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Davina Aster
Biographical information


Birth April 10th, 20XX
Family Elda Aster (mother), Jinan (sister), Ly (brother)

Guardian of the Mimas Staff, mechanic, engineer.



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Staff of Mimas


metal manipulation, magnetism

First Appearance

Davina is the oldest of the Aster Children and the holder of the Mimas staff. In the distant future, she manages the communication lines on Mimas Moon. At some point she got the wise idea to try and manipulate her sister's gift into a technological advantage. Through some heavy technological experiments and after countless threats from Jinan: Davina successfully created a time machine that could travel forward in time, but not backwards. And then she reversed the polarity and found a way to travel through the time stream in both directions. Because yes, that makes total sense.

Some time in the Future

Davina the Adventure Girl

Davina was born to the movie actress Elda Aster and a famous music producer. While growing up understanding that she was part of something big, she thought it was related to fame and fortune instead of interstellar duty. When she was fifteen, Davina crept into her mother's basement and discovered a purple staff with a golden star on it. At first she thought was just some weird prop from a movie until she actually tried using it and accidentally created a scrap metal heap out of a few of the filing cabinets. She decided to steal the new toy and kept it hidden in her room for a few more years.

Davina always liked playing with ideas and mechanics. Since money wasn't an option she tried combining her new prize with some more modern day technology and accidentally found a wave plane that she'd never heard of. When she found it tied with Jinan's gift, Davina decided to try and harness it. With enough time, effort, and mechanics, Davina had created a device that she believed could travel in time. Testing it out, she managed to send the household cat five minutes in the future. Well, with one problem: five minutes was actually five days. Still, some tweaking and she had successfully created a time machine! Unfortunately, that invention wasn't as revolutionary as she thought in that moment, but for right that she had achieved time travel and that was phenomenal! With a few more tweaks, and finding two of the same cat wondering the house with a note on one saying "Hey D, it worked! -D" she got the machine to work going backwards as well.

Before she shared her revolutionary technology with her family, she decided to see how far she could jump into the future. Next thing she knew, she was staring at a woman in a skimpy short skirt and wearing a lot of purple and white. This woman didn't look happy to see Davina. Until she learned who this woman was and why she was so mad: she was talking to Sailor Mimas, otherwise known as her Mother. After some lectures, scoldings, etc. Davina finally managed to get her hands on a control panel and saw that the technician was having a bit of trouble trying to receive some sort of message. With some tinkering, Davina had fixed that problem and impressed everyone. While her Mother insisted upon sending her home, Davina still occasionally hops back to the future to see what she can mess with.

Recently she's found a new idea, something that she wanted to see if she could get her sister to be a part of. Davina wanted to travel through time and space, and become a time pirate. Jinan thought this idea was stupid and impossible, until Davina took a boat, jimmied up the time machine device to it, and took her sister back in time.

Jinan still thinks this idea is stupid.

August 2013

Late one evening, Davina entered the Hotel with a deep gash in her chest and fully distraught. While trying to help her, it was discovered that a shadow creature was lurking in her heart and trying to obtain her Starseed. Thanks to the clever thinking of Haruka & Iconoclast, the shadow creature that plagued her was removed.

Her information is currently kept on record in the hotel's hospital wing but that information has been classified due to time-related issues. She has been residing at The Hotel since her time-travel device has been disabled.

March 2014

Davina the Wounded Girl

Davina has teamed up with mango-chan to try and find where in time and space Jinan may be. The problem is, she's not moving in a linear manner but at the very least they believe they may be able to find clues to grab a strand of her "prime" incarnation.


Because Davina is a timeactive she does not come to the Hotel in sequential order. Unlike Jinan, she doesn't hop around nearly as much.

  • In June 2012, Davina arrived at the Hotel at the age of 19.
  • Three months later, in April 2014, she suggested entering her sister into the Budokai and did so.
  • At the age of 21, in May 2012 she is attacked by her sister. Using the very last of her pocketwatch's time travel power she hopped forward to August 2013 and arrived in the hotel.

Because her watch no longer works, Davina has spent the past 8 months in the hotel, not jumping around the time stream. She's currently 22.