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Camilla Bathory
Biographical information


Birth November 1, 1996
Family Elizabeth (Mother), Bogdan (Father, deceased)

Clothing Model



Physical description

Human (quarter unknown-demon)



Hair color


Eye color



5' 3"


Staff of Shadows (Nix Rod for short), fists and feet, other spells


Sight in complete darkness, darkness manipulation, visions through darkness


Satellite Senshi, Hinako Urashima (friend)

First Appearance

June 2015

Romanian-born, Camilla is the newly awakened Satellite Senshi of Pluto, Sailor Nix.

Years in Japan

In her teenage years, Camilla made plans to do her own abroad studies--while in Kagoshima, she had gotten hopelessly lost until Hinako Urashima found her wandering about, and gave her directions. Imagine their respective surprise when it turned out they were in similar classes!

The two became fast friends through their mutual interest in other countries, and even though Hinako ended up doing her own abroad studies, the two kept in contact as much as possible.

Nowadays, if she isn't hanging out with her longtime friend or traveling with her to other parts of the world to do fashion study, she's doing work as a clothing model. Who knows, perhaps you've seen her in one of the magazine articles?

Dreams of Things to Come?

Around August of 2015, Camilla found herself having strange dreams--someone with long hair being imprisoned, another figure who radiated an intense apathy, people speaking in an unfamiliar language..... yet there were familiar faces among the crowds?

It seems that only time will tell the true nature of these visions....

Family Secrets

During a planned trip out to Transylvania, which would double as a family visit and to get some work done for both of them, respectively, Camilla invited Hinako over to her mother's place to visit. Elizabeth then divulged a particular piece of her past to Hinako--once a member of a club that researched the occult and supernatural, the final meeting went awry, and those present were changed into partially demonic creatures of the night. Elizabeth was the only survivor of that incident, as she had fled so as not to be caught up in the bloodbath.

It was on a particular night that Bogdan, Elizabeth's eventual husband and Camilla's father, saw her in her transformed state--and was more than willing to hear her out, instead of panic and attack as others had done. This act of kindness solidified their bond, and within a few years, the two settled down.

Hinako saw a particular marking partially emerge on Camilla's forehead as she told her mother that she didn't care about what happened in the past, that no matter what happened, Elizabeth would always be her mother.


While on their way back from enjoying the sights and history of Transylvania, Camilla suddenly felt her head begin to ache--the same symbol that appeared earlier after Elizabeth's confession had come back in full force. Hinako quickly acted, bringing her friend home, where both Elizabeth and she witnessed Camilla's awakening as Sailor Nix.

Though initially confused, Hinako was quick to inform her of what the senshi were, and even transformed into Sailor Nereid to prove that Camilla wasn't alone in this, that even she had been initially confused on what the senshi were.

After a discussion, the two decided to train together. Hinako even brought Camilla up to meet her older brother, Hikawa, and get his input on several matters.


As the Pluto Satellite Senshi of Darkness, Camilla has not only the ability to manipulate the darkness around her and generate darkness by sucking away light within the area, she can also walk through the darkness to reach areas in a flash. Something else of interest is her ability to see visions of what is happening within distant areas, so long as there is an area where light is mostly absent. By combining this skill with her prior one, she can easily make it to whatever location she needs to get to; however, she cannot cross into other dimensions with this ability, nor can she remotely create darkness in areas she's not physically visited yet.

Unlike most dark energies used by evil and malevolent sources, hers is a more pure kind of darkness, able to outright harm beings of evil. Should they attempt to absorb this kind of darkness, they'd feel the sensation of being ripped apart from within!

Though only recently awakened, she's shown a remarkable amount of strength behind her abilities, befitting one of the Pluto Satellites. However, as her training sessions with Sailor Nereid have proven, strength means little without the proper technique behind it. Their sessions are aimed at mending this deficiency via expanding her options and refining her current move set. Much like her friend, she's now capable of making use of several of her abilities without needing to transform, though they are at a reduced capability.

However, her partial demon blood has scrambled her life and magical signatures, making it extremely difficult to pin down her location, much less focus upon her without the proper concentration. It's quite possible that this mix of blood may have many other latent surprises, just waiting to awaken.

As she has continued her training and travels with Hinako, it seems that she is also being drawn toward those who trained her friend. It would certainly explain where several of her new found techniques originated from. Steadily, she's been learning how to access her powers and strength without needing to transform. Say, does that ring on her finger match Hinako's?

During a training session, Camilla found her powers acting a bit strange, as if they threatened to burst forward. With guidance from Hinako, she channeled these powers forth, and soon awoke to her Super form.


Dark Grasp--- Nix uses solidified darkness to hold her foes in place. If needed, she can tighten them to the point of crushing her foes within its grip. A later version of this allows her to strike and catch distant enemies.

Blink Step--- Nix shadow-walks to her destination. While able to be used in dark areas, this move can actually increase in effectiveness if there is enough light to produce more shadows. However, too bright a light can cancel this move. As stated above, she has to have visited an area to be able to travel to it, and she cannot cross dimensions with this skill. She becomes very quiet with this and Phase Out.

Phase Out--- This ability allows Nix (and anyone or anything she can hold onto) to meld into the shadows, allowing them to dodge attacks. This can be combined with Blink Step for instant travel.

Imbue--- Her darkness element is applied to her rod, giving it functionality comparative to a spear or lance. She can also apply it to her fists and feet, to add extra power to her attacks. A later upgrade -- by channeling certain battle-improvement skills-- allows her to spread this to allies.

Black Shield--- Nix forms a barrier that absorbs incoming attacks. As she gets stronger the shield can take more punishment. Though nowhere near as potent as the former Sailor Titan's shield, she is also capable of holding down foes with this skill for a time.

Dark Shape--- A step up from the Dark Grasp skill, solidified darkness is used once more-- this time, they form various other implements to attack enemies. Claws, arrows, even the heads of vicious monsters-- sky's the limit.

Biding Payoff--- Before her Black Shield either breaks or gets sent away, Nix sends back all the absorbed damage to her opponents. However, direct damage must be taken for this to work, meaning attacks must land a solid hit, whether physical, magical or telekinetic.

Super-form Exclusive: Shade Army--- Multiple copies of Nix are formed from the very shadows all around, allowing for both offensive and defensive skills. Though each shade is weaker than her, they are also functionally solid, able to take a decent amount of abuse before dispersing. They can also be used for information-gathering, should it be wished.


Due to her recent awakening, Camilla is largely unaware of the other Pluto Satellite Senshi. While she got information on them from Mayu minamoto, she has never met any of them as of yet. Her role as Nix has not yet been confirmed.


While Camilla is largely unchanged mentally, she's become much more attuned to the abilities inherited from her mother-- reduced noise and exposure while darkness-stepping, among other skills. Thanks to this, her Super form was much easier to attain.