The Rosalia Virus

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The Rosalia Virus is a variation of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever similar to Ebola. Without proper treatment, people die of this virus within days of symptoms showing.

This virus has two phases: a dark phase and an active phase. In the dark phase symptoms include tumors appearing on various parts of the body outside of the organs that they infect. Some symptoms in this stage can be insanity or auditory and visual hallucinations if tumors form in the nervous system. The virus takes an active form and forms colonies on organs, blood vessels and anywhere else on the body. Bruising, hemorrhaging, blood loss through orifices, cardiac arrest and convulsions also occur.

As of 2015 this virus has not been recorded due to not enough samples of infections.

The Incident At Cumberland College

In 2012, Albert Sartre had worked toward investigating a virus found in a teenage girl he had adopted. The virus consumed everything, including other life threatening diseases. The young girl had survived this infection and Dr. Sartre used her blood to attempt to create a vaccine. When traveling across the campus with his son, there was an accident where the virus and the chemicals broke within their containers. Sartre quickly made his escape while his son tried to help people evacuate before the area. Unfortunately, the containers exploded before people could escape and hundreds were murdered. The chemicals inhaled did not kill Sartre's son but he became an amnesiac. He was found fit to stand trial regardless and was sentenced to 245 years in prison.

A History Lesson: 2020

A fixed point in time is the Portland Pandemic of 2020. A handful of people began exhibiting symptoms of a strange disease. It was diagnosed as Kaposi's Sarcoma in one case and other small tumors in others. There were unique incidents to their cases and they were recorded and monitored by a collection of doctors and the FBI who had observed these things in mood changes and hallucinations in victims.

In the Early Summer of 2020 an epidemic broke out at the Portland Amtrak station. In mass numbers, people were collapsing from this disease or exhibiting madness and becoming injured. Ten patients became hundreds and hundreds became thousands and soon hospitals were flooded with patients needing treatment. This virus seemed impossible to manage and people were beginning to die in droves. One doctor, the man who had been arrested for the Cumberland College Massacre, escaped prison and found his memory jogged enough to know how to treat this virus but even he knew there was no cure. He did remember that there was a link to the girl Rosalia and that an antiserum might be found there. With some proper clues it was deduced that she and Albert were living in Mexico, until it turned out that Albert had died two years ago of the Rosalia Virus.

A team did travel to Mexico to try to find Rosalia and to extract a serum but she had been found dead in a field of blue flowers. Once it was deduced that she had been murdered and how, there had been a link to the blue flowers in the field of red. These flowers had consumed her blood and mutated to change color. Because the Monarch Butterflies were pollinating these flowers they became a vector for the virus and their shedding scales were spreading the pandemic across the United States. If not treated, the entire American Population would die in a week.

Fortunately, the flowers were used to compose an antiserum for The Rosalia Virus and people across the country were being treated and life slowly returned to normal.