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|affiliation= [[Eiry]], [[Miara]]
|affiliation= [[Eiry]], [[Miara Mitsuki]]
|firstappearance=November 2007
|firstappearance=November 2007

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Edar sano.jpg
Sano Edar
Biographical information

Earth, xcheamo


October 14, 1983


Hoshi (mother), Shigeru (father), Kai (sister), Nana Sano (wife)


Bookkeeper at Floral Heaven



Physical description




Hair color

dark brown

Eye color





Eiry, Miara Mitsuki

First Appearance

November 2007

Edar is a typical looking 28 year old Japanese man from a village near Morioka, where his extended family runs a ryokan. He is usually quiet and observant. He wears jeans and a T-shirt when not working.

At the inn, Edar did mostly odd jobs, but did the website and family taxes and other miscellaneous paperwork. He is good with documentation, spreadsheets, and the work flow associated with such things. Some of his other duties involved low level kitchen assistant and grounds keeping.

Necessity brought him to Tokyo in mid-November, 2007, and he had never been away from home before. However, he's mostly gotten used to the big city and people everywhere now, and has done a lot of exploring around the city. He works as bookkeeper for Floral Heaven, and he and Eiry currently share the apartment above the shop. However, neither of them spend much time there.

While Edar has a more liberal world view, unlike Eiry, he comes from a community that, for the most part, doesn't share it. Since deciding to stay in Tokyo, he's been kicked out of the community. This means he's been cut off from his family and has no home to go back to.

Edar is married to Nana, who works the counter during the day at Floral Heaven, and the two share her apartment. They were married quietly at a small ceremony in December of 2009.


Color: Yellow. Wears a lot of navy and simple styles.
Fav. Foods: aubergine, veal
Dislikes: mushrooms, pheasant, milk, butter

Edar means "yellow" or "gold" in Lupa.