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'''Ultraman Hikari vs. Fake Hikari/Balbalu-Seijin'''
'''Ultraman Hikari vs. Fake Hikari/Balbalu-Seijin'''
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An Ultra from an unknown world, at one point he was taken over by the beings of the planet Ard and turned into Hunter Knight Tsurugi.



Name: Ultraman Hikari

Human Form: Ryu Aihara (Formerly Kazyua Serizawa)

Height:40 Meters

Weight: 35,000 Tons

Tranformation Item: Knight Brace

Support Team: None

Active on Earth: Never active long on earth.


Knight Shoot: Plus style Ultra light stream blast of energy.

Knight Beam Blade: Similar to Mebium Blade, energy blast shot from blade.

Knight Shield: Energy shield.

Sub Sen Connections

None known.


Ultraman Hikari vs. Fake Hikari/Balbalu-Seijin