Ultraman Ajax

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Ultraman Ajax is a very young and enthusiastic Ultraman who recently arrived on Earth to train under Ultraman Mu. While not yet allowed to fight himself, he often observes Mu's fights.


Name: Ultraman Ajax
Human Form: Kenshiro Tanaka
Height: 40 meters
Weight: Variable
Flight Speed: Mach 5
Running Speed: Mach 1
Swimming Speed: 20 knots
Tranformation Item: Averexer
Support Team: Z-KAT


Numurium Ray: Shot in L Shape.

Crisis Beam: Shot from beam lamp.

Ultra Discus: Energy slice thrown from hand.

Bubble Barrier: Beam shot from eyes that creates invisible force bubble around object.

Horn Spark: Energy blast from between horns.

Truth Vison: Red beam from eyes that allows Ajax to see through illusions.

Ultra Force: Used to dissipate Bulbo-Seijin's black mists.

Ultra Flash Power: Sends out a large burst of bright light from body. Used against Zeni-Seijin.


1. Liquid Space Man Polymos-Seijin

2. Alteration Space Man Masque-Seijin II

3. Dynamo Space Man Phase-Seijin

4. Dimensional being Kemur-Jin III

5. Hypnotism Space Man Wali-Seijin

6. Hallucination Plant Space Man Blossom-Seijin

7. Anti-Gravity Space Man Godola-Seijin II

8. Emotional Space Man Emo-Seijin

9. Faraway Space Princess Yori-Seijin Ani

9b. Deadly Space Man Shinai-Seijin

10. Rubber Space Man Bulbo-Seijin

11. Refugee Space Man Zeni-Seijin

12. Garbage Space Man Name-Seijin

13. Radio Space Man Timu-Seijin

13b. Radio Space Beast Yutimu

14. Cold Space Man Ice-Seijin

15. Warrior Space Man Hano-Seijin

16. Demonic Donkey Robaaku

17. Hidden Space Man Sensa-Seijin

18. Shadow Space Man Pegassa-Seijin II

19. Sea Space Man Umibo-Seijin

19b. Sea Space Beast Umibouzka

20. Domination Space Man Goro-Seijin

21. Ghost Space Man Spectre-Seijin II

22. Slime Space Man Yosu-Seijin

23. Terror Space Man Doom-Seijin

24. Furious Bird Space Man Dokoku-Seijin

25. Distorian Space Man Warp-Seijin

26. Future Space Man Typhon-Seijin