Yasuko Mie

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Yasuko Mie
Biographical information


Birth February 19, 2005
Family Sumiko and Tadao (parents), Hideo (brother)


Physical description




Hair color

dark brown

Eye color







magic, metamorphmagus

First Appearance


Yasuko is a short Japanese girl with medium-length hair and brown eyes and sometimes strange fashion or robes. She usually has a daydreamy look about her, and a very daydreamy voice.

Character and Personality

Yasuko is a sweet and somewhat distracted person, often daydreaming and drifting through the world. When not at home, she can often be found walking around Tokyo, quietly exploring different streets and neighborhoods. She naturally has a very different schedule than most people, sleeping well into the day and being quite active throughout the night.


Although not a good scholar, Yasuko has discovered a liking for divination of all sorts, and spends most of her study time exploring various forms of it and wandering around Tokyo exploring. She discovered the Hotel earlier in 2017, and in August of that year met Hachi and Delilha, with whom she's now become friends. Although they only see each other at the Hotel once in a while, they do occasionally see each other for events or at the girls' rooms in the hotel.

Now caught up to her fellow Fifth Year students at Mahoutokoro, she studied hard and took her OWLs the first two weeks of March 2020. Afterwards, she enjoyed the break with Hachi and Delilah on a train trip to Kyoto, where they attended a few festivals, enjoyed plenty of street food and sightseeing, and saw some of the spring dances. While on this trip, Yasuko was very happy to discover that Delilah practices magic (though of a different type), and is interested in discussing divination with her.


Yasuko is short for her age, often mistaken for a girl several years younger. While her natural hair is dark brown and tends to grow long between hair cuts, she is a metamorphmagus and her hair color(s) often change. Her eyes are normally brown, and skin a tad darker than average for Japanese. She usually dresses in Mori fashion, and always wears a skirt, even with leggings. She sometimes wears reading glasses for tiny text.


Yasuko's manifestation of this gift is focused on coloring over transformations, and she quickly learned not to change her body accidentally before going to school, while she still has trouble controlling the color of her hair.


Growing up, she always imagined going off to school like her brother when she turned 11. However, she did not do well at school, and soon her parents applied to teach her at home, and has subsequently been taught by her mother. As a result of her time at school, she's currently a year behind in some of her studies, especially the standard book of spell series and magical history.

Her studies go much better in her own time, and she is well ahead in astronomy, as she is mostly up at night, astrology, and divination. She tends to do one text book at a time, except for the standard book of spells for her year, which usually take her the whole year to learn, and sometimes longer. She usually scrapes by on most of her exams.


Born into a Japanese wizarding family in 2003, she surprised the family by being a metamorphmagus, a first in the known history of their family. Her formative years were spent at home, and she has a close relationship with her mother, who makes teas and potions for a shop in the Tokyo wizarding district. Her father works at the Japanese Ministry of Magic as a reporter. Her older brother, Hideo, is four years older than her, and he has always looked out for her.

Although she was excited to go off to Mahoutokoro at 11, it soon became evident that something wasn't right. Despite trying very hard to change her sleep schedule and learning periods, it seemed to only make things worse. She didn't sleep at night and fell asleep during many of her classes. She did well when doing most of her homework during the evening and night hours; however, the school system was too rigid for this. She found a great interest in astrology and divination, other subjects she found nearly impossible with the limited study time she had, and remained quite behind in her year.

This became quite a source or problems and embarrassment for her, as most of her teachers believed her to be lazy and stupid. An exception to this was her divination professor, who found her engaging, studious, and quite gifted in the subject. She was still only in her first few months of her first year when she had her first vision, and this professor quickly determined that she was a seer, and guided her accordingly.

The robes worn by Mahoutohoku students publicly showed her lack of academic progress--even at the end of her second year, they proclaimed her to still be in her first year academically. This meant she was open to ridicule from anyone who saw her in her robes, and she was often teased or bullied as a result. At the end of her second year, her parents met with the school authorities to discuss her situation, and in the end applied to homeschool her.

The application was accepted, and since then her academics have started to turn around. She is able to do things during her natural schedule, and enjoys the freedoms of exploring the city. Her mother hopes that it will help her to gain confidence by having to fend for herself, and also encourage her to make friends.

Magical Must-Haves

Yasuko's Wand
Lime04-01-650x294 zpsqdfjxxtz.jpg
Silver Lime, Unicorn Hair, 10 inches long, surprisingly swishy.

Yasuko's Familiar
Munchkin-Minuet-Napoleon zpsadt9vcjg.jpg
A small Munchkin cat with white & brown brindle coloring. Although his actual name is Philocrates, Yasuko usually calls him Mun-mun instead.

A broom which used to belong to her brother.