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Vraxoin (also known as XYP or "vrax") is a dangerous, addictive drug, discovered on the Cygnus Rim around 1999. It was originally made from a type of fungus, but in order to finally solve the vraxoin problem, officials incinerated the entire planet on which the only known source existed. This eliminated vraxoin trade for some time, until a second source - the Mandrels - was located by a zoologist named Tryst on the planet Eden. Now the drug is in wide circulation in various locations all around the universe.

Physical Appearance

Vraxoin is usually found in a grey, ash-like powder form which is a sparkly golden in color when refined.

Physiological Effects

The initial effects of Vraxoin use are to make the user slightly drunken and giddy, and then violently angry and hyperagressive when in withdrawal. Vrax-users (also known as Vrax-Heads) are also known to become shaky and to lose strength and concentration after taking the drug.


Vraxoin can either be ingested orally or snorted.