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An elite school located on Seishin Island in the pacific, the facility not only is dedicated to providing a top notch education but also in fostering the next generation of spirit warriors.



1.Main Building

A very large structure containing the classrooms from which most lessons are taught. It is the centerpiece of the Acadamy. The Cafeteria is connected to this building.

2.Practice Theater

A theater for special theater and technical lessons are put to use as well as small productions put on by the students. Includes a costume and stage archive.

3.Rec Hall

A small hall in which students can meet and socialize.

4. Technical Hall

Building in which technical projects are put together, including props, lighting work and backdrops.

5. Library

Large library which contains various forms of media and documentations. Includes archives containing the original scripts and stage documents used by the first defense teams.

6. Headmistress's House

A large house in which the headmistress and her family live.

7. Observatory

Contains a powerful telescope, which allows for study of the stars. Open to students during weekends and is also used in certain classes on mathematics and science.

8. Sports field and facility

Area where students can practice various sports and excercises to better their bodies. This includes an outdoor field and swimming pool

9. Spirit Hall

Used for special lessons in the use of spirit power, this building also doubles as a place of worship.

10. Park House

A small park area for students to socialize. The building is also where the head of security lives.

11. Student Dorms

Dorms for the students to live in on the island, they separated by genders.

12. Clock Tower

Keeps time in the school and has a room which is used for special classes

13. School Market

Small series of shops which are open to students after classes and during the weekend.

14. Technology Hanger

Used for training in the building of technology and maintenance. Has an elevator which leads to an underground practice area.

15. School Hospital

A place where students can take medical treatment, it also doubles as a training area for healing courses

Teacher Dorms/Homes (Not Shown)

Location where the teachers live. Located outside the main school area. Teaching staff each have their own individual homes.

Underground Training Facility (Not Shown)

Located under the Technology Hanger, this is where Koubu combat is practiced. Area is reinforced to prevent sinkholes and damage from Earthquakes.



Matsumi Kaze - School Founder/School Board Member

Michael Sunnyside - School Board Member

Isabella Penoit - School Board Member

Freya Felinus - Headmistress


Gemini Sunrise - Broadway Theater/Swordsmanship/?

Erica Fontaine - Caberiet Theater/Spirit Training/Theater in other languages

Sakura Xadium Aino - Musical Theater/Advanced Swordsmanship/Blocking and Stage Navigation

Other Staff

Diana Caprice - Academy doctor/healing classes

More Coming Soon


Uniform Logo


Fall/Winter Uniform (Female)


Spring/Summer Uniform (Female)