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49. Evil Spirit King Monster '''Guda-Tyrant'''
49. Evil Spirit King Monster '''Guda-Tyrant'''
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The latest Ultra to come to the planet Earth, Mu is young, but dedicated to protecting the planet from threats.



Name: Ultraman Mu
Human Form: Taki Kensei
Height: Mirco-50 Meters
Weight: Variable
Flight Speed: Mach 15
Running Speed: Mach 5
Swimming Speed: 57 Knots
Tranformation Item: Mu Gaunlet
Support Team: KAT (Kaiju Attack Team)
Active on Earth: 2009-2011


Default Form

Haloian Ray: Plus-style. Mu raises right arm, moves it clockwise, and then fires when it joins with his left hand.

Grand Haloian Ray: Powered up version of the haloian ray. Instead of just the right arm, adds the left arm as well.

Mu Beam: Fired from Mu's beam lamp.

Mu Cutters: Crescent shaped light blades shot out from the side of his arms. Able to cut through almost anything.

Beam Shield: Rectangler shield created from energy.

Defend Beam: Shot from three fingers, creates an energy bubble around an object.

Triangle Shot: Fires triangle shaped blasts at his opponent.

Mu Stream Kick: Energy laden Kick.

Palm Surround: Energy cage formed from Haloian beams from left fingers.

Mu Destruction Crash: Powerful burst of energy from fist and Mu Gauntlet

Mu Eye Shine: Blinding burst of regular light from eyes.

Magi-Haloian Slash: Used in combination of the sword form of magi-fairy.

Mighty Form

An increase in Mu's ablities gained after his battle against Volstar II, he gains a gold chest plate and gold embroidery along the red portions of his skin.

Mighty Photon Strike: Large energy ball that is fired from both hands.

Vortex Shield: Can deflect attacks by crossing arms.

Collapse Throw: Powerful throw. Capable of tossing an enemy into the upper atmosphere.

Spinning Haloian Ray: Multi-Colored high impact version of Mu's main attack.

Shining Mighty Form

A secondary version of Mighty form, it adds silver lines along the gold embroidery. Unlocked with help from Ultraman Leo.

Shining Mighty Kick: A flying energy kick.

Shining Mighty Punch: High powered energy punch.

Rising Lion Form Strike: Double energy kick mixed with one energy punch.

Shining Missles: Beam bulliets shot from hands.

Shining Super Throw: Throws enemies in a vortex of energy.

Shining Blade: Energy blade.

L Form

Short for Lupa, gives Mu increased psychic and astral powers. The red on his chest turns light blue, along with normal blue edges on the rest of the red.

Astral Storm Strike: Energy blade that destroys both the physical and astral body of the enemy.

Astral Wave: Energy burst from both hands.

Astral Arrow: Energy arrows fired from index fingers.

Mu Split: Splits into up to 4 copies of himself.

Mu Water Rise: Spinning in water, can create a water/energy tornado blast.

Astral Spark: Creates tiny sparks that confuses enemies.

Shining L Form

Similer to L form but all lines turn blue and are edged with silver, along with gold under his eyes.

Shining Astral Pulse: Gathers astral energy into both hands, creates an energy ball from it and slams it into the enemy's body at point blank range.

Shining Astral Return: Infuses enemy energy projectiles with own astral energy and fires them back.

Forever Form

The final ultimate form of Ultraman Mu, it was created by Mu merging with every Ultra Family member.

Forever Haloian Ray: Powerful plus shaped ray made up of the collective energies of all Ultras.

Forever Crescent Cutter: Powerful energy cutter able to cut through anything.

Forever Cross Shield: Energy shield able to defend against almost any attack.


1. Double Faced Spaceman Palo-Seijin
Fake Matsumi Kaze

2. Squid beast Kuimatsu

3. Sensual Mutant Penococknballus
This was a monster made from Gudis slime and DUELMAN DNA. Several frequenters of the Ten'ou House assisted in the defeat of this monster.

4.Hidden Starman Woot-Seijin

5. Psycic beast Phantosgeist
This was a monster made from Gudis slime and Miara's DNA. TheHunterKiller assisted in the defeat of this monster.

6. Mechinical Beast Toshuta

7. Blade Beast Senshoku

8. Love Beast Hugga
This Monster was created from Gudis slime and Candy Rei's DNA. Destroyed by Mu beam.

9. Larvel Beast Sochiku

10. Computer Beast RO-9

11. Slime Beast Namoka

12. Plant Space-Man Wyre-Seijin II

13. Plant Space-Man Wyre-Sejin II

14. Bug Beast Morgusta (Larvel/Imago)

15. Bodyguard Monster Black King II

16. Silent Space-Man Yoji-Seijin (small/large)

17. Evil Life Form Nega-Gudis (larvel/full)

18. Family Space-Man Mamomo-Seijin

19. Frozen Space-Man Snow-Seijin

20. Tentacle Monster Gulugulu

21. Space Puppet Piccolo II

22. Mind Doppleganger Space-Man Psy-Seijin

23. Fake Ultraman Mu

24. Legendary Fire Monster Firebadan II

25. The Swarm

26. Howling Space-Man Ono-Seijin

27. Multiple Beast Joshogon

28. Sickness Monster GurGur

29. Statue Space-Man Thoth-Seijin

30. Mysterious Beast Pyramidus

31. Water Beetle Monster Crosixu

32. Rock Monster Sadora III

33. Anciet Super-Monster Sphynx II

34. Flashing Super-Monster Hikaron

35. Evil Ancient Beast Akuanei

36. Gear Super-Monster Ironall

37. Sonic Super-Monster Sonivall

38. Giant Yapool

39. Super Space Eater Monster EX-Bemustar

40. Super Sea Beasts EX-Seagoras & EX-Seagon

41. Super Chieften Monster EX-Geranimon

42. Super Assassin Super Monster EX-Barabas

43. EX-Red King

44. EX-Astromons

45. Space Ninja Baltan-Seijin

46. EX-Black Gillas and Red Gillas

47. Ghost-EX-Gomora

48. EX-Tyrant

49. Evil Spirit King Monster Guda-Tyrant