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4 Elements is an album by pop group Apple Musume。 Released in December of 2012 at the tail end of their joint world tour with DISCOTHEQUE, this album marks the departure of long time leader Jean Minakaze, who graduated from the group to attend college. Though technically the second album for the Fourth Generation of members, this would prove to be the most involved for them, as the girls all got to decide what original songs would get to be part of the track list and solo/group songs were dictated by the results of a live streamed Dance Central competition.

The Look

The theme for the album was the four elements of earth, fire, wind and water. The cover of the standard version of the album would feature all twelve members of the group, with three girls each dressed to evoke the idea of their assigned element. The Deluxe and Special versions of the album would come with alternate covers, either featuring a selected element or a single generation of the group with the exception of the second and third generation, who were grouped together for balance.


Not including the end of their tour, the girls went on some daytime talk shows to promote the album. This included a spot on a known national morning show, where the eldest four members also did a small interview with the hosts, while the other girls did a weather report outside with the show's meteorologist.



  1. Life
  2. Heavy Metal Lover
  3. Heat of my Love (Jean, Roxy, Rosa)
  4. Evacuate The Dance Floor
  5. Give Your Heart A Break
  6. Drown In You (Clover, Portia, Sita)
  7. Lolita
  8. Twister (Georgia, Monica, Cait)
  9. Till The World Ends
  10. Back To Earth (Marcy, Rosa, Maria)
  11. Here's To Never Growing Up


  1. Give Your Heart A Break
  2. Give Your Heart A Break (Close-Up)
  3. Give Your Heart A Break (Dance)
  4. Give Your Heart A Break (Drama)
  5. Give Your Heart A Break (Making Of)
  6. Here's To Never Growing Up (Live)