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George Glass
Biographical information


Birth September 3
Family Francis Glass (father-deceased), Cheine (Mother-deceased)

Glass blower


Georgina Glass

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manipulation of glass and mirrors


Sailor Neptune, Satellite Senshi of Neptune

First Appearance


Georgina Glass was born to Francis and Cheine Glass in a very small and rural town known as Glorbles. Glorbles was a very traditional and set in its ways type of town. The people of the town had special holidays, celebrations and cultural traditions they would have throughout the year. George's father, Francis, was the head glass-blower of the town. The Glass family was very well respected in the community and the long-haired George was well loved by both her parents and her peers.

During the annual Fire Festival of George's 9th year, there was a mysterious incident in which the wife of the mayor was killed by a dagger made of very strong glass. Suspicion immediately fell on the Glass family. With the mayor in an inconsolable rage, the Glass family was quickly jailed and labeled as guilty, without even so much as a trial or much evidence.

The Glass family was sentenced to being burned at the stake. The parents were to go together, with George being forced to watch and then join them in the afterlife. A few of the townspeople felt that this was unjust and cruel, but the majority wouldn't hear of any complaining and quickly silenced them.

George always had an affinity for glass making, easily to get down the basics that would normally takes years for an apprentice to learn. On the night of her parent's death, George discovered something unusual about herself. After the horror of watching her parents being burned alive, not being allowed to suffocate from the smoke, George was led back to her cell. Gazing into the small mirror glued to the wall above the sink, George wished to be anywhere but there.

All hope was lost for the child as she accepted her fate. However, fate decided to take a turn, and George slipped and fell her way into, and through, the glass mirror.

After being lost in what would she would eventually dub the Mirror Maze, George made her way out and found herself in the middle of a mirror store, in a far away city.

She managed to fend for herself for a few years and found an apprenticeship as a glass-blower. She quickly went up in the ranks, becoming a master at the age of 19.

With a change of venue, George felt that it was time to change who she was. She considered herself to be bigendered. She embodied both genders or male or female at any given time she wished.

However, as of December 2nd, 2014, George has come into her own and realized that she is fully woman and female and nothing more nor nothing less.


Sailor Larissa

At the age of 20, during a crafts fair where George was selling some of her more artistic glass pieces, there was a commotion over by the main staging area. Running over to investigate, George discovered a large beast-like creature attacking the stage and ruining the nearby stalls. With the guests running away as fast as they could, a strange feeling of courage welled up within George. She clenched her fist as the words "Larissa Satellite Power, Make Up!" bubbled forth from George's mouth as she thrust her hand into the air.

A brown shining light burst from within her and enveloped her completely. As the light ebbed away, George Glass found herself clad in a gray and brown sailor satellite fuku. Her memories of her past life returned to her, knowledge of who and what she was filled her with awe. She managed to do away with the creature and quickly disappeared from the area before she could be found out.


Sailor Larissa's powers mainly have to do with glass creation and the manipulation of glass. Although she can't manipulate stones for the material that glass is made from, she is able to control the melted properties that eventually become glass, and, of course, glass itself.

She generally creates some sort of glass weapon, though she knows the impracticalities of trying to make a large glass sword to be used. Her glass (as of yet), shatters mildly easily, and is ineffective as a large weapon. She's been known to fight with small, glass daggers on occasion.

  • Shatter Glass: Her primary attack. She summons a sheet of glass and shatters it, sending the glass at a blinding speed at her opponent.
  • Dagger Rush: Creates a pair of glass daggers to use in close combat.
  • Needle Pulse: She summons several large, needle-sharp slivers of glass and sends them out in a wide range of attack.
  • Maze Lockdown: Sailor Larissa forms a large mirror beneath her opponent. If they don't notice it and manage to stay on it long enough, they'll fall through it and land in a special section of the Mirror Maze. This is an endless, mobius strip of a trap, with no end at all possible. Creatures brought here are offered no escape except for death.

Sailor Larissa's attacks are more suited for a wide area of attack.

Super Sailor Larissa

With her civilian psyche completely shut down and locked away deep within the recesses of her mind, Sailor Larissa began to live 24/7 completely transformed. She would roam the streets at night without a set path or purpose. If there were any monsters, villains, or miscreants in her way, she would deal with them swiftly and in a just manner, as the occasion called for it.

One day, her path led her back to her Warehouse where she, as George Glass, once lived. It had been empty for quiet some time, even considered abandoned by most. Chasing the criminals inside, she saw the destruction they had wrought to her home long ago, since they had lived there as squatters for weeks.

She quickly detained the criminals and explored the rest of her once cherished home. Broken furniture, wall hangings, and broken glass was everywhere. What was not sold for petty cash was destroyed as much as possible. Through the debris she found an old, partially destroyed framed photograph of George and Kanri on one of their many picnic dates in their favorite park.

Something clicked deep within her mind. An agonizing tempest of power surged through her, the pain of who she once was, all of her past, flourished within her.

She became enveloped in a sheer, brown aura; the light of it filling the abandoned warehouse. An explosion of sheer power occurred, shattering all of the glass left in the building into minute particles.

After she dropped to her knees, the power ebbing, she realized that she attained her Super form. She looked about her and saw that everything was covered in a strong, frosted glass, including the criminals she had apprehended before.

Feeling only a hint of guilt, she went to exit the old warehouse. Before she left, she flicked the glass on the wall, causing all of the glass to shatter and the entire building, and everything inside it, to collapse and crumble into hundreds of millions of pieces.

With her new found strength, she became stronger, distant, and less emphatic than before.

After many weeks, as of December 2nd, 2014, and a long confrontation with Super Sailor Setebos, Super Sailor Larissa finally came back to her senses.

Super Sailor Larissa's fuku is grey, brown, and her tertiary color is frosted hunter green, which matches the cloak she wore when she was on her month-long, one-woman crusade against evil.


Current Whereabouts

After receiving the knowledge of what her life as a senshi meant to her, she decided to try and do research on them. She found that similar sailor suited heroines existed and had worked in Japan several years earlier. She packed all of her belongings and took them with her as she traveled through her mirror maze to Japan, ending up in an abandoned warehouse. It is here where she made her home for quite some time. A living space, small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a glass forge. However, after her month-long crusade against evil, she destroyed her home while killing to criminals who had chosen to squat in her then abandoned home.

Now she lives in a quaint cottage an hour's train ride from Tokyo in the rural countryside.

She makes a living selling her artistic glass pieces and working for Glass Factory full time. She also attends the Tokyo Glass Institute as a part time teaching adjunct.


Mai Naomi

After moving to Tokyo and figuring out she was bigendered rather than female, George began to display her male identity more often. George met Mai one day at a nearby park. The two hit it off surprisingly well, and even went on a couple of dates. However, when things started to turn sexual, Mai found out that George did not have a penis and flat out dumped her, saying, "I'm not a lesbian, I don't date chicks."

Sailor Setebos|Tamiko Denji

As of December 2, 2014, George finally realized Tamiko's feelings for her and has now reciprocated them.

On February 1st, 2015, Tamiko and George officially moved in together in a large cottage home in the rural countryside, about an hour's time commute by train to Tokyo.


Sometime in the Spring of 2014, George and Kanri began a slow, innocent, courtship.

As of October 28th, 2014, Kanri had asked to take a break with George, however, George misunderstood and took it to mean that Kanri was dumping her and this led George down into a depressive, identity crisis, where she withdrew into herself, leaving her cold Senshi in its place, for over a month.

George had been debating for a while to break up with Kanri at that point, wondering what kind of life she'd have with a cat-girl, wondering if she was really in love with her, or just liked her and enjoyed fooling around with her and enjoyed being in her company. To have been broken up with was a big blow to her ego and self confidence. Being with Kanri, and having Kanri accept George for believing she was bigendered, was a big boost to her self confidence. She had become a bit cocky and more outgoing and when George misunderstood Kanri, it shattered her mind, destroyed who she thought she was.

Regina Lee

Regina had been a long time customer at Charm Coffee, having gone there pretty much as soon as they opened. After George moved to Tokyo, and finally got situated, she had looked for a quiet place she could go to to relax. She found the cafe and started to go there regularly, finding that she had a crush on both the proprietor, Mayu Minamoto and Regina. At this point in time, she was fully accepting of her bigendered identity and began to pass off her male gender more often when she went to the cafe. After a while, however, Regina saw that George was getting popular, and was especially getting a lot of attention from Kanri. So she grew incredibly jealous. George had tried time and again to ask Regina out on a date but Regina had always refused but when she saw that George was trying to get with someone else, she became very possessive and territorial.

So one night, out of the blue, she arrived at George's warehouse, carrying a potion that she had gotten from Satish Nova. She had lied about what the potion was and used it to drug George's drink, which made her more susceptible to Regina's advances. Regina took advantage of George that night, and the following morning, George felt absolutely disgusted for betraying Kanri, even though they had yet to officially gone out.

Since George chose Kanri over Regina, Regina grew into a spiteful woman, until she finds someone else.

To this day, George doesn't know that she was drugged.