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It's a Prinny dood!
Biographical information

The Netherworld


Other prinnies, Human family irrelevant


Low Income Servent



Physical description



Varies by Prinny

Eye color



Roughly 3'3" (100 cm)


Two swords


Prinny Dance Pringer Beam; Magic varies by Prinny


Varies by prinny. Normally Prinny Squad or Hazmat Prinnies (Etna and, respectively).

The Skinny on Prinnies

Prinnies are perhaps one of the more unusual beings. They are, at their core, penguin-like suits animated by the souls of the deceased--- more specifically, humans whom lead worthless lives, such as murderers and thieves. The suits themselves tend to come from one of two places... either manufactured by the seldom seem Ruskan demons, or from the recycle bin in Hades.

When a human is made into a Prinny, their soul is sewn up into one of the suits. Said suits often see wear and tear over the course of their use, no doubt due to the general recklessness of most demons, and when this is combined with the instability of the ever-changing human soul, the Prinny tends to explode when jostled around or thrown.

Prinnies brought into existence start off in Hades, where they are educated by Valvatorez and his crew on the many, MANY rules of Prinnydom. Those that pass this grueling training are then shipped off to either Celestia or The Netherworld to work.

Prinnies sent to Celestia do menial work, such as laundry and dishes, to work off their bad karma. Netherworld-bound Prinnies, by contrast, work long, backbreaking hours for less than minimum wage as soldiers, lookouts, and other assigned tasks. When they've met their work quota, the Prinny is ready to reincarnate.

When it comes time for them to reincarnate, they are lead the way to the Red Moon by Death. The light of the Red Moon cleanses their souls, and then they are headed out for their next life... let's hope it doesn't become a vicious cycle for them.

OOC Notes. Playing a Prinny

Prinnies are free to be played, however the following rules must be kept in mind.

  • Prinny Rule No. 1: You must include "Dood" in every line you say
  • Prinnies are generally weak, there are exceptions but not often.
  • Prinnies explode when thrown. It isn't lethal as the soul in inside can be shoved in a new Prinny suit... but we don't recommend it, ok?

Prinny Types

  • Etna's Prinny Squad: A Prinny squad who serve Beauty Queen Etna (and by extension Laharl). They are at times incredibly lazy.
  • Dandy Prinnies: Prinnies who serve Shin. They wear a top hat and Monocle and are prone to burst into panic attacks.
  • Manga Prinny: A Prinny who works for Masaki O`Cain at the Hotel branch of Galaxy Manga. It is identifiable by the work apron it wears.
  • Rumor has it, deep in the netherworlds, there is a group of battle loving Prinnies that live in a place called the Carnage Dimension.

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