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8 to Infinity (Stylized as 8 to ∞) is the 2017 album released by Apple Musume。, a New York-based idol group. The two-disc album was a collaborative effort on the part of the group with their songwriters and producer. The result was a mature sound, with songs about heartbreak and loss making up a majority of the tracks.

The Look

The overall theme for the cover and styling was "the start of a never-ending weekday". This is easily shown in the location for the album art. Sometime in March of 2017, paparazzi witnessed a photoshoot at Grand Central Station. Managers for the group insisted it was for an editorial shoot planned for a teen fashion magazine, but a week later billboards across America would showcase the new album.

The older members were styled to either look like college students or workers of varying pay (Roxy infamously wearing a Starbucks apron to hint at a later partnership with the chain), while the younger girls dressed as if going to school, uniformed or not. The Regular Edition of the album showcases the girls around the central terminal, the clock above digitally modified to show only the number 8 and the lemniscate on the clock face. The Limited Edition features the girls on the steps in front of the station, giving solemn looks to the camera. Inserts featured other shots, like on the train or around a taxi.


On top of the billboard campaign and typical commercials (on TV, radio and various streaming services), the girls initially released two promotional videos on their YouTube channel and on a spot on the Hello! Station program. The two songs, "First Time" and "E•MO•TION", were also put into radioplay rotations. The group also performed the two songs on SNL a week before the album's release, which has become a tradition for them.

NPR did a report about the album, interviewing the senior members. A longer interview with the leader, Portia, was later put on one of their programs and podcasts.

As the album sold more and more, and with the advent of streaming plays counting towards record sales, more promotional videos were later made. An entire collection would later be released as a visual album.



First Disc (Morning After Commute)
  1. First Time
  2. I Really Like You
  3. This Kiss
  4. Higher
  5. The One (Duet - Sita and Cait)
  6. Chained To The Rhythm
  7. When I Needed You
  8. Store (Triplet - Maria, Honey, Abby)
  9. Run Away With Me (2017 Ver)
Second Disc (Rush Hour Home)
  1. Into You
  2. Cry
  3. Gimme Love
  4. E•MO•TION
  5. All That (Triplet - Second Gen)
  6. Warm Blood (Solo - Toni)
  7. LA Hallucinations (Duet - Rosa and Josie)
  8. I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
  9. One Last Time