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Allez Cuisine is the restaurant of The Hotel.


As one might imagine from the given hints, Allez Cuisine is an avant guard dining establishment, and while it does have some old favorites, it specializes in pushing the envelope in the world of fine dining. The chefs will also make anything you desire upon request--so long as they have the required ingredients on hand. The view is provided by a state of the art holographic projection system built into the walls.

Most of the restaurant's bread and pastries come from Vash Knives' bakery, Doughnut Heaven, and their flowers from Floral Heaven.

The Staff

The head chef is a commanding woman of small stature who seeks perfection in her work, and while those under her supervision are a little scared of her, they also admire her greatly and she is dedicated to maintaining a great work environment for them. All staff are rigorously selected for not only for impeccable performance, but their pleasant personalities. The staff is shifted so that the kitchen is staffed at all times. They have no trouble keeping up with orders or the dessert counter stocked.

The wait staff is professional and courteous, and the head waiter, known as Server, is an androgynous man of indeterminate age, and is usually nervous about the head chef's hardass attitude about things being done properly by all staff. The ultimate professional, he makes it his duty to provide as pleasant a dining experience as possible. Orders are taken on a PDA-like device, which posts the orders directly to the kitchen. The restaurant servers also take care of room service or take out of any kind.

The former, now Chiyoko Shinkaze, passed the chef's vigorous tests and standards, and was employed as the newest and lowest-level chef in training before opening her own establishment among the second-floor lobby shops.

The Kitchen

The kitchen keeps a small station at which the Hotel inhabitants can cook, although most of them should have at least small kitchenettes--if not a full kitchen--in their rooms (the dorm also has one, as well). Although the kitchen staff doesn't like it in most cases, they put up with it so long as whoever's using it stays out of their way and doesn't distract them from their work. They will also occasionally teach during off or light hours if you are considerate and keep out of the main kitchen--i.e., you don't cause trouble and they like you.

Banned and Restricted Persons

After an incident in which young children disturbed the professional kitchen during a busy dinner service for items readily available in the bar, the head Chef had enough of such interruptions, and programmed the doorway not to admit anyone under the age of 12 unless they're accompanied by an adult.

The following persons have been banned by the Chef from the kitchen all together for their disruption of the staff and/or destruction of the kitchen and restaurant, and the kitchen doorway will not allow them admittance.

Jack Vessalius
Janis D'Yan


There is a main menu, which follows, as well as a separate breakfast menu. Otherwise, there is no separate room service menu--anything available in the restaurant may be ordered from one's room. There are 2 specials each day, and an experimental dish each week, accompanied by a survey form for feedback.

Breakfast Menu

While the kitchen can make any breakfast plate you desire, a few signature dishes are highlighted.


  • Breakfast Sushi
    • Coconut rice topped with fruit.

Scaledfirst cinnamon bun french toast by beverly poppe t653.jpg

  • Cinnamon Bun French Toast
    • One of Doughnut Heaven's luscious cinnamon buns made into french toast with a side topping of caramelized bananas in syrup.

Egg 4.jpg

  • Egg on Toast
    • A soft boiled egg served over your choice of toast with salmon and beluga caviar.

2235411070 7a67fa6dfe.jpg French toast2.jpg Stock-photo-gourmet-breakfast-of-french-toast-with-prosciutto-and-brie-with-fresh-fruit-and-yogurt-34996387.jpg

  • French Toast
    • Made to order with your choice of bread and toppings.


  • Frittata
    • A slice of the day's frittata, made with seasonal ingredients, served with the appropriate accompaniments.


  • Fruit Beignet
    • A light fried dough with delicate fruit hidden inside.

Full english breakfast1.jpg 1316312827 2245a36cfb.jpg

  • Full Breakfast
    • The kitchen can easily put together a full breakfast from most parts of the world, from English to Japanese.

Pancakes by kevandem.jpg

  • Pancakes
    • Made to order, with your choice of toppings and mix-ins.


  • Tiramisu
    • A tiramisu made of spongy pancakes layered with a mascarpone mixture, served with a mocha and coffee flavored syrup.

Main Menu

Hors d'Oeuvres

AB3.jpg AB4.jpg AB6.jpg

  • Amuse-Bouche
    • A set of three cutting edge, single bite appetizers. Varies daily.

Blini with sour cream and red caviar.jpg

  • Blini
    • Delicate crepe-like blini, artistically folded and topped with various delicacies.


  • Cantaloupe Soup
    • A cool puree of cantaloupe and sherry with a hint of lime, garnished with crispy proscuitto and finely chopped mint.


  • Cheese Bowl
    • A bowl made of fried/baked cheese, filled with a mixture of sweet or savory soft cheese with appropriate garnishes. Sure to please anyone who loves cheese!


  • Grapefruit Salad
    • Grapefruit, fava greens, shallot, and tiny edible flowers with walnut oil dressing.


  • Lemon Soup
    • This Mediterranean favorite with chicken broth and rice is simply and expertly flavored with just salt, pepper, and a few herbs.


  • Summer Salad
    • A salad of fresh corn, tomatoes, cucumber, dandelion leaves, and edible summer flowers with a dressing of rice vinegar.


  • Tartare
    • Your choice of raw cubed tuna or beef marinated in a signature blend of citrus juices and herbs.

Light Fare


  • Chicken Salad
    • Tandoori cooked chicken in a curry-herb yogurt dressing. Served with a mildly spicy grilled tomato jelly and sweet potato chips or fries.


  • Italian Tea Sandwich
    • Prosciutto and an artichoke rosemary spread, thinly sliced tomato, and sprigs of Italian parsley, prepared in a tea style sandwich on colorful bread. Accompanied by a migrogreen salad with vinagrette foam.


  • Latkes
    • Potato pancakes with a secret mix of potatoes and spices.


  • The Pink Lady
    • Thin slices of marinated Torbay tomatos layered with fried mangu and mozzerella, drizzled with olive oil and garnished with basil and cilantro.


  • Sashimi Selection
    • Made from the fish in stock, often with new or unusual dipping sauces. Varies daily.

Sushi2.jpg Sushi4.jpg Sushi5.jpg

  • Sushi Selection
    • Made from the seafood in stock, prepared in various methods. Varies daily.



  • Bagel and Lox
    • A highly deconstructed dish of bagel crumbs, fresh salmon, and cream cheese drizzled with olive oil and garnished in micro.


  • Chili Shrimp
    • Prawns pan fried with sichuan chili sauce, garlic, and a pop of coconut. Served with a roasted corn and broadbean salad.


  • Duck, Fish, and Sauce
    • Froi gras and flatfish in a citrus sauce.


  • Filet Mignon
    • Filet Mignon prepared to your taste, topped with layers of lotus root and other vegetables, impeccably garnished. Sauces make an intricate design on the plate.


  • Mac & Cheese
    • Cheese noodles with cheese-bacon foam and seasoned croutons.


  • Mango Girasole
    • Delicately thin, sunflower-shaped pasta stuffed with a mixture of ricotta, mango, and onion. Drizzled with a light lime oil sauce and garnished with fried cilantro sprigs.


  • Peanut Chicken
    • Chicken, peppers, onion, and tomato cooked in a rich peanut butter sauce and rolled in delicate crepes. Topped with a light foam made from vegetable stock.


  • Polenta
    • Panfried polenta rounds layered with sauteed onions and eggplant with a syrup dressing. Accompanied by a marscapone stuffed zucchini blossom.


  • Quinoa Squash
    • A roasted acorn squash with a stuffing of quinoa, mint, and cranberries.
  • Scotch Egg
    • A soft boiled egg served over a slice each of roasted pork, veal, and beef. Strong flavors of mace, chayenne, and sage. Paired with a sage, lemon, and hard cider slaw.


  • Steak and Eggs
    • An aged steak cooked to your order, served with a mix of fingerling potatoes, onions, and peppers topped with a quail egg.


  • XO Snapper
    • Steamed snapper served in XO sauce with microgreens.

Pasta1.jpg Pasta2.jpg Pasta3.jpg

  • Pasta
    • Your choice of pasta or noddle, sauce or broth, and any meats or vegetables.

Pizza1.jpg Pizza2.jpg Pizza3.jpg

  • Pizza
    • A gourmet thin crust with your choice of sauce and toppings--anything from plain cheese to lobster or caviar.

Sweets and Finishers


  • Classic French
    • A plate of selected cheeses, paired with desert wines and appropriate fruits.


  • Cold Chocolate
    • Chocolate pudding or mousse set in a cup with home made marshmallows to look like hot chocolate. Flavors of chocolate and marshmallows vary every few days.


  • Dark Chili
    • A luscious, dark chocolate and chili sponge cake layered with light pastry cream and topped with chocolate, pecans, cili powder, and cherries.


  • Ice Cream Beet
    • A strangely delicious ice cream of sweet beets with mini chocolate morsels, a plantain chip, and freshly made whipped cream.

Edible-candy-jewelry.jpg Edible-jewelry-21328631.jpg

  • The Jewelry Box
    • A variety of edible jewelry made of sugar and fondant, presented on marshmallow pillows and sugar boxes.


  • Sugar on Snow
    • A sophisticated version of the classic Vermont dessert created by pouring maple syrup over ice.
  • The dessert case is always stocked with a variety of things, from cakes/tortes, pies and galettes, to puddings, parfaits, pastries, and cookies.


All the usual drinks are available, from water through fine wines and alcohols from all over the world.

Specialty Items


  • Hay Fries
    • An old favorite from Equestria.


  • Mongoosetiger Size
    • This is a special sized serving of any of the regular items, sized up for the Mongoosetiger appetite. Only recommended for Mongoosetigers and those with truly bottomless appetites.