Destruction of the ENA Brigandine

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E.N.A. Brigandine
Ship specification



Diplomacy/Reconnaissance/Evacuation vehicle


Klingon Imperial Fleet




Independent Demesne of Enclave

Warp Capabilities


Status Destroyed

Disruptor Cannons x2, Magnetic Blast Emitter, Phaser Emitter

Previous Campaigns

Hazenine Naval Battle, Nemesis Evacuation, Tyrant Crisis†


The Klingon-designed D-7 Battlecruiser was developed by the Klingons in the 23rd century in most timelines, but in timelines chock full of exceptions the ships may appear much later or much sooner. The design saw service with both the Klingon and Romulan military, and had a spread-wing primary hull, long neck, and a head-like command pod. During its heyday, the impressive armament of the ship could make it a serious problem for Star Fleet vessels when in combat.

At a Glance

Length: 430 meters

Crew: Up to 228

Identifying Markings: None

Defenses: Deflector Shields

Combat Abilities

Although battlecruisers crewed by Romulans or Klingons are known to be extremely dangerous adversaries in space combat, the ENA Brigandine only fired one weapon a single time in combat while she was affiliated with Enclave---desperately fighting back as she was swarmed by multiple starships and fighters who fired on her without warning or hailing.


The D-7 Vessel that would be later be christened the Brigandine was handed to Simon Kerrick in the early 21st Century, before he would go on to found his famous/infamous realm of Enclave and serve as its ruler. While crewed and manned competently by seasoned spacefaring veterans, they stood no chance when Lady DeVenger murdered every single one of them and presented their now-empty ship to the ambitious sorcerer as a gift to demonstrate her power.

The location of the ship then quickly became unknown when Simon took possession of the vessel and managed to fly her, cloaked, out of Earth Orbit. Though Lady DeVenger might have been devious enough to preemptively place a tracking device upon the vessel to locate it later for her own nefarious purposes, this possibility became moot when she was murdered by Hazel Ninegate.

Simon took possession of the vessel, and used her for his own purposes around the local solar system area for the next several years.


This vessel was one of the ships that aided in evacuating the desperate citizens of Planet Nemesis when King Obsidian's enemies planned to hurl the entire planet into the Earth in a massive act of genocide, and the ship saved many lives by ferrying Obsidian's subjects from the planet to temporary shelter.

The ENA Brigandine was also deployed during the desperate naval battle against Hazenine when she was determined to crack open the planet Earth, and the ship was operational when members of the rare Tanar'ri race were saved from the killing vacuum of space by Simon after one of Solarchos' starships was cracked open above the planet due to intense hostile action. Perhaps the cruelest irony is that it was a vessel allied with the Van Saar Federation, the Battle-Barge Kirshwasser, that on The Intern's orders attacked without warning and crippled the Brigandine in the orbit of Neptune, causing damage so severe that the ship was annihilated by a catastrophic warp core breach that that not a single crew member was able to escape.

The Battle

[21:48] * The battle-barge Kirshwasser suddenly emerges from Slipspace and immediately starts to SWARM the D-7 with Starfury Thunderbolt fighters.
[21:50] * The D-7 Battlecruiser does not fire on the fighters and prepares to enter Warp.
[21:50] <@The Intern> Warp field disruptors.
[21:50] <@The Intern> Don;t let it go to warp.
[21:51] * The <I>Kirshwasser
opens fire at the D-7's warp nacelles with bombardment cannons and pulse-lasers. Her fighters go for the nacelles as well.</i>

As the final hours ticked down before the confrontation with the Jovian entity known as the Tyrant, folk from the HOTEL were gathered aboard the starship Hellesponte carefully going over their optioins when another starship passed close by. The vessel turned out to be a D-7 Battlecruiser, but it did not communicate or interact with the Hellespont and instead accelerated rapidly on a course out of the solar system. Almost immediately after its departure, The Intern arrived via Time Ring to converse with the others about the Tyrant situation. Surprised at being passed by another nearby starship, the Hellesponts activated her sensors, curious about what might be going on, and was able to detect yet another D-7. This second vessel was all the way out near the orbit of Neptune, and was showing unusual course changes and speed changes, but was also on a course out of the Solar System. Easily detectable on sensors due to her erratic behavior and multiple warp signatures from sharp speed changes, this second vessel which would prove to be the ENA Brigandine, was picked up even though she was all the way out in Neptune's orbit.

The Intern, who had just now arrived aboard the Hellespont, gave an order to all allied vessels to stop the unidentified ship. She ordered the ship to be seized and the memory banks scoured. It should be noted, in the light of what happened next, that The Intern made clear that she did NOT want the ship destroyed. Almost immediately, Tanar'ri vessels in the vicinity began attempting to retrieve files from the Brigandine's memory banks. The Battle Barge Kirshwasser, stationed within striking distance, suddenly emerged in the vicinity and without giving an order to surrender, immediately disgorged fighters to attack the unidentified ship. The D-7 did not fire in return or take any hostile action and assumed a heading to warp out of the solar system, but the Kirshwasser and her fighters attacked with bombardment cannons and pulse lasers before the ship could flee.

[21:52] * The D-7 Battlecruiser tries to break off the engagement!
[21:53] * The Kirshwasser and her fighters continue to pummel the everloving CRAP out of the D-7.

Although the ship did not fire back, received no warning, and attempted several times to flee, she was quickly subject to attack by boarding torpedoes as the attacking ships pursued her relentlessly. Apparently lacking a knowledgeable helmsman, the unidentified D-7 flew herself into an unfavorable position, and was then attacked by three Striker-Class Tanar'ri vessels who stretched the already weakening shields of the Brigandine to the breaking point. It was at this time that the Vessel finally attempted to defend herself by firing at magnetic pulse blast which struck the [i]Kirshwasser[/i] and open communications to promise vengeance upon her attackers.

Those who received this hail were greeted by the voice of the ship's commander, who turned out to be very familiar and was livid with anger at the unprovoked attack.


"[22:08] <D7 Battlecruiser> ....Now what the hells does that mean? "
—The starship-illiterate Simon Kerrick's reaction to his vessel's Warp Core Breach Alarm

The hail from the Brigandine to her attackers was full of angry threats, stating that "friends" of the vessel were not interested in excuses. This communication did not cause a break in the battle as fighters continued to attack the lone ship and a Tanar'ri vessel maneuvered in on a collision course with the Brigandine, continually firing.

It was at this moment, exactly 10 minutes AFTER opening fire commenced, that the attacking ships finally sent a warning.

[22:01] <~> ♦ Xenos vessel. Surrender immediately or be destroyed. This is your ONLY warning.

At this, the Brigandine demanded the identity of her attackers, their affiliation, and home planet. Intern responded with her identity, and that she was responsible for space operations in this sector. At this, the ship identified herself as the "ENA Brigandine," demanded reparations for the damage inflicted to her, and responded that the speaker aboard the Brigandine seemed to know Intern personally and she should expect intense consequences when they "returned to Tokyo." The Intern then demanded why the crippled ship, still under fire, had not "filed a flight plan," and the individual on the other end claimed that they did not know how to do this, and did not even understand how to adequately use the communications system. At this point, the Intern ordered firing to cease, just as the outnumbered vessel's shields buckled. The Kirshwasser ceased attacking the maimed vessel and theattacking Strike Cruiser did too, but after being fired on continually for over 10 minutes, the damage had already been done.

[22:05] * D7 Battlecruiser 's shields buckle!
[22:05] <@The Intern> Cease fire.
[22:05] * The Kirshwasser ceases firing now.
[22:05] <D7 Battlecruiser> I don't know how to use the comms!
[22:06] * The Strike Cruiser ceases firing.
[22:06] <Nelius Raoul> ....shouldn't that be among the first things you learn how to use?
[22:06] <@The Intern> you're [using] them now, apparently.
[22:06] <D.Kakaku> [Starship Hellesponte] HOw abut "Using"
[22:06] * D7 Battlecruiser 's right wing suffers an explosion!

The ship had been clearly crippled by the preemptive attack at this point, and was experiencing internal explosions, so the Intern ordered that aid be rendered as Nelius suddenly realized that the commander of the other vessel was none other than Simon Kerrick. Unfortunately, seconds later, it became clear that the ENA Brigandine's warp core was compromised. The ships that had ravaged the Brigand now attempted to launch shuttles and use transport devices to evacuate all aboard her. Considering the previous attacks the ship was subject to on Intern's orders 11 minutes prior, it might come as little surprise that these tactics did not work...

[21:54] <@The Intern> I would also use transport and mana-inhibiting weapons if you have them.
[21:55] * The Kirshwasser reloads torpedoes and opens fire with Mana-suppression missiles and warheads for her bombardment cannons.

For their part, it seemed that the all those manning the Brigandine were completely unable muster the engineering skill to even slightly forestall the coming explosion. Warp core breach occurred seconds later, obliterating the ENA Brigandine with all hands and consuming many evacuation shuttles and fighters as well in the tremendous. Not a single Enclavian aboard her was able to escape... not even their sovereign himself--Simon's undead form was no match for the nightmarishly powerful explosion.

The Truth

At least... it SEEMED that lots of people aboard the Bridandine perished when her warp core suddenly exploded, but the truth was significantly more diabolical. Simon was in possession of the Tome of the Stilled Tongue when he was involved in the Tyrant Crisis, but the fell grimoire grew tired of his gambits putting her plans and cover at risk. Unwilling to have Simon be excised from the Universe by The Silence, Alria instead stopped time, teleported down to the D-7's Engineering section, and breached the warp core containment before teleporting away. This sabotage destroyed Simon, cost him his ship, eliminated the evidence of its passage, and killed all of the forces deployed to attempt rescue operations. After Simon was destroyed, "Alria" appeared in the Hotel, claiming that with Simon's resultant weakness from this event she had escaped her bondage. The excuse she gained from backstabbing her servant proved credible, and put the grimoire in an even better position to work her evil within Tokyo.