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The first Ultra to appear in the modern day, Ultraman The First has become an icon in Japan.



Name: Ultraman The First

Human Form: Shin Hayata

Height: 40 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Tons

Transformation Item: Beta Capsule

Support Team: Science Patrol

Active on Earth: 1966-1967


Specium Ray: Plus Style Ray weapon.

Ultra Slash: Energy buzzsaws that cut through almost anything.

Ultra Attack Ray: Green energy laser from outstreched arm. Stronger then the Specium Ray.

Ultra Air Catch: White lasers from hands that can raise up objects.

Slash Ray: Energy shots from hands.

Teleporation: Can teleport long distances instantly. Uses up alot of energy.

Ultra Water Stream: Water from hands. Used to douse flames.

Ultraman The First Transforming


One of the Space Garrison's elite fighters, The First (also known simply as Ultraman) first made his presence known on while chasing an intergalatic beast known as Bemular. The two's chase brought them to the planet Earth and to the attention of the Science Patrol. During this chase, Ultraman collided with the Mini-VTOL jet piloted by Science Patrol member Shin Hayata, killing him instantly. Feeling remorse and guilt for this accedent, Ultraman merged his own life force with Hayata, giving him a second life and the ability to transform into him. This duel-life allowed Hayata to fight against a variaty of monsters and aliens who soon came to threaten the planet, including Neronga, Red King, Gomora and the ever-present Baltan-Seijins. However, the elusive Zetton-Sejin soon came to Earth, having studed Ultraman The First's battles, attacked the Science Patrol headquarters. When Ultraman appeared to stop them, they unleashed their specially created monster Z-Ton. Finding himself outmatched, the rest of the Science Patrol could only watch in horror as Z-Ton damaged the color timer on The First's chest. Even after Z-Ton was destroyed by the Science Patrol's newest weapon, Ultraman fell into a death like coma. Suddenly a second ball of light appeared, absobing into it The First and revealing his superior Zoffy. Seperating Hayata from The First and giving him one more year of life to live, he quickly delivered Ultraman back home for treatment. more TBA

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Ultraman The First vs. Dada