEgaverse Monsters and Digimon, Then 1337-DIC-B's Gemini and Queen Beryl came into the HOTEL and Attempted to kil-... I'm sorry, "destroy" Daniel Kakaku (Due to a similar aura Daniel has, Queen Beryl thought he was Queen Serenity.) eventually, both Beryl and Gemini were destroyed by the HOTEL's inhabitants (Which, Ironically included Youma.) but it was all for nought, as the multiple deaths made the portal strong enough for Apocalymon to come through to 1337-A, Destroying 1337-DIC-B in the process.

You have 30 days

Booming through the planet, The Digimon Kingdom declared that the universe has only 30 days to Defeat Apocalymon, after then he would destroy their universe as well, no one took kindly to this, and So, Apocalymon went to the far reaches of the cosmos, awaiting the Time Limit to be over.... or so he thought...

Nope, We're joining The Golden Court

Apocalymon decided to test his strength on the Planet of Jupiter, but The Tyrant also didn't take kindly to this. After a long conversation, Apocalymon decided to rescind his Time limit in favor of ruling a planet once more (A WHOLE PLANET, not 3/4 of it), He and the Digimon Kingdom are now part of the Planet Neptune.

Attempted invasion of Uranus

One Ship launching from Neptune went on to attempt to colonize Uranus, but a mysterious Firewall Program killed all on board, including the ship. This program was instilled on all remaining uninhabited planets as well.

Signing the Accord

Apocalymon, Taichi and Hikari as well as a few others Signed an accord

[13:23] <DMX> Sign, and yo umay be on you way. 
[13:23] <DMX> ^you 
[13:23] <Apocalymon> What do these papers entail? 
[13:23] <Apocalymon> what are the rules? 
[13:24] <The Tyrant> I permit you to hold your assigned planet. You agree not to interfere with
the affairs of the other members of the Golden Court, and you will obey any orders
I hand down (not that there should be many). In exchange you get to develop and defend your world as you see fit. [13:25] <The Tyrant> You may remain a member of the Court for as slong as you can hold your territtory. [13:25] <Apocalymon> I agree to these terms. [13:25] * Apocalymon signs the papers. [13:25] <NUCLEOID> As do I. [13:25] <The Tyrant> Very well. [13:25] * NUCLEOID also signs. [13:25] * Taichi Yagami (P DA001-B) also signs [13:26] * Hikari Yagami (P DA001-B) signs as well. [13:27] * DMX signs on behalf of the Tyrant. [13:28] <The Tyrant> Our business is concluded. If there is nothing else~?

There seems to be a prophecy relating to these events, which shows that they will eventually be defeated unless the heroes on the tome are killed.

Post Reboot

Due to the Rebooting of the universe, The Digimon kingdom never got revived to start a multiversal reign of terror and thus, remains destroyed.