The Hotel, 20th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 2001

suite_haruka.jpg Haruka's Suite

Though this room is regularly cleansed by HazMat Prinnies, it takes no time at all for Haruka to get it back this way.

Suite 2002

suite_michiru.jpg Michiru's Suite

The ocean view is holographic.

Suite 2003

suite_jedite.jpg Jedite's Suite

He's deliberately blocked most of it off to make this small replica of his old cave in order to "keep himself hungry"--and to hide the secret stash of forbidden artifacts he's begun to amass.

Suite 2004

suite_hotaru.jpg Hotaru's Suite

Shown with just a few of the lamps she has installed.

Suite 2005


Chibiusa's Honeymoon Suite

This room is shown without the usual "toys" and Mandroids that Chibiusa keeps all over the place; it is also shown after its daily sanitation by the HazMat Prinnies.

Detail shot: The room next to her love nest. Yeah.

Suite 2006

suite_elios.jpg Elios' Bachelor Pad

Not pictured: the jailbait he invites up there on a regular basis. There is a secret passage into Chibiusa's room for spying and other illicit activities.

Suite 2007

suite_sakura.jpg Sakura X. Aino's Suite

Sakura's suite for entertaining guests who don't know about her TARDIS. Also used by Michael Sunnyside for formal receptions, and when he's not shacking up in Ratchet's room next door.

Suite 2008


Ratchet Altair's Suite

Ratchet's home whenever she's in Japan.

Detail: The Entryway done up in Art Deco style.

Suite 2009

suite_minako.jpg Aino Minako's Suite

Minako's private suite for when she wants to get away from the pressures of running Ginga TV/living at the Ginga building where her employees know how to reach her.

Suite 2010


Professor Tomoe's Lab

Yes, this is his bedroom. With bonus detail shot.

Suite 2011


Gemini, Ultra Nyan and Doctor X's suite

Done up in fine Texan style.