Round Two (Apple Musume。 Album)

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Round Two is the second full album from Apple Musume。, and the first to feature the second generation members. Released in two editions (three in Japan), the album collected the singles and new songs, some first performed during the group's 50/50 Tour.

The Look

The overall design is meant to invoke an underground fight club feel. The cover has simulated grease stains, with the partial fingerprints of producer Lady Gaga scattered over the pages of the cover booklet. The regular edition cover shows the girls all hanging off and around a wrestling ring barrier, dressed in gym clothing and made up to look a little roughed around the edges. The special edition, known as the Limited A edition in the Japanese market, has the girls on a poster, as if promoting a boxing match. The Japanese-only Limited B features the girls dressed in elegant 1920s-inspired dresses, contrasting with an image of glamor and fame.


Apart from their US tour, Apple Musume。 promoted the album by going on a few different talk shows, both at a national and local level. One of the songs, "Monster," was released as a single, with a video first released online.

To move units, the special editions came with a few perks. On top of the DVD that came with the special edition, the first pressing in the US came with a set of dog tags, with the Apple Musume。 logo, the date of the 50/50 Tour launch and the date of the album release. They also came with a two photocards: One of a single member, and one of the group. 50 of the 1100 printed were signed by each member.


First Gen
  • Jean Minakaze (Leader)
  • Georgia Frazier
  • Clover Koenig
  • Marcy Delgado
Second Gen
  • Portia Edwards
  • Roxy King
  • Monica Dixon



  1. Dancefloor Panic
  2. Group Thing
  3. Bad Romance
  4. Telephone (Jean, Georgia)
  5. Point
  6. Eh, Eh (Nothing I Can Say) (Roxy Solo)
  7. New York City Girls (Remix)
  8. Paparazzi (Clover, Marcy, Portia, Monica)
  9. Alejandro (Album Ver.)
  10. Monster
  11. Love Revolution 21
  12. This is Unmei (Album Version)


  1. Monster
  2. Monster (Close-Up Ver.)
  3. Monster (Dance Ver.)
  4. Monster (Another Version)
  5. Making Of "Round Two"