The Shin Family

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Shin Clan
Family information



Kiyoshi Shin (East Branch), Hiroyuki Shin (West Branch), Fumiko Shin (South Branch), Matsumi Shin (North Branch)


Yuki Shin, Sarah Christensson, Hana Sagusa, Takako Shin, Ume Shin, Shin Kazamatsuri, Shiro Shin, many many more.

principal support

Sagusa Family, several other families and clans

primary species



too many to list

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The Shin Family is a large family group headquartered in Japan on Earth. Matsumi Kaze and Hana Sagusa are members of this family.


Born from War

The story of the Shin family begins in the shadow of the Kanno Incident in the year 1351. In that year, a minor lower class samurai who served the forces of Shogun Ashikage Takauji witnessed the destruction of his entire family and holdings. Left penniless but alive (due to having been by chance completely overlooked by Ashikage Tadayoshi), the samurai, who’s original name has now been forgotten to the annals of time, took on the moniker Tsuneo Shin, in effect the True Eternal Hero. Under this name, he would later rejoin Takauji’s forces at Sattayama, taking part in the final defeat of Tadayoshi’s forces. As a reward for his loyalty, Tsuneo was given land not far from Kyoto from which would plant the seed for the future Shin power base. To cement this loyalty, Tsuneo as well would be directly responsible for the poisoning which ultimately ended the life of Ashikage Tadayoshi in 1353. After this time, the family would continue to consolidate local power, remaining in favor with the Ashikage shogunate by propping up the weak government, while at the same time both financially and militarily building themselves up in secret. This would eventually be put to the test as the clan, now under the leadership of Gohoshi Shin, would join the Ashikage during the Onin War.



East Branch

One of the largest branches of the family, it is also the most well known. It's home city is Tokyo, with the branch lead by Kiyoshi Shin.

Kiyoshi Shin

The fox eyed leader of the East Branch of the Shin family, Kiyoshi at times gives off an untrustworthy vibe but is overally kind hearted and gentle. He is also apperently extremenly hard to kill.

Yuki Shin

The younger sister of Kiyoshi Shin. A ninja, she's never seen but usually attacks her brother for some odd reason. She is apperently very bossy.

Komako Shin

A member of the East Branch's company's security. A trained ninja, she is modartly skilled in combat.

Heisuke Shin

The head of security at the East Branch's company, Heisuke is a very serious and competent man, as well as the older brother of Komako.

West Branch

Originally the most significant of the branches of the Shin Family, it is also one of the two largest branches in terms of members (tied with East). It's home city is Osaka, with the branch being lead by Hiroyuki Shin.

Hiroyuki Shin

The big and burly leader of the West Branch, Hiroyuki has a hidden passion for cooking.

Genjiro Shin

The young son of Hiroyuki, he's a very shy boy

South Branch

A small and close knit branch, the southern branch has it's home city as Fukuoka, with the branch lead by Fumiko Shin.

Fumiko Shin

The easy going, laid back leader of the South Branch of the Shin family, Fumiko has a fiery temper and a terrible gambling problem.

North Branch

Originally the most politically weak, this branch was founded by Kyo Shin. Situated originally with the city of Akita as it's stronghold, this branch has given rise to many warriors gifted with spiritual power and a desire to defeat evil. The current head of the branch is Matsumi Kaze. This branch holds Shin-Kaioh Heavy Industries and Research, as well as several other businesses in northern Japan. It is also well known as operating the Kiyone Shin Foundation, a charity dedicated to solving poverty and disease around the world.

Matsumi Kaze

Also known as Sailor Quinox, Matsumi is the current head of the North Branch of the Shin Family.

Sarah Christensson

The grandmother of Matsumi Kaze, a descendent of Kyo Shin through her mother's side.

Hana Sagusa

A member of the Sagusa Clan, Hana is a great granddaughter of Ayami Shin.

Ume Shin

A member of the Shin family situated in Akita, Umi is also a Sailor Senshi

Past Members

Kiyone Christensson

The mother of Sarah Christensson and the great grandmother of Matsumi Kaze, Kiyone was a member of the North Branch who against the wishes of her family married Swedish businessman John Christensson. She was a well known practitioner of Yobou-Ryu style of Sojutsu.

Ayami Shin

The younger sister of Kiyone and the great grandmother of Hana Sagusa. Ayami was a head strong and somewhat rebellious girl when she was younger and would later wed into the Sagusa family of Zuma.

The Original Four

Tojiro Shin

The eldest of The Four, Tojiro was a born leader and not only began the West Branch of the Shin Family, but built it up to become the most prestigious of the four branches. Well known for his prowness in battle, he left behind for his descedents the sword Ryuhi.

Daishiro Shin

The second born, Daishiro made his way to Edo, establishing a small power base there. Crafty and well verse in politics, Daishiro forgoed the path of war in favor of working behind the scenes of many powerful men of the time. While he was not so much a warrior as his fellow siblings, he was well known for his distinctive helmet, nicknamed Kani no Tsume, which is still held by his descendents.

Fuujizo Shin

The third son, Fuujizo made his way south, attempting to set up his own power base. However, his lack of knowledge and poor planning lead to a near collapse of everything he had built up. He countered this by shifting his focus towards working within the economy of the area, eventually leading him and his family to become well respected amoung the merchants of the south. He left behind to his descendants the war fan Tamashi Yume.

Kyo Shin

The youngest of the four, Kyo Shin made his way towards the north. Though he settled briefly in Akita, he soon abandoned it to wander the country, slaying monsters as he went, soon gaining fame as a destroyer of evil spirits. However, during what he proclaimed his final battle as an oni slayer, an old witch cursed him, that his family line would be lost to the country for hundreds of years, never to return unless brought back by outside forces. He would eventually retire with his family to the outskirts of Kyoto. He left behind the spear Oni Kuchiku-kan, which is currently held by his direct descendant Matsumi Kaze.


Map of Shin Family influence