The Hotel, 18th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1801

Cintia Ueno's room.

Suite 1802

Natalia Ueno's room.

Suite 1803

Grand Velas Bran300.jpeg

Bran's Suite

Based on a suite he saw once at a luxury hotel, this suite is an Earth-side base of operations for Bran since finding his previous one in London damaged and overrun with squatters. It has a large sitting room with kitchenette, and a bedroom quite open with a balcony. Overall, it has the feel of a warm, beachy climate.

Suite 1804


Allison Blitz's Suite

Showcasing her New York City taste, Allison's suite shows off a sleek and modern look in the living room, while remaining cozy and warm in the bedroom.

Suite 1805

ansgarssuite.jpg Ansgar Blitz's Suite

Simple and modern, Ansgar's suite reflects his bachelor life-style, with the giant clock window showing a great view of whatever he wants to see.

Suite 1806

Suite 1807

Suite 1808

Kevin Junia and Makoto Kino's Room

Suite 1809

Suite 1810

Suite 1811

Pantea's Room

Moody-dark-walled-room.jpg Dark11.jpg Modern-bathroom-design-dark-vanity-211019-835-09.jpg

A large studio-type room with a living room and small kitchenette on the near side, and the bedrooms space on the other. A small bathroom in the back right seems rather posh compared to the rest of the place.