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Maret Wane
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Birth April 22, 1993
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Sailor Terra

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dark brown

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plants and animals, over physical earth (moving soil, etc.)


Miara Mitsuki, Kore, Galene's Household

First Appearance

July, 2010

Maret Wane is an Ethiopian with dark skin and brown afro-textured hair which she lets grow naturally and pulls back in two puffs at the back of her head. She has green eyes and a small pink birthmark on the inside of her right elbow. She is somewhat short and rather pretty. She has not been seen or heard from since Earth's destruction in August of 2018.

Please note that this character's player has recently changed.

Character and Personality

While not of particularly high birth, Maret has availed herself of every opportunity given her, no matter how small. Thus, she is quite intelligent, and was able to do very well in school. Her interest in plants and animals led her to the study of agriculture. She has always loved gardens and growing things, and seems to have a sixth sense regarding them. A garden is usually the place one would find her, and if that is not available, one might look where there are animals.

Academically, she is assertive but not aggressive, but left on her own might be naturally quite shy. Her friends are mostly students and other agricultural women. She is often studious and dependable, but this can be masked by her "earth girl" tendencies. Her personal life is much more solitary, and she spends most of her time in the fields/garden or caring for Nasmat, who she often treats better than herself. Nearly all of her money goes to Nasmat's room and board, and this sometimes puts a great strain on her finances.


Although she still has her own small apartment next door, she spends much of her little spare time as part of Galene's Household. She also occasionally spends time at Kore's new home on Mt. Olympus. She also works hard in the event of natural disasters, using her abilities to clear debris and re-start garden plots and farmer's fields, etc.

Since the events rending Japan's weather bad and collapsing parts of the ecosystem, she spends some time each day encouraging areas around the epicenter to heal. She has also recently come into contact with the Neo Senshi team, and hopes to be more involved with them going forward.

Maret has not been seen or heard from since Earth's destruction in August of 2018.


A native of Ethiopia, Maret was born in a local village with relatively poor prospects, but as an only child of a relatively better off couple was lucky enough to be sent to school, and to do well. She received a full scholarship to an agricultural university where she studied agriculture and some husbandry for one year before her life changed forever.

Near the beginning of her first year at university, she began to feel changes in her that she couldn't explain--a connection to the earth and environment around her that went way beyond her studies. She became aware of them in a way she later decided was their life force and their place in the balance of nature.

Shortly after consulting with a rural tribal shaman who told her she was blessed by the spirit of the Earth, she first transformed into Sailor Terra. Some members of her class were working in the country with some rural farmers when a monster attacked, an in the crisis she transformed and fended off the creature.

Back at the university, she used some of her internet time to research Sailor Senshi and found that there were more sightings and news from Japan than anywhere else. As the year went on and she transformed several more times, she decided that at the end of the year she must go to Japan to try to find other senshi and figure out what was happening to her.

To that end, she and Nasmat set out from Ethiopia and travelled by land over the Middle East, India, and China, and finally got a boat over to Japan. It took quite some time, and she hoped that eventually she would accomplish her goals there and return home. However, once she made her way to the house/Hotel, no senshi came forward to help her. Miara eventually took on her training and Maret learned most of what she knows about senshi from the Hotel library.

She was able to find a tiny, very cheap apartment in a poor section of Tokyo and two jobs, one with a laundry service, and one with the Tokyo park service. This mostly paid for boarding Nasmat, who Maret treats much better than herself.

Maret accompanied the staff of Floral Heaven to the Philadelphia Flower Show in March 2011 through her friendship with Eiry. She was amazed by the things she saw there, and spent a few wonderful days running around the show. She flew home a few days before the rest of them left, however, to return to her jobs.

In response to the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, Maret went to Sendai to help with the relief effort, where she has been using her powers as Sailor Terra to help break up debris and safely remove victims from piles of rubble and destroyed buildings. She was aware of the earthquake a few minutes before it happened, and called a few emergency services to warn them, although it's doubtful that they took her seriously.

Upon her return from Sendai, she had lost her laundry service job and her apartment despite assurances to the contrary. However, being a gaijin, both her landlord and the owners of the laundry service did not keep their promises when native Japanese citizens inquired. She ended up moving in with Eiry before moving to The Hotel. It was sometime after this that she met Kore, and the two quickly became fast friends and Maret became affiliated with her growing household.

Kore soon became a fast friend, and they two have remained close ever since. They confide in each other over anyone else and hope to be lifelong companions.

Sailor Terra

Maret awoke as Sailor Terra later than most of the senshi seem to do. Her fuku is mostly green and brown, representing plants and soil, and her jewels are blue. She sports a simple forehead jewel rather than a tiara and thigh-high boots over sheer orange stockings.

She has no memory whatsoever of the events of the Silver Millennium, and no knowledge of Sailor Senshi that she hasn't learned from others since arriving at The House. After finally getting a trainer (Miara Mitsuki) she started doing much better and now has an excellent grasp on her abilities and what she can do with them. The two met nearly every day for training for many months before Miara considered her ready to continue on her own, and she is now quite capable. Since Miara is Lupa, Maret's training included some basic Lupa views and principles regarding power and fighting.

Most of her experience as a senshi has been in helping out people most of the world would consider unimportant, helping in relief work after disasters, and in healing land that has been damaged or spoiled. She has spent very little time engaging in the kind of combat most of the other senshi have seen.

She does not have any weapons or other physical items, and has not had any power-ups to date.


Most of Sailor Terra's abilities and powers are based on movements of earth/soil and plants. She has a latent ability to make things grow well (sometimes this happens unintended), even in civilian form, and has a deep empathy with living creatures, as well. Sensing the balance of nature is also within her scope.

Having been entirely trained by Miara, she uses her power a bit differently than most senshi, mostly in being able to use her power without attack or power phrases. Miara also passed on ideas regarding the universal nature of power and ones' relationship with ones' own power that are rater Lupa in nature. Since she isn't particularly strong, a lot of her training has been in movement rather than strength, using her powers instead to perform feats of strength.

While her experience in recovery and disaster relief has allowed her to train in further fine control over her powers, there are still times when using them in specific small spaces don't always go well and this is an area she continues training on in the danger room.


Encircling Vines: Vines and surrounding vegetation grow out of the earth and ensnare the enemy.

Mud Slide: A wave of mud carries the enemy away. She is very careful with this power because mud slides kill people and destroy homes.

Sand Storm: A whirlwind of sand which injures the enemy.

Hungry Earth: The earth opens up and snaps closed over the enemy, in effect swallowing them. It is Sailor Terra's last resort attack. Although she was previously terrified of using this attack after initially using it not knowing what it would do, she has come to terms with it and uses it when absolutely necessary.


Near the end of her first year of university, Maret felt herself being drawn to a certain place, and there defeated a monster similar to the first one she had fought. In doing so, she saved a nomadic Bedouin tribe from the monster's attacks, and in gratitude they gifted her with a young Asil Arabian mare named Nasmat (breath of life). Since then, she has developed a close bond with Nasmat and rides well with a loose bridle.


Nasmat is a dark brown mare (foaled in 2004) from one of the original five purebred lines of Arabians bred by the Bedouins of the Middle East, and as such is a prized companion and Maret has papers authenticating her pedigree. She stands at 15 hands with a well arched neck and carries her tail high. While she normally has a gentle nature, she can be wild when riled up. However, she's come to trust Maret implicitly and is almost always calm when with her. Kore has also built a trusting relationship with her. She displays the qualities and conformation of an Arabian as expected in the Asil lines.


In Amharic, maret is a word for earth and wane is a word for spirit.

Maret's theme song is "The Call" by Regina Spektor from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Sailor Terra's theme is "Please Don't Die" by James Newton Howard from Peter Pan. Because I like the pacing and movement, not really because of the title.