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Yurika Linriel
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January 23rd




part-time Charm Coffee server


Angel of Energy

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pale blue




energy of the Heavens, channels abilities from the four Archangels


Sailor Uranus, Satellite Senshi of Uranus

The reincarnation of an angel, Yurika is able to sense different energy levels and energy presences of those around her and those who have been in her surrounding vicinity.


Yurika was an average high school girl living on her own in Tokyo. She had good friends, loved Karaoke, and enjoyed socializing. She got crushes on her handsome older senpai and enjoyed gossiping about the latest and hottest couples with her friends.

She seemed to be on the right track to fulfilling her dreams, she even got into her first choice university! All seemed to be going well for her. On the night of her Graduation Day, after having spent the evening celebrating at her favorite karaoke place, Big Echo, with her friends, she began to make her way home to her apartment.

Unfortunately, while she was taking her usual shortcut through an underpass, a Golem, a mindless puppet of the Inorganic Angel Rosiel, appeared from within the darkness, intent on attacking her.

Rather than being ripped to shreds after Yurika was thrown to the floor, a warm, golden light began to fill her body and exploded outwards in a flash of feathery power. As the monster disintegrated in front of her eyes, a being emerged in the space around her. The Holy Hermit, the six-winged Adam Kadamon, the Seraphita of God, appeared before her.

"My Child," Adam Kadamon said, his voice reverberating within her entire soul, "I once welcomed you with open arms and yet my children cast you aside, to be forgotten and denied what was yours to take. Revive and become the protector you, who was reincarnated into this mortal, were meant to be."

As Yurika continued to gaze wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the Heavenly Figure, Adam Kadamon placed a finger on her forehead where her sigil of power appeared, glowing as brightly as the being before her. "Arise, High Angel Linriel, Protege of the Four Archangels, Guardian of the Heavens and Defender against the Evils. Take your place in your new form as the Heavenly Soldier Sailor Oberon, Angel of Purity."

With another flash of light, the visage of The Holy Hermit vanished and the glow of pure energy faded to reveal the young-woman-who-was-once-Yurika clad in a satellite senshi fuku of crystalline-blue and heavenly gold. With this transformation came to her both her memories in her past life in the Court of Uranus as the High Priestess Warrior, and her memories of who she really was as the High Angel Linriel.

Gone was the vapid, shallow, self-absorbed young woman whose only care in the world was what her friends thought of her and having fun. In its place arrived a collaboration of both Linriel and Yurika's personalities.

She's been given a new path in life: Protect the mortal realm of Assiah from the Evils and of Gehenna and the Demons of Hell sent by the Demon Lord Lucifer.

Current Whereabouts

Yurika Linriel investigates areas of Tokyo that has the taint of Evils from Gehenna and the Demons of Hell, luring them out and doing her best to vanquish them. Oftentimes, she'll clash with Sailor Adrastea, and do battle with her, usually to a standstill until something more pressing comes up.


Sailor Oberon's main color of her aura is a heavenly gold while her secondary color is a pure, pale, crystalline-blue. Unlike any other Satellite Senshi, she possess a pair of two Angel wings, as is her right as an Angelic Senshi.


As a Satellite Senshi, one would think that she would be relatively weak on her own without support from her fellow Uranian Satellite Senshi. However, that is not the case. Sailor Oberon's main power drives itself from the heavenly purity of Adam Kadamon. Able to purify and vanquish Evils and Demons alike with pure, holy energy. However, against other creatures which do not come from Gehenna or Hell, Sailor Oberon channels the powers of the four Archangels of Heaven.

  • Raphael: Fire. Chief of the Powers. The Fire of the Angel of Light, brought about in a storm of rage and brightness.
  • Michael: Wind. Chief of the Virtues. The Winds of Healing, brought about from a darkness of regret and bitterness.
  • Gabriel: Water. Chief of the Cherubim. The Water of the Angel of Forgiveness, brought about by the anguish cries of the damned and the need to defend the defenseless.
  • Uriel: Earth. Justice and Death. Emotionless Blackness of Death brought upon the unjustified and griefs of the damned.



One particularly wintry and dark night, a week and a half after her 19th birthday, Sailor Oberon was making her usual rounds of the city, searching for any evil presences. She came upon a woman being attacked by a Golem. Acting quickly, she intervened and quickly dispatched the minion of Evil with ease. She reached out to help the woman to her feet and when she gripped her hand, she felt the most negative energy attempt to flow into her. She pulled back as the woman, crying out a scream one would only hear in the darkest recesses of hell, became engulfed in a black, dark flame of hellfire. The woman stood before her, wearing what might have been a fuku of a satellite senshi but Sailor Oberon was not sure since the woman was so distorted and tainted and engulfed by the Demonic energies (and it was night), so Sailor Oberon wasn't sure what she was looking at.

What she did know, however, that she needed to dispatch the Demon as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this has proven more than difficult. Linriel continues to search the city and tries her best to get rid of the minions of Hell as best as she can.

Budokai 2015

April 13, 2015 Due to the events of her losing the second round of the Budokai to The Fingernail Man, Adam Kadamon stopped time at the apex of defeat and extracted angel Linriel's soul from Yurika. What happens to the powerless Yurika, who remains clad in a ruined version of her sailor fuku, as she becomes the new host, has yet to be seen. POST REBOOT THIS NEVER HAPPENED