The Nonary Game

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On January 20th, 2010, an unknown entity, later determined to be The Corruptor's daughter, used a Gallifreyan Time Scoop to capture nine individuals. These indidivuals were assigned numbers, had bombs planted in their bodies and were trapped aboard a slowly sinking ship, giving them only hours to solve various puzzles and find the exit before drowning. This was called "The Nonary Game."

The individuals captured were:

[1] Kou Seiya

[2] Shinozaki (Makoto's old Sempai)

[3] The Vampire Lyrica Hubert

[4] Jack Dinsdale

[5] Irene, from Torchwood Hong Kong

[6] Marcus Deadman, from Torchwood Hong Kong

[7] Paisley Pythia Peinforte

[8] Harriet S. Weinberg, Esq.

[9] Dr. Gia, world-famous surgeon

None of the individuals with special powers or abilities had them accessible.

Within minutes of the game starting, Dr. Gia went insane and threatened Irene's life, trying to exit without working as a team. The bomb in his body detonated, making him the first casualty of the Nonary Game.

Seiya Kou went missing, unbalancing the teams. After he could not be found, Marcus Deadman deliberately picked a fight with Harriet Weinberg in order to get knocked out, allowing the others to advance.

Lyrica Hubert, Irene and Jack are trapped in a lab with a failed cyber-experiment. Jack attempts to hack the computer to let Lyrica out of a cell where she's trapped with a partially converted Cyberman. Lyrica accidentally activates and gets caught by the cyber-unit, and Jack is forced to set the lab on fire via computer overload to spring the emergency exits, but some damage is already done...

Seiya Kou was finally located by one of the teams-- or more precisely, his detonated corpse.

Thanks to interference by Sailor Neggerra, the organizer of the Nonary game killed Shinozaki and sent his severed head back to Ten'ou House. Neggerra revived him, only to have the bomb in his body detonate due ot being improperly removed from the nonary game.

Harriet Weinberg was stabbed in the side by the deranged Lyrica Hubert, who was the next to fall, her cyber-conversion completed as she attacked Jack Dinsdale and Marcus Deadman, and they were forced to put her down.

Harriet was in critical condition.

In order to extend the time limit beyond nine hours, they agreed one of them would sacrifice a hand to their captor, and after a random draw, it was Harriet Weinberg. Her arm was cut off by lightsabre. The controller of the game forced Jack to do it.

The game extended in time, but Harriet Weinberg dropped off the radar, despite not being listed as dead. Apparently when her arm was cut off, Jack selected the arm with the bracelet watch on it that controlled the bombs in their bodies, So Harriet was taken out of the system.

The next stage was a trap wherein Jack, Paisley, Marcus and Irene were locked in a room with a Vibranium lock. The only way out was either Jack or Marcus to shoot each other with the transformed Irene. Whoever scored a [9] would kill their opponent and restore the special powers of their partner, which could be used to escape. Jack got lucky and shot out Marcus Deadman's heart, enabling Paisley to spring in action. She cut off Jack's left arm and used the mass to make a new heart for Deadman, breaking them out of the room and knocking Jack off the grid.

Sakura April deduced that the ship was being floated at sea one millisecond out of phase with the rest of the universe, and using her abilities was able to synch with it. She shot the detonator off Paisely's arm, scarring it, but even the two of them were unable to press their advantage to stop the game.

The final round saw all the surviving players reunited, handcuffed to a table and reassigned their numbers. The last game was nine chances to "become a nine" by rolling 1d9. Those who hit 9 were automatically free to go. Those who did not would have the chance to lock in their number or keep trying.

After Sailor Neggerra put the idea in the villain's head that to swap players from the house to the game in place of existing players, X was switched for Dinsdale. Thrash got to fitting Dinsdale with a new arm.

At the end of the final round, X and Weinberg scored 9s and were safe. Saki, Paisley and Deadman had enough numbers to make 9, but Irene had to be left behind as there was no time to discuss matters before the ship went up.

Status at the end of the Nonary Game:

[1] Kou Seiya - DECEASED

[2] Shinozaki - DECEASED

[3] The Vampire Lyrica Hübert - DECEASED

[4] Jack X. Dinsdale - WOUNDED

[5] Irene - DECEASED

[6] Marcus Deadman - WOUNDED

[7] Paisely Pythia Peinforte - STABLE

[8] Harriet S. Weinberg - CRITICAL

[9] Dr. Gia - DECEASED

Apparently one of the goals of the Nonary Game was to get Chibiusa riled up enough to use the Ginzuishou, and at that moment the crystal was stolen from her, causing her to need to be in Stasis aboard the medical ship Aesculapius.

(Later Chibiusa was revived, but it was discovered that a small piece of the Silver Crystal had been taken from her, presumably as a seed crystal).

Around Sep 9, 2013, Yotsuba Suu wished on the Dragonballs and revived Seiya Kou. Shinozaki, Lyrica Hübert, Irene and Dr. Gia. They were killed again in the Night of the Nine Knives