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General Information



24,599.9 km


77.5% nitrogen, 21% oxygen


Aeolus, Zephrius




30 h, 164 d (artificially set)


Quoara, Kira-Urukta (The Kingdom of Air)




826 million (at peak, present 0)

Places of Interest

Mysn-Ku (captial), Temple of Light



Sailor Senshi

Sailor Quinox, Sailor Aeolus, Sailor Zephrius


Quinoxian (ancient times)

The 10th Planet

Forgotten from modern solar system history, this 10th planet and fifth of the outer worlds is the home to Sailor Quinox, aka Matsumi Kaze. A little bit is known about the Rulers of Quinox. Its three capital cities were Mysn-Ku (Tempest City), Mosuga and Un-Ko.

Name Origin

The name Quinox has several possible origins. There have been suggestions that it is a corruption of Quoria. Another possible name that the planet is known by is from the old name for the main continent of the planet, Quinox, where the capital city and the planet's palace lies. It is unlikely the true origin of the name will be discovered, as not many documents exist from the planet's earliest time.

The symbol (Earth-wise) is a stylized version of the letter Q, while in the old Quinoxian culture it represents the power of Air piercing the sphere of the heavens.


The geography of the planet varied a bit, depending on area. There are five main continents on the planet, and some small islands around it (the documents on the number are blurred on this number: one suggests 350 and another suggests at least 3500). On the main continent, Malruna, much of the land is plains, characterized by long purple grasslands and hills. Trees are a rare sight on Malruna though, some species of pines exist in the northern part of continent.

The northern continent, Boreus, is characterized by a colder climate, some higher ranges ranging from hills to mountains, including the Ymir range and the Soluka range, which contains the highest point on the planet, Magunus Joruka, and a lower amount of water, mainly underground.

The western continent, Zelipus, is much more pastoral, with large fields of flowers in the spring, and beautifully frosted in the winter. The continent contains the most varied plant life of any point on the planet. The eastern continent, Halosius, is barer, but contains its own beauty in its many hilled areas.

There are three oceans on the planet, Maluna, Toosa, and Triangus. There are also several seas, the most famous being the Euro Sea, famed for its purple waters due to minerals in the water.

At this current point in time, Quinox is barren rock with 20% of its original mass gone. It has a thin atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen still clinging to the surface.

Flora and Fauna

The planet was home to a variety of species of both plant and animal, most of which are known due to old records and studies. Often noted when visited, the grasses of Quinox are one of its most outstanding features, as many of the plants on the planet are shades of purple or blue. Another feature noted with the species of grasses are their rapid growth periods, which helped solidify Quinox' agricultural economy.

In terms of animal life, most of the animals (with some exception, including the dominate life form), were either insect or reptilian. The most noted of all of these were various species of giant moth, the smallest of which was 1 foot long with a 4 foot wingpan, and the largest of which (now extinct) was 8 feet long with a 10 foot wingspan. The current largest species is 5 fttt long with a 7-8 foot wing span Some of the giant moth species included Royal, Speckled, Dark and Blue Giant Moth. These moths also served in the cuisine of the planet, with various recipes including them. The giant caterpillars were also common pets for children.

There is no life on Quinox in modern times.

Flora Examples

  • Tasyo: Herb found growing in fields. Gives a rather sharp flavor
  • Masaliki: a flower which grows on a vine. Edible.
  • Fsi: leafy plant with round root. Extremely common on the planet and similar to Earth's ginger.
  • Palpal: a large lettuce like plant. Flowers in the spring time.


Quinox is largely a materinal society, with it's government mainly run for most of it's history by a queen and it's worship shaped by a female diety. As a result of this, family heritage is traced through the mother's line rather then the fathers, with the male parent's background largely played down (ex. Matsumi's father was Uranian making her a Quinoxian-Uranian hybred, however due to her mother being quinoxian, she is treated as a full quinoxian.)


  • Yan'shu: A stew most often served during harvest festivals. It is generally made up of carrots, Burs (a sort of sharp flavored tuber similar to a potato) and lamb. There are often regional variations to it.
  • Tanji: A traditional winter dish which in the future is often served at Christmas. It is made up of a mix of meats and veggies placed in a folded baked dough envelop, with a savory sauce poured over it.


Mysn-ku Region

  • Saya-Si: a winter holiday celebrated mostly in the Mysn-Ku region. Represents the "sleeping of the harvest under the snow". Lasts three days, with the second day reserved for gift giving and sharing.