Akihabara Alien Zone

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The Akihabara Alien Zone is the 24th special ward of the city of Tokyo, as well as the smallest. While populer with human Otaku, it is also extremenly popular with alien species both as tourists as well as perminate occupents.

Special Locals

Located on the outskirts of the Alien Zone, the law officies of Weinberg, Mason and Wright specifically deal with cases related to the extradimenstional and extratresserial.

A large building, the police headquarters is located not far from the center of the zone.

Spotter's Guide

In Disguise

  • Lolita: Movellians
  • Yanki Girls: Drahvins
  • Ganguro: Klingons
  • Sweaty Large Otaku: Slitheen

More Coming Soon

Common Animal Aliens

  • Angry Birds: Often attack Green Pig workers, though they are currently using the game Angry Birds to fund their genocidal plans.
  • Green Pigs: Strange species of pig which often are used to work on public work projects. Attacked almost daily by a species of angry birds.
  • Keronians: Several members were trapped on Earth after the failure of the great Keronian invasion of 2004

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  • To work private detective cases in the Alien Zone one must first pass an MN53 test for regional interstellar law and then file a form WX60 with the Alien Zone Police.