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Twin Monsters in Johto refers to either a Johto Based broadcast of the Hoenn English Dub, or the Domestically made Italian Language dub.


Local Olivine City Version

The adaptation was done by POTX-TV 12, An NBC and TV Tokyo Affiliate, however, the broadcast was only of the Hoenn English dub airing in syndication.

Italian Version

The Twin Monsters anime first aired in 2013 by AlfaZ (Pronounced Alpha-Zet). Episodes of Twin Monsters were aired from Monday to Friday. The first three series were part of the Pokémon Kids channel, the next two series were broadcast in prime time, and Twin Monster Masters was broadcast on the Showtime movie channel. After the Broadcast of Twin Monster Masters in August of 2015, Episodes have started to re-air.

AlfaZ also dubbed the movies, but split them into 9 special three-part episodes

Censorship and Changes

Episodes of the first three series were edited into 11-minute episodes, these episodes also had live-action segments built into them (These segments often replaced the Non-Priceman portions of the story, with the exception of scenes from the Digimon Kingdom), unlike the other dubs, These changes were mandated by the Pokémon Kids channel for Morning and afternoon broadcast.

Twin Monsters RG and RSE aired in prime time, and thus was not subjected to the 11-minute episode treatment, but had changes nonetheless.

  • Although the Digimon Kingdom was referred to as such, the footage used is from the Edited Hoenn Dub until Episode 32 (Referred to as Episode 16-B) when the original footage started being used instead.
  • Demon was not the Super Ultimate, but was instead Darkrai's servant (The Super Ultimate was referred to as Darkrai in the Italian Dub).
  • The Incestual undertones for Roman and Julia Shirotanko were removed, which meant any dialogue which referred to their relationship was completely changed.
  • Twin Monster Masters was moved to Showtime due to an Italian Study by Vera Slepoj who declared that Sailor Moon Sailor Stars would compromise children's sexual identity, The Dubbers did not want this to happen to the Twin Monsters series.
  • The last episode's ending was removed.
Character Names

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