Tarot Ten

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Tarot Ten, or the Rain-Aster conflict, was when Jedda Rain decided to enact her revenge and kill the last of the Asters--Keeran and Elda Aster. The entire method involved an elaborate dimension that embodied ten of the major arcana in Tarot. It was a large maze, and battles were had.

The Beginning

Keeran was kidnapped. Elda went to save him, and people came with her. Keeran was saved, and Jedda was injured. But she had a second trick up her sleeve--toy soldiers.

Tarot Ten-2 Toy Soldiers

Tarot Ten-2 Toy Soldiers was based on the Kuiper senshi, who Jedda rain gained control of--Sailor Varuna being her strongest pawn. The entire game was once again based in a dimension that Jedda had created. the most elaborate area was the castle that involved various puzzles, among other things, where you were given keys to the center room. The most famous battle was the original Dr. Xadium against the party in which Elda Aster was finally murdered. Ixion went to fight Jedda Rain, separating herself from Keeran Aster and there was death everywhere.

The Final Battle

In the final battle, it was Keeran vs Jedda, in which Jedda was the victor, but was promptly killed by the party, Shaldra Darkness in particular. Sailor Orcus of the Kuiper senshi used her sway to bring back one of the two twins, and everyone agreed that Elda would be the wisest choice.

The event ended with ? proposing to Elda, in which she said yes.

The NightFall and The Return of The Rain

Keeran Aster was revived by a wish on the Dragon Balls from Mango Kattan in 2012. Jedda Rain was revived by The NightFall. Jedda learned that both Aster children are alive and made it a mission to kill them. She disguised herself as a HorrorTerror possessing Elda and once she was contained Jedda violently murdered her and Keeran was kidnapped.

Fillibert Wright crossed over to speak to Jedda, who agreed to meet with others and would talk to them if they found a reason for her to keep living instead of seeking death. Jinan was displeased by this and cursed Jedda into madness. After Adam Kanal came to steal Keeran, Jedda was angry and inconsolable. Matsuo Shin was given the option to travel back in time and saved Claudia Rain. The Intern and the party convinced Jedda Rain that Claudia is alive and that Jinan Aster is the reason for the Rain-Aster conflict. She calmed down and agreed to take a second chance at life, because her sister is still alive.