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Brad London
Biographical information


Birth 10/5/1984
Family Mother, Father (dead); Rose London (wife)

Red Ribbon Security



Physical description

Human, Overwatch



Hair color


Eye color





Springfield Armory Loaded 1911, various firearms




Armored Solutions Ltd./Overwatch

First Appearance


Strength 7

Perception 6

Endurance 7

Charisma 7

Intelligence 8

Agility 9

Luck 3


Rapid Reload - All guns reload 30% faster

Ferocious Loyalty - When you drop below 50% HP, companions gain +50 Damage Resistance

Gunslinger - +25% accuracy

Alchomancy (Whiskey Rose) - Consuming whiskey does not have any adverse side effects or addictions, while raising the user's Damage Threshold. Any other alcohol consumption also loses the negative effects and addictions, but does not raise the user's Damage Threshold.

Night Person - +2 Intelligence and +2 Perception between 6:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M.

Noble Jackals - Origins Revisited

Far across the universe at the edge of time lies a planet called The Nether.

On this planet, thousands of years before the advent of human life or the birth of the kings and queens of the stars, a war was raging that would shape things to come.

The governing bodies that created the universe had watched in horror as tyrants of both good and evil grew too powerful across the galaxy. Everywhere, the balance, the very order of the galaxy, was swayed to one side or the other.

They created a race called The Overwatch, a people cloaked in shadow and legend, they were said to appear whenever a society grew too decadent, to smite them from the face of the earth.

Two young Overwatch, both traditionally unnamed before their assention to manhood, were tasked with their first assignment. The one that would make them men.

They were to bring down Thoth and Hathor, the queen and king of the Lunar empire, the Platinum Millennium.

In the middle of the night, the crept into the kingdom, silent like a shadow in the night, and slayed the king and queen without a sound.

But the Overwatch who took the name Whistler could not stop there. He crept along, killing whoever he could find. He relished in the ability to take another life. A great battle ensued in the shadows and the space between worlds. The fight was so vicious that it ripped a hole in the fabric of space and time, creating the first time gate. The explosion hurled Whistler into the time stream, but left the unnamed Overwatch largely unscathed.

Knowing he could not return to his people for the shame Whistler had caused, he remained on the strange planet, unsure what to do with his life.

He was eventually found by the palace guards and was to be sentenced to death, but the Princess spared his life out of pity.

The two began to speak, at first an underlying distrust. She taught him culture and humanity, he taught her the rules of war and combat.

The two became lovers, but it was not destined to be.

She was promised to another.

He left for a time to find a calling in the universe. A soldier for hire.

He would return in time, but too late. Evil had become unbalanced and taken the kingdom. Bodies everywhere including Selene and her daughter. What should have been his daughter. He held her hand one last time and said goodbye before finding the time gate and leaping into it.

He spent years, centuries, hunting Whistler. To finish the job and reclaim what was taken from him.

Sometime between 1950 and 1975 he was a subject of the Central Intelligence Agencies MK Ultra project.

The published evidence indicates that Project MKULTRA involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse.

As a result, he suffered a complete memory wipe that lasted until the mid 2000's.

Revolution Man: Generation I

The first Wolfwood to make a notable appearance in the box was a product of experimentation by the CIA. Fashioned into the perfect weapon, he was used to eliminate individuals the organization saw as threats to their power. Sent one night to assassinate Souichi Tomoe, he instead instead caught Tomoe's daughter, Hotaru in his scope. That night would change him forever. Falling in love with the girl and turning away from his handlers, he sought a life of solitude, but would find friendship that would define him in ways he could not yet realize. His love, too, would eventually be rewarded in the form of a copy of Hotaru split from the original, carrying not only that part of her that felt for him, but the Mistress 9 genes, as well. He would eventually sacrifice himself to save his friends at the beginning waves of the Crisis.

You Know My Name: Generation II

The second to make an appearance was a Agent of the top secret UNIT black-ops division located in Tokyo code named "Sector Six." He would serve them with distinction for many years, his loyal service at times often coming into conflict with his friends in the house during such instances as the infamous Magical Person Registration Act, requiring all powered Aliens/Monsters/Magical Girls and what-have-you to register with UNIT and the Japanese government. Eventually, he, too, would find love, choosing to be with that one he loved when reality shifted yet again, and he would be forced to change his face.

Citizen Soldier: Generation III

Brad James London knows little of his birth parents, having been adopted at an early age and raised in a highly religious house in Akron, Ohio. From the time he could step out the door, he was a hell raiser. Every police officer in the city knew his name and he was once even banned from the Akron University campus for setting fire to the school's kangaroo mascot, Zippy. His activities outside the home were not helped by the severe abuse he endured inside its walls. He received regular beatings that resulted in several scars he still bares today.

On his eighteenth birthday, he and his mother left America for Japan to spread the good word. Brad bolted the first chance he got. The following several years were spent as a thief. These years eventually led him to the local area via a brief relationship with starcat. This would eventually end poorly, resulting in several grudges still existing today.

Eventually, he would date a woman named Sylvie, and this relationship would end poorly too, with Brad thinking she sold him out to the Japanese branch of UNIT. He would work for them for some time.

During his time in UNIT, he came upon an ancient gauntlet-like device while searching the ruins of a crashed alien spaceship in the jungles of Vietnam near an old Marine Corps. outpost. This device came to be known as the spellblade, a device capable of wielding numerous spells, many of which he has yet to unlock. The device gets its name from one of the spells, which causes a long blade to come out of the upper part of the gauntlet and may be used for sword fighting if needed. He would go on to quit service with UNIT after some time, opting to get into the private sector where he would start a military contracting firm and would serve for some time as a ground operations trooper and decorated combat pilot, logging hours in such countries as Croatia, Sangala, Russia, China, Iran and Iraq. Always a fighter, he was more comfortable around a twelve-thousand pound bomb then most people, but it was when he would meet a girl by the name of Rose that he would find true peace. She would in many ways define him as a person, and show him a life he had long forgotten. With the changing of realities again upon us, he has sworn to find her somehow.

Generation IV: Conviction

Things change.

People move on.

He came back without too much trouble. Life went as it was supposed to, and he is now engaged to the love of his life. But good things, as it were, always herald darker things to come for Brad London.

The Overwatch are dead, murdered by Whistler. In a fit of blind rage, he attacked Wolfwood, intent on finishing him once and for all. But when the dust settled, it was Brad who was the victor. Adriel, the last of the Overwatch and Wolfwood's keeper, combined Whistler's power with Brad's own, locking the foul beast away forever.

Peace however, comes with a price.

His mission, to hunt Whistler throughout time, to which he was promised a mortal life upon completion, can never be given. Every time he dies, he is reborn, essentially doomed to immortality. He takes this in stride however, life at the moment is good and only fixing to get better.

Generation V: No Church in the Wild

Human being to the mob

What’s a mob to a king?

What’s a king to a god?

What’s a god to a non-believer?

Who don’t believe in anything?


Brad uses a Kejo general purpouse body armor as issued by Red Ribbon Security


a concealable vest providing extensive front, back and side protection. Level 111A kevlar panels giving front back and side protection .With the rifle plate pockets standard in front and back, these all-purpose vests can be upgraded to the highest level from a low entry. These protective capabilities, combined with a high degree of comfort and mobility, have made them very successful with Law Enforcement.

The plates included will defeat the following threats

7.62 × 54mm lead core ball ammunition  at 50 meters
7.62 × 51mm NATO ball ammunition at 0 meters
7.62 × 39mm mild steel core, AK-47 at 0 meters
7.62 × 63mm AP at 0 meters
5.56 × 45mm SS109/M855 at 0 meters
5.56 × 45mm M193 ball at 0 meters
5.45 × 39mm Russian ball at 0 meters
12 gauge slug at 0 meters
Multicurved ceramic plates will defeat 7.62 x 39 mm and API ammunition (AK47)
They will also provide protection against:
7.62 x 51mm ball (FN, G3 etc)
5.56 x 45mm ball (M 16 etc)

Special coatings and added spellcast will deflect or absorb some if not all magical attacks

Wolf carries a Springfield Armory Loaded 1911 with Kimber-style peanut grips



He also carries a SOG Fusion Tomahawk



Brad has fought in the following places:

The Solomon Islands
Peleliu (Killed In Action)
Cambodia (Killed in Action)
The Falkland Islands
Seira Leone
Somalia (Killed in Action)
Central America